8 Best 3ft Punch Bag in UK for 2022

As a parent or someone who trains young athletes, you want to give them as much variety as you can. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and giving children the best variety in sporting activity is very wise indeed. However, you might not be 100% sure where to begin when it comes to buying a punch bag for children. For example, you might look at buying something like an adult punch bag and hope that the kids can just adapt…. that, though, is not a good idea. Instead, you should buy something suited to their size and power – something like a 3ft punch bag.

However, as you might have already found out, buying a 3ft boxing bag online can be surprisingly tough work. You can find yourself struggling to find the right bag and the correct kind of solution. Buy the wrong bag, and you could get something too tall or too tough for your kids to enjoy using as a sparring tool. With that in mind, you might wish to think about something a little smaller in size. That is why the 3ft punching bag is such a highly recommended option.

They are easy to hit and they are designed to take plenty of punishment, but they are small enough for a child to use without hurting themselves. If you think that your child might benefit from such an investment, then we highly recommend that you look to buy them a 3ft boxing bag as soon as you can.

Do I Need a 3ft Punch Bag Bracket?

3ft Punch Bag Bracket

You might do, yes. Many punch bags (including most that we recommend) are to be mounted to a wall or to a bracket/stand. This is very important to recognise, as you might buy the bag and then wonder how you actually get it set-up for usage. Well, to avoid the problem, you should look to invest in a 3ft punch bag bracket as soon as you can.

A good quality punch bag is always easy to use once set-up, though, so keep that in mind. If you are intent on buying a punch bag, then you absolutely should be looking for something that can take plenty of physical punishment. It should also be something that you can hang up and use in various places as you work out, so keep that in mind as well.

Overall, the one thing you should be looking to do when buy a punch bag is to focus on the place it will be stored. While having a punch bag is a start, you do need to find a location that will allow it to be stored properly and then set-up so that the children can use it independently; this will likely require some form of punch bag stand.

Getting The Right Size of Punch Bag: Is a 3ft Boxing Bag Right for You?

3ft Boxing Bag

So, the first thing you want to think about before you go ahead to order is to determine suitability. Some see 3ft as far too small, while others think it is just right. Typically, we recommend that you look to get something in the 3ft range if you are trying to get a younger person involved in boxing for the first time. For anyone who exceeds around 5ft, you might want to think about stepping up to get a bag that is more suited to their physical size.

Remember, though, that with a boxing stand you will raise the bag off the floor a touch – so a 5ft person could probably still use a 3ft boxing bag with relative ease. You will also find that you need to get a bag that is designed with enough cushion in the bag to avoid knuckle injuries. While adults want something tougher and sturdier, a young pair of hands needs something soft enough to avoid their hands from crumpling on a misconnection.

As such, you should look to find something that is of the correct size. This means making sure the young boxer can hit it at head height, but also comfortably land blows to the body without hurting themselves. If a bag is too tall for someone, they might increasingly be likely to punch towards the bottom of the bag, which is quite likely to result in injury and/or discomfort.

So, try and avoid making that mistake when it comes to buying a boxing bag today.

What Materials are Best for a 3ft Punch Bag?

3ft Punch Bag Material

Typically, you want something made from leather or from a synthetic material like vinyl, plastic, canvas, or faux leather. This is a good starting point, but you need to remember that real leather is going to cost you a lot more in terms of price. It’s durable and enjoyable to hit, but it does come with some challenges if you are on a budget. Therefore, you might need to ‘settle’ for canvas or for leather for your bag.

It is important, though, to remember that a synthetic punching bag is better in hot and humid locations. They are designed to be more resistant to problems like mildew build-up and development of mold, so keep that in mind when it comes to buying the right kind of bag. Leather might be the best overall choice, but it is by no means the only choice that you have to think about when buying a bag.

Canvas is probably the best choice for those on a tight budget and want to keep the money output low; just don’t expect a canvas bag to as resistant to wear and tear if it is being used on a daily or near-daily basis!

What do I Fill a 3ft Boxing Bag with?

What do I Fill a 3ft Boxing Bag with?

You will need to fill up your boxing bag, as well. This is something to keep in mind, as a 3ft boxing bag is something that really needs to be given more heft to ensure the kids don’t wear it out too fast. Many people choose to put too little filling in, but this can be akin to punching a bag of air – it offers nothing like the comfort and the style of boxing that a child would expect.

