15 Best Boxing Hand Wraps in UK for 2022

When you first get into boxing, one thing you might really focus on is the purchase of some boxing gloves. Even a boxing newbie will know how important it is to properly protect your hands as you box. Being able to avoid injury and pain is a big part of being a boxer and training regularly. However, for some people, boxing gloves can feel too restrictive – that is why boxing hand wraps tend to be the ideal alternative.

If you are someone who is new to the concept of boxing with hand wraps, then our article here should be just what you are looking for. In this guide, we are going to look at:

  • What are boxing hand wraps?
  • The benefits of wearing boxing hand wraps.
  • How do you properly wear boxing hand wraps?
  • The best hand wraps for boxing to buy in 2022.

Of course, if you would rather just find out exactly what are the best hand wraps for boxing then you can head to our below sections. Check out the ‘What are the best hand wraps for boxing on the market today? section, and you can find a list of 10+ quality hand wrap options that we highly recommend you look to buy into.

If you would like to just make a purchase today, then this is likely to be the quickest and easiest way for you to go ahead and do so.

What are Boxing Hand Wraps?

What are Boxing Hand Wraps?

Put simply, hand wraps are coverings that we put around our hands, knuckles, and wrist areas before we start boxing or sparring. People wear hand wraps for boxing on their own, or underneath gloves for an extra sense of protection. Hand wraps provide numerous benefits, but the most important ones will be touched on below. First off, we want to look at what hand wraps actually are, and what they do for you.

Hand wraps sit around the knuckle area, protecting the whole hand. By helping to keep the hand in place and the muscles together, you avoid the risk of parts of your hand slipping and therefore being sprained due to a misalignment in your punch. On top of that, you get a small layer of absorption that can soak up much of the wear and tear that you would be producing by boxing bare knuckle.

For some, using boxing gloves can feel too unrealistic and the padding can put them off a great deal. By choosing to use boxing hand wraps, though, you get something that, whilst protected, feels a touch more robust and secure.

It’s for these reasons that you might wish to try out using boxing hand wraps. It can be a great way to make sure that you can get all of the support that you need when it comes to landing punches, but it can also be very useful for anyone trying to make the boxing training feel more authentic.

So, boxing hand wraps are often a good alternative to anyone who is sick of boxing with ‘normal’ gloves and wants a more authentic, close-up experience instead.

The Benefits of Wearing Boxing Hand Wraps

The Benefits of Wearing Boxing Hand Wraps

There are quite a few reasons why going own the route of wrapping up your hands can seem like a good idea. The main reason is quite simple, in that it helps to protect your hands from being damaged as you fight in the first place.

By using boxing hand wraps, you help to protect all of those little joints and bones that could become damaged and fractured over a period of time. at the same time, you use this to help secure all of the little joints in place and all of the little bones that move around. These smaller parts of the hand are prone to being damaged as you fight, so you want to do everything that you can to secure them into place and avoid the risk of needlessly serious damage to your hands as you go.

The main benefit is not so much the extra cushioning – this is what you would then wear actual boxing gloves for. While it does offer some cushioning to the blow, it does an even better job of helping to protect smaller, more malleable parts of the hand from being needlessly damaged, hurt, or otherwise broken.

How do you Properly Wear Boxing Hand Wraps?

How do you Properly Wear Boxing Hand Wraps?

So, the first thing to note about buying boxing hand wraps is that you need to get used to wearing these rather odd garments. To begin with, don’t worry about the length – go as long as you can find when it comes to buying and wearing boxing hand wraps.

Anything under 180” in length can be too short, so always try and look for something in the 180”-plus range when it comes to the actual length. Also, you will want to make sure that you buy proper hand warps that need to be wrapped on; the slip-on versions, while still useful, are simply not as effective.