So, try and find something that can fill up your bag. Every bag is different, but the vast majority of boxing bags today will take both sand and/or water. Some require both. Sand is the best option if you want to add maximum weight an give the bag the heft that it needs. However, you need to remember that sand can be prone to causing leaks if you put too much into the bag. So, be very careful and be sure to follow the limits suggested by the bag that you buy. This can avoid a lot of messy mistakes and make sure you keep the place nice and tidy!

At the same time, you might wish to try and go for a water-based bag just on the fact that they are so easy to fill-up. However, you do need to make sure that your bag is compatible with water and that it isn’t going to start leaking anytime soon. Therefore, you might wish to – if you can – stick with using sand. Other bags are totally inflatable and use just air in the main part, with sand or water used in the base to keep it on the floor.

You might even want to fill it up with textiles, like old clothes and wash towels you no longer need. This creates a softer, more lightweight bag to beat into and is something that most kids are more likely to enjoy hitting and using. You will also find that this can minimise the risk of wrist injuries as time goes on.

Keep these factors in mind, and buying the ideal 3ft boxing bag should become a little easier.

Boxing Bag Weights

Another factor to look into before you make any other choice, though, is the weight of a boxing bag. Many do not realise just how important it is to get a boxing bag that is 100% the correct weight for your needs. The most common piece of information that you can find is that a boxing bag should weight approximately half of the user. So, if you were to weigh 120lbs, you want something that is 60lbs in weight. You should also try to move up with the heights. So, for example, a 3ft boxing bag should definitely be down as low as possible on the listing – something around the 60lbs mark in terms of weight.

Also, remember that a bag can only take so much weight. Every boxing bag comes with a recommendation as to how much weight you should stuff into that bag. Keep this in mind, and you can avoid stuffing and filling the bag with too much weight and thus causing damage to the bag. The sooner you understand weights, the easier it is to buy a 3ft punch bag worth the cost.

Boxing Bag Storage

Boxing Bag Storage

Normally, you want to try and store punch bags in a way that is not going to be obstructive or intrusive otherwise. With that in mind, you should look to come up with a simple solution for storage. Since you are likely buying a bag that is filled with material, you could store it in a dry, secure place with material inside or empty out the material and just store the unfilled bag. Really, it will come down to how much storage you have around the place – can you find space for a full, filled 3ft boxing bag?

At the same time, make sure you take weather into account. A bag that is made with ‘real’ leather is going to be easier to become defined and change by humidity and high temperature. So, if you are storing your boxing bag in a muggy closet, try and make sure that you get some kind of air ventilation in there from time to time to avoid the moisture build-up from damaging the exterior of your bag.

Given the price you pay for a good quality 3ft boxing bag, it really is worth the money to store it properly!

What is The Right Price for a Boxing Bag?

Good question! There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer here, really. It comes down more to what you can afford and what you think would be good value for you. Many times, we recommend that if this is your first boxing bag and your child(ren) show little to no interest in getting started that you begin with something more affordable.

If your child shows an aptitude and a desire to improve as a young boxer, though, it is absolutely worth investing in something they can train on properly. You will find that most kids get a lot out of being able to train on a proper boxing surface, but this will cost you more. Essentially, determine their interest to help set a price!

Buying The Best 3ft Punch Bag: What Bags Should You Buy?

Of course, there is much to consider when it comes to buying a boxing bag. We have mentioned some of the things to think about above, and we highly recommend that you do so. Now, though, we want to take a closer look at some of the best 3ft punch bag options on the market today. Where, then, might you wish to begin your shopping spree?

Where are you likely to find a quality 3ft boxing bag that you can set-up and use when you are ready?

1. VGEBY Heavy Duty Bag

VGEBY Heavy Duty Bag
amazon uk

If you are looking for a solid place to start, then you should definitely take a look at the heavy duty bag delivered by VGEBY. This is a very solid, effective bag that feels great and should give you plenty of consistency. However, please note that this is one of the heavier bags on this list so don’t expect it to be easy to hang up on a small or light hook. You might need a proper 3ft boxing bag stand to get this hung-up properly.

It’s a solid, durable solution that is made for a young athlete to train on and get a proper grounding for the sport itself. It is easy to fill up with anything that you choose to include, but we do recommend you stick to sand or rags/old materials. The vanvas cloth material is made to be strong enough to avoid it from tearing or ripping anytime soon, too, so you should be able to get plenty of action and fun out of this particular bag. It has been designed in a way that ensures that it is made to last.

It is also great for those who do more than just boxing; the size makes it perfect for other martial arts, such as kickboxing. Now, your child has an easy to use and highly effective solution that is 100% suited to your personal needs. Definitely a bag to consider, though the extra height does mean you might need to be pretty particular with where you hang it up. Definitely a punch bag worth considering.

Excellent, durable canvas material.A touch more difficult to hang up due to the high weight requirements.
Easy to fill-up and keep in condition. 
Heavy-duty, great for any young athlete. 
Durable enough for any young boxer to use. 

2. Shihan 3ft Torso Strike Bag

Shihan 3ft Torso Strike Bag
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a torso-shaped boxing bag, then be sure to start here. This is a very impressive model that has been designed to give you all the help that you need to get started with boxing. The simple 1m/3ft size makes this ideal for anyone looking to buy for everyone from a newly anointed amateur boxer to a young child eager to learn the ropes around the skills needed for a regular boxing experience.

It’s great for home usage, and it has been designed to take plenty of physical impact and punishment. However, where the concern might be stems from filling it up. Whatever you choose to fill it with, you will find that you need to be very careful. Despite being durable on the exterior, it seems to be less sturdy on the inside and thus is more likely to rip and snap if you are too forceful or you try to cram too much into the model at any one time.

Overall, it is designed to take plenty of punishment. Just be sure that you are quite careful when it comes to filling and also hanging; the hanging straps need to be given plenty of support here.

Designed to take plenty of punishment.More challenging to fill than needed.
Durable, safe to use for adults and kids.Hanging could be sturdier.
Great for use at home, minimal set-up. 

3. ONEX 3ft Training Set

ONEX 3ft Training Set
amazon uk

You might wish to give yourself a little helping hand when it comes to building a training station, and this 3ft training set from ONEX does just that. Complete with a quality training bag that you can use, this also gives you everything you need to box on a regular basis. It gives you the gloves, the workout tools like skipping ropes and hand grips. It also gives you everything you need to get it set up in one evening, including the screws, bolts, plugs, and the bracket. In short, this gives you an easy to use all-in-one package that can make your life so much easier.

At the same time, though, such a training set does come with issues that you need to be aware of. For example, this takes up far more room than the other bags we have recommended. With all the extras included, too, you will need to make sure you have space for storing all of the added equipment like hand wraps, gloves, grippers, and the hanging items should you ever wish to bring the bag down.

In terms of quality, though, this is probably the best overall deal if you want to buy everything in the one place. the bag is more than durable enough to be used for the long-term, and its size means that you can easily enjoy boxing on it for years to come. Overall, the addition of all the workout tools can help a young interested boxer really start to work on their physique, ensuring they are ready for the physical challenges which are sure to wait around the corner.

Comes with plenty of added accessories.More expensive than other offerings.
13 pieces included in total; a complete set.Takes more space to set-up.
Great value for money moving forward. 

4. NWS All Purpose 3ft Boxing Bag

NWS All Purpose 3ft Boxing Bag
amazon uk

Give yourself an easier time when shopping around with access to this highly enjoyable 3ft boxing bag. It is a good choice, made by a reputable brand, and should be more than capable of taking a few hits along the way. Easy to fill up (best filled with old clothing or rags) and then seal back up, this is a fine starting place for most people wanting to buy a proper boxing bag.

The 3ft canvas bag is pretty damn durable, but you do have to watch if you ever use this without knuckle guards or gloves on. The canvas isn’t soft by any means, so you can find that it doe take a fair amount of hitting and physical impact. On the flipside, though, hitting this without gloves on is basically asking for your hands to be damaged, so try and keep that in mind as you go through the motions when boxing with this particular system.

It is a good all-around choice that should feel good to box on and that you know can take plenty of punishment. However, you will need to have some patience when getting it hung-up; the hanging strap is by no means the best of quality. This can also lead to problems getting the hook in place, so be prepared for a bit of messing around as you try to get the hook put up and hung in place accordingly.