You also want to look for something with a wide Velcro enclosure that allows for you to easily close over the glove at the level of tightness that feels good and authentic to you. The wraps that tend to have thin ends for the Velcro tend to come apart a bit easier, undoing the wrapping as you fight. To actually wear the wraps, though, you will need to do the following:

  1. Start off by looping the wrap around your thumb, going around the back.
  2. Once you do this, you then want to tighten it thrice around the wrist area.
  3. Then, carry out the same three-wrap action around your wider hand area.
  4. Bring it back down to the back of the thumb and create an X-shape around the fingers.
  5. Do this three times in total, creating a solid, tight grip around the fingers.
  6. Go around the thumb now to finish it off, going down the palm as opposed to around the thumb.
  7. Now, wrap around your knuckles three times.
  8. Add some extra, final wrapping around the wrist to finish off any of the remaining wrapping.
  9. Wrap it some more to finish it off and use the Velcro strapping provided to tie it up.

What are The Best Hand Wraps for Boxing on The Market Today?

So, if your main intention is to start boxing by wearing boxing hand wraps, then your money is better spent on buying a proper high quality item. If you are serious about getting hand wraps that look good and feel good, then you should take a look at what we have in mind for you today on our selection. The below items are, we feel, some of the best options that you can buy today.

So, what do you want to buy? 

1. RDX Boxing Hand Wraps

RDX Boxing Hand Wraps
amazon uk

If your main aim is to find boxing hand wraps that simply feel good once they go on the hands, then you should definitely start here. These wraps work well because they are so lightweight, allowing your hands to breathe with total comfort. On top of that, they use a shock absorbent padding on the design to ensure that you can avoid your hands from being shocked or hurt during a long sparring session.

At the same time, they also feel great because they tend to just cushion around the hand and offer that extra spring and bounce that was previously missing. A good choice overall with the half finger design allowing extra breathability and life around the fingers.

By using a polyester elasticated fabric, this can bounce and move with total comfort and ease at all times. A solid, all-around choice that should make it much easier for you to get hand wraps that look good, feel good, and give your hands that extra layer of protective cover that you have been searching for long-term.

Solid build quality overall.Fits can be confusing.
Breathable, comfortable material. 

2. Adidas Boxing Training Wraps

Adidas Boxing Training Wraps
amazon uk

If you don’t mind paying a little more for your boxing hand wraps, then be sure to take a look at this particular range. We think these work well because they feel good to sit around the hands whilst offering that useful protective layer around the key areas of the hand. Since this does a good job of forcing the compression, you can really feel like your hands are being properly protected by using these wraps.

They look good, they feel good, and they tend to do a good job of making sure that your hands are never going to be left unprotected. The addition of the 5cm hook and loop closure allows for easier control over where this closes over. Meanwhile, the fact that it is such a thick and absorbent material allows for you to keep on hitting without feeling as if your hands are being impacted.

The extra protection provided by keeping those key bones and joints in the one place, though, also helps to vastly reduce the risk of physical damage and discomfort, improving your health long-term moving forward.

Made by proven fitness experts.More expensive than the norm.
100% stretchable tape. 
Fits around thumb easily. 

3. Beast Gear Boxing Hand Wraps

Beast Gear Boxing Hand Wraps
amazon uk

So long as you can order the right size with these boxing hand wraps, you are almost certain to get a brilliant deal. These boxing hand wraps feel good because they help to add an extra layer of bounce and protection around the and knuckle areas.

At the same time, the 4.5m elasticated length allows for total control over how tight or loose you want these. So long as you tighten the wraps into the knuckles, though, you can make sure that every punch comes with the correct tightness and formation around the knuckle area.

This avoids knuckle damage, giving you hand wraps for boxing that can keep your hands from long-term physical damage, wear and tear, and general loss of function. For that reason, you might see these as the ideal pick for when you want to help further improve how you box. It can take a huge amount of effort to become a better boxer, but little tools like this go a long way to changing your experience.

The strength of protection easily overcomes the awkward sizing issues.

Thick, sturdy, durable protection.Sizing can be somewhat awkward.
Great value for money. 
Sticks shut and stays shut. 

4. RDX Boxing Hand Wraps

Best RDX Boxing Hand Wraps
amazon uk

Really, the only gripe we have with these boxing hand wraps from RDX is their availability. If you can find them in stock, we would highly recommend making an order ASAP. Durable and impressive, these are 4.5m long elasticated bandages that give you all of the length that you could ever need to get the tightness and the protection that you need.

Compression goes a long way to improving how you play and could be essential to improving your general approach to boxing. By having the extra protection around your hand, you can easily avoid damage to bones and joints which can easily come unstock if you are not careful enough when you are boxing. For that reason, you might want to help properly protect your hands with boxing wraps that sit around the knuckles with total comfort.

There really is no reason for you to put up with hand wraps that cannot give total protection. RDX have come up with elasticated bandages that, for under £10, provide excellent cover that fits (quite literally) like a glove. Winner!

Designed to last for the long-term.Hard to find in-stock.
Great elasticity improves lifespan. 
Durable, ideal for all combat sports. 

5. Akous WDW Inner Gloves

Akous WDW Inner Gloves
amazon uk

Unless you are looking for extra thick wraps for boxing, these should be perfect for you. Akous are a big name brand that have become well known for putting in the effort when it comes to creating boxing wraps. These are designed with a highly compressed style that helps to bring all of those little awkward bones and joints into the one place. They can then be worked on comfortably and effectively, avoiding damage as you box. For wraps that provide proper bone and joint protection, start here!

However, these are pretty thin so if you wear boxing hand wraps for shock absorption as much as anything else these are not perfect for this. While the lightweight carbon fabric allows for some absorption, it cannot do the same job as some of the more powerful options out there.

However, the fact that this comes with a simple hook and loop finish and the stretchable nature allows for it to easily be put into place without any challenge makes it easy for you to wear these inside boxing gloves and get the benefit intended.

Great for wearing inside boxing gloves.Not thick enough for everyone.
Strong, reliable Velcro closing. 
Comes with a mesh carry bag. 

6. RDX All-Black Boxing Wraps

RDX All-Black Boxing Wraps
amazon uk

If you don’t mind paying for quality, then look no further than this as your starting place. These have become very popular among shoppers who are looking for value for money. The thickness of these wraps means you could often use them on their own without issue. However, they could also be great add-ons inside any typical boxing gloves.

The neoprene is very important as it allows for your hands to breathe as you box, avoiding that discomfort in your hands due to fatigue and sweat build-up. You could definitely use these for anyone who wants to get a heat and tear-resistant solution that cannot be damaged outside of really trying. While you do pay a bit more for these, what you get back in return is a top quality solution that should last for many years to come once purchased.

They are resistant, durable, and strong gloves which are flexible, accessible, and made using some of the best fabric you can find for boxing hand wraps. For an under-glove solution, these are perfect; even used alone, they help to minimise the risk of injury.

Professional build quality.Expensive for wraps.
X-Foam padded slabs. 
Comfortable, durable neoprene material. 

7. Islero Hand Wraps

Islero Hand Wraps
amazon uk

While most boxing hand wraps provide you with just a fabric for protection, these hand wraps for boxing from Islero come with a polyester material paired with aero gel padding. For those who are new to the use of gel padding in their wraps, this can feel a bit weird at first! Once you get used to it, though, you should be able to enjoy wearing these gloves for long and draining sessions on the punch bag.

At the same time, though, one of the biggest problems that you might have when it comes to boxing is the challenge involving avoiding injury. These help you to avoid injury simply by making sure that the compression is tight enough to keep all of those essential little parts of the hand in the right place. Especially when worn under gloves, these should give you all of the protection and coverage that you need to feel 100% confidence in your punch.

So, take the stress and strain out of boxing on a punch bag with punch bag hand wraps which are designed to not only take a hit, but keep your knuckles from damage underneath.

Easy to put on and take off.Gel can feel odd to newbies.
Offers solid, reliable compression. 
Great value for money. 

8. EMRAH E2 Hand Wraps for Boxing

EMRAH E2 Hand Wraps for Boxing
amazon uk

Given the price that you pay for these boxing wraps, you get something highly impressive back in return. You pay under £10 and in return you get a gel-wrapped set of boxing hand wraps that should feel brilliant to work with on a daily basis. For that reason, you might wish to keep on wearing them as you go about your day-to-day boxing duties.