A 3ft boxing bag is a good starting place for just about anyone, so try and think about this as a potential option. It won’t be for everyone, but it is absolutely a good beginner bag presuming you have patience for setting things up!

Durable, high quality bag design.Harsh on bare knuckles.
Easy to fill to the level needed.Hook could be higher standard.
Suitable for any young boxer. 

5. M.A.R International Heavy Bag

M.A.R International Heavy Bag
amazon uk

If you already have all the other things like gloves and the like, then you M.A.R 3ft boxing bag might make an ideal starting point. These feel good to combo into as they are made from thick and sturdy PU leather, making sure that it can take plenty of hits. It is also designed in a way that ensures you can keep on hitting away without limiting your ability to build up combinations and confidence. However, just make sure you get it fitted properly; the D-ring fitting that is included can be surprisingly pernickety when it comes to getting it fitted up.

In terms of strength and roughness, though, you would do well to find a better quality boxing bag than this. It is made of super-tough material and should be more than capable of taking some pretty extreme blows. Overall, it is also a good deal as it comes pre-packed. No more trying to fil up bags with sand, water, and/or rags; this arrived with compressed clothing and blended filler. The end result is that you can keep on hitting and your hands will feel good after landing every blow that you can give out.

On top of that, the heavy nature of the bag ensures that you could keep on using this for many years to come. The conditioning of the bag ensures that it remains strong and durable for a long, long time to come. With that in mind, then, the M.A.R International heavy bag is a good point for anyone on the lookout for a brand new 3ft boxing bag.

Simplicity is everything, and this bag keeps thing simple – a good quality, reliable boxing bag made to last.

Strong, durable, excellent condition.Attaches to awkward D-Ring.
Available in numerous sizes. 
Comes pre-filled upon arrival. 

6. MaxMMA Heavy Bag

MaxMMA Heavy Bag
amazon uk

If you are willing to invest heavily into a boxing bag, then you might find the MaxMMA Heavy Bag is the ideal place to start. This is designed to take plenty of punishment, making it a great pick for any person looking for a kid-friendly boxing bag. This is designed to be easily adjusted and managed, though the fact it can manage a minimum weight of 70lbs means you should be prepared to fill it up. For lighter children, being able to compete with that kind of weight might take a bit of getting used to.

You will also need to get used to the price; this is not a cheap boxing bag by any means. It is, though, an extremely high quality solution that is absolutely designed to last. Once you get this fitted and installed, you should get a more realistic workout style. the SOFTSTRIKE tech means that you always have total control over how your punches feel when they land. At the same time, it bobs and weaves with more authenticity, giving you more of a challenge to keep up with the bag and keep on landing those combinations.

So, despite the price, you will absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to buying this particular heavy bag. We might not recommend it to anyone who is beginning to use their first-ever boxing bag, but it would be a good choice for any young amateur who wants to build power and get used to fighting with a boxing bag that can take more weight than most on this size class.

Developed using patented design.Minimum weight of 70lbs.
SOFTSTRIKE technology improves feel per hit.Easily among the most expensive.
Easy to adjust weight and height as needed. 

7. SHIHAN 3ft Boxing Bag Cover

SHIHAN 3ft Boxing Bag Cover
amazon uk

Of course, you might be looking to find a way to protect your boxing bag from more damage in the future. And the best way to do that is to buy a boxing bag cover. This model from SHIHAN is very popular if you are looking for an all-purpose boxing bag cover that offers valuable protection indoors and outdoors. Some will use this outdoors to avoid things like rain, while others will look for a way to avoid things like dust build-up.

Whatever the reason for your decision, though, this 3ft boxing cover developed by SHIHAN is a wise investment. It makes an excellent pick when you are trying to speed things up a touch, as you might not be able to use the bag in the outdoors when the rain starts to fall. This waterproof bag, though, offers a simple enough cover that can keep the bag covered up and protected from the rainfall. The end result is a protective cover that can work for any bag up to 4ft in size.

It also gives you another layer of coverage and protection for your hands, which makes the cover ideal if you find a particular bag to be a touch too rough to fight with normally. This is also designed for both free standing and hanging bags, so it should be perfect for anyone trying to find a protective cover that can easily keep the bag in good condition.