However, just note that it can be hard to get sizing for your hands – the one flaw here is that you might find yourself between sizes that you would normally go for. As such, be prepared for a bit of trial and error regarding sizes. Once you get the right size, though, these are durable, comfortable, and highly reliable hand warps for boxing.

They offer the protection that you need as well as highly comfortable grips paired with Velcro strapping that helps to keep your final, wrapping position just right. Overall, a great pick for those who want extra-tight hand wraps especially!

Durable, strong, comfortable material.Sizing can be somewhat awkward.
Comes with gel included. 
Strong, secure, self-sealing wrapping. 

9. RDX Giant Inside Hand Wraps

RDX Giant Inside Hand Wraps
amazon uk

Once you get over the lack of user-friendliness with actually wearing these wraps, you can have a tremendous time with wearing them. They feel great as they wrap around the hand with total ease, whilst giving you a weightlifting aide that can also give you that extra grip when worn on their own.

However, as a boxing glove aide, these work even better. Stick these on underneath your gloves and you should have no problem at all in minimising injury and further reducing discomfort should you mis-land a punch.

They are also great for making sure that you can avoid having to buy replacements, as the carbon fiber material is both strain-protected and crack-resistant. For the price that you pay, these are some great hand wraps for boxing. In general, you just need to get used to the quirky nature of how they actually wrap over your hands. Get that right, and you could wear these for as long as you want when boxing!

A good investment for any boxer, these hand wraps offer protection once you get them on properly.

Should fit inside most boxing gloves.Requires patience to wear correctly.
Made with carbon fiber material. 
Elasticated, easy to stretch. 

10. XN8 Boxing Inner Wraps

XN8 Boxing Inner Wraps
amazon uk

While these boxing hand wraps are quite minimal when it comes to design specifications and build quality, for the price you pay they make an excellent in-glove addition. Wear these wraps inside a pair of boxing gloves and you should have no problem at all in boxing with total confidence and comfort throughout the day.

These provide you with enough strapping, and enough customisation over how intense the strapping is, to ensure that they fit your knuckles with total comfort. On top of that, you can find that the material, while not great, should last for a long time so long as you take the time to even slightly care for the build quality.

One of the most challenging things about boxing is making sure you avoid injury when you mis-throw a punch. Well, these little boxing gloves do a spectacular job in making sure that you can do that without any issues. The carbon fiber fabric is great for reducing discomfort during fighting – just don’t expect them to last forever given the price you pay!

When you on a budget, though, they make a wise investment.

Great for long-term hand protection.Not the greatest material.
Covers most of your hand. 
Minimises the risk of boxing injuries. 

11. Meister Cotton Hand Wraps

Meister Cotton Hand Wraps
amazon uk

If your main aim is to buy something that can add robust protection, then you might prefer to use cotton hand wraps. Many prefer cotton as it can just feel a touch more robust around the hands, though it does not have the same elasticity as other materials which are commonly used. In general, though, you will find that it does a good enough job of keeping your hands protected.

The durability and the comfort makes up for the lack of elasticity for the most part. However, it also comes with a whopping 4.5m of length so you should have no problem in wrapping this for as long as you could possibly need to get the best comfort and protection.

The comfortable thumb loop and solid Velcro fitting also makes sure that this stays nice and tight around the hands, too. No reason for you to worry when it comes to using these cotton hand wraps. They look good, feel good, and should give your hands the added resistance and protection they need.

Made from comfortable cotton.Not as elasticated as alternatives.
Great for keeping bones together. 
Ideal for other combat sports. 

12. Beast Gear Advanced Inner Glove Mitts

Beast Gear Advanced Inner Glove Mitts
amazon uk

Keep your hand properly protected and cared for under your boxing gloves with these boxing wraps. They feel good as they warp around the hand comfortably, while the thick Velcro strapping allows for them to stay in place. They also use a gel padding that allows to help you stay even more comfortable physically. The gel padding can feel quite off at first, though, so it might take you some time to get used to this particular feeling as you go about the process of working out.