Even if you just need something to cover up your 3ft boxing bag, this makes an excellent addition to your collection of items. Pick one up today, then, if you want to avoid any needless water damage happening to your bag.

Suitable for most boxing bags.
Helps to avoid lasting damage outdoors.
Reliable, durable material.

8. QMUK MMA Dummy

QMUK Kids MMA Dummy
amazon uk

Of course, you might decide to go down a different route entirely and buy a dummy-shaped boxing bag. This is a 3ft boxing bag that takes the shape of a person as opposed to a bag shape. This is useful for kids who want to work on lifelike punching combinations, as well as getting used to hitting something that is more akin to actual head size. Note, though, that this is unfilled and thus you will need to add in some extra items to fill it up.

It is a solid 3ft in size and should be just what you are looking for to give you an excellent beginners dummy to fight with. The lifelike shape allows for more realistic combo building, while the soft and comfortable canvas makes sure that you can keep on hitting with confidence. Ideal for any teacher, too, who wants to help their kids expand into other avenues of combat sports such as MMA, Jiu Jitsu, or even Judo.

Take the chance to try this out, and your children will love the difference that it makes in the end. It is a great training tool for building self-belief and confidence, and for giving a child all the help they need to get used to a more lifelike sparring partner.

While it might not be what you would have first expected, an MMA dummy like this is very much what you are looking for. Lifelike training can be much more effective once a child grows tired of a bag, making this is the ideal long-term upgrade.

Just remember to fill it up beforehand, and to be careful not to let teenagers and more powerful children use it too often.

Real-life body, great for improved accuracy.Take care, as can be easily damaged by stronger children.
Suitable for kids interested in other combat sports, too.Must be filled before it can be used properly.
Extremely durable, great for longevity. 

Making The Right Choice

We know that it can be tough to buy a boxing bag for children, or any 3ft punch bag. That is why we recommend you look at each of the above options carefully. They all offer high quality, comfortable, reliable boxing bags that can be great for a young learner. Even if you run a boxing gym and want some more kid-friendly tools set up, this is the perfect place for you to start out and begin.

Boxing is never easy, but if you get the right training tools it can become easier for a child. Given that 3ft boxing bags are aimed at children or smaller adults, too, you should keep that in mind. Something like the above bags can make a smart investment when you need something to arrive that is going to make boxing training a bit more exciting.

Look around today, and you can soon see for yourself why so many people look to pick up boxing bags like the ones listed above. When you need something specific in the 3ft range, the above options make great investment opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Use a 3ft Boxing Bag For Children?

While most children could feasibly use any size of boxing bag, we do recommend keeping things realistic for their first boxing experience. A good, high quality 3ft punch bag should be large enough to get them started in their training.

What Material Should a Boxing Bag be Made From?

So long as it is durable and (if used outside) weatherproof, you are in the right place. The best boxing bags are made using real leather, but this naturally adds to the price quite a lot. You can, though, get a lot more out of a boxing bag if you simply use something that is made from canvas and/or pleather/faux leather materials, instead.

Should I Also Buy a 3ft Punch Bag Bracket?

Unless you buy a free standing punch bag, we highly recommend you get a bracket or a stand to hang the bag from. This should be something either fully attached to the wall/ceiling, or something that can stand freely and then be put away when it is not being used.

Where Should I Buy My 3ft Punch Bag From?

Typically, we recommend that you buy online from Amazon as it does tend to provide the best variety, the fairest options, and the easiest solutions in dispute. If you have any problem with a boxing bag, it is easier to send back to Amazon and get a resolution.

How Much Space Do You Need to Set-Up a Punch Bag?

It really does depend on the kind of bag, but you typically want the same size as the bag – 3ft – all around the bag. Since you need to move around, the more space you can have to hit the bag and let it swing without hitting anything is going to improve the overall experience.

Ready to Make a Purchase?

With the above information covered, you should feel far more confident in going out to make a purchase on a 3ft boxing bag. We know that it can still be tough to choose, but you should have a much better grounding on the details needed to make yourself a success. To make sure that you can push forward and start seeing results, then, we highly recommend that you look to make a purchase today.

The sooner you get a bag bought, the sooner the kids can start working on their boxing technique and improving their form. So, what are you waiting for? Make a purchase today – you won’t regret giving your kids this new way to exercise!

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