The gel mitts are often aimed at heavier boxers and MMA fighters who are looking for a more versatile form of protection. Typically, you will find that these do a more than good enough job of protecting your hands from long-term wear and tear as you box.

Overall, they make a good choice to wear under a pair of gloves. While they probably lack the durability and strength to be used standalone from a pair of gloves, for a pair of hand wraps that can add extra protection they do a great job.

Gel padding for extra protection.Gel can feel odd at first.
Long lasting material. 
Helps to further reduce injury. 

13. VELO Boxing Hand Wraps

VELO Boxing Hand Wraps
amazon uk

If you can find these boxing hand wraps in stock, then do yourself a favour and buy them now. They are a top quality item that feels good to wear around the wrist and comes with all of the added assistance that you need to make sure you can feel physically robust and comfortable overall as a boxer. For the price that you pay, these are durable, 4.5m long, semi-elastic hand warps.

While other brands might stretch a bit more than these, these are hard to find in stock purely because they are so good. They feel great to work with, they feel fantastic to wear, and they tend to be just what you are looking for if you want protection first.

Although they mick lack some panache and style, they more than make up for that by being so reliable. Wearing these under gloves you are going to make sure that you are far less likely to suffer from injury. So, why not make sure you are properly protected for the long-term with our hand wraps?

4.5m in length; plenty to go around.Hard to find in stock.
Mexican stretch for added elasticity. 

14. RDX Leather Boxing Hand Wraps

RDX Leather Boxing Hand Wraps
amazon uk

While these boxing hand wraps tend to cost a bit more than the norm, we do recommend them purely on the basis that they do such a good job of the basics. Stick these on and you can more or less guarantee that your hands can avoid injury from sprains, staves, and mis-hits. These add another layer of protection and compression around key hand bones and joints, helping to avoid them being jarred or otherwise hurt during a mis-hit.

For that reason, boxers who tend to spend a lot of time being aggressive might just find that these hand wraps do a wonderful job of solving that particular problem. Wear these under your mitts and you get something that helps to protect your hands further. Even on their own, they could help to somewhat reduce the risk of physical injury and damage to your hands as time goes on.

However, given the price that you pay, we recommend you keep these for professional sessions and that you wear them under your mitts to avoid needless risk of wear and tear.

Great for wearing underneath gloves.Quite expensive for wraps.
Made using Maya Hide leather. 
Solid, robust, durable design. 

15. Venum Hand Wraps

Venum Hand Wraps
amazon uk

While at first these boxing hand wraps can feel really hard to get to the tightness you want, once you master the knack, they become one of the best options on the market. These Venum hand wraps feel good, look good, and should easily be worked onto your hands with an absolute minimum of fuss and effort. On top of that, the impressive thickness allows for better overall comfort and strength.

The main gripe here, then, comes down to making sure that they feel tight enough once they are around the wrist and hands themselves. Once you get that down, though, they become much easier to tighten properly. However, one thing you might find is that the elasticated cotton can feel great once it is wrapped tightly enough. So, it is worth persevering with this particular wrap to get the ‘knack’ around how it all tightens around the hand correctly.

While it might take some time to get used to, though, these Venum hand wraps for boxing are a very wise purchase for something strong, secure, and highly comfortable whilst being made from breathable cotton.

Easy to fit to your intended length.Tightening has a learning curve.
Quality Velcro enclosure for tightness. 
Available in numerous tones and colours. 

Buying The Right Boxing Hand Wraps

Now that you know what to look out for, and what products to look towards, what will you go out and buy first?

You should first go ahead and look at each of the hand wraps for boxing that we have recommended above. Believe us when we say that you will get a good deal, you will feel as if you got proper value for money, and you will be happy with the overall return on the investment that you get.

At the same time, you should evaluate each of the options based on what you can afford and what kind of wraps you think would be the right pick for you. With no shortage of options, you should not delay in planning on the kind of boxing hand wraps that you want to pick. The main thing you need to do now is to evaluate all of the above options – before long, you’ll see exactly the right set for you!

By taking the information in this guide and applying it to the options available for boxing hand wraps, though, you should have no problem at all in making a purchase you’ll be 100% happy with.

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