10 Best Punch Bag Brackets in UK for 2022

As someone who is passionate about the idea of boxing, you might be interested in getting a punch bag set up at home. However, to do that, you likely want to look at getting a bag that can stay stationary in the one place. While many times people go for a more space-friendly free bracketing punch bag, a punch bag and bracket can be the ideal choice. Whether at home or in the gym, a punch bag bracket is a very wise investment.

But like buying anything else to work out with and get into good physical shape, you have a great many options to pick from. This can make buying the ideal boxing bracket hard, because you might not have the right knowledge to make a wise purchase.

In a bid to make your life easier, then, we highly recommend that you take a look at the options we have suggested in this article. In here, we will cover:

  • What a boxing bracket is, and why you might wish to invest in one.
  • The benefits of using a boxing bracket to keep your boxing bag in place.
  • The best punch bag bracket options on the market for you to buy today.

If you are serous about becoming a better boxer, then investing in the best equipment you can is highly recommended!

What is a Boxing Bracket?

What is a Boxing Bracket?

So, a boxing bracket is going to be a secured piece of material, often metal, that is placed onto the wall and/or ceiling. Used indoors or outdoors, they give you a place to secure a bracketard punching bag in the one place. This allows for you to have a set-up that allows for regular and consistent boxing practice in a location, and at a height, that you should feel happy with.

The boxing bracket is a must-own if you want something a bit more durable than a free bracketing punch bag. Though often great options, some boxers – particularly more powerful boxers – need something a bit beefier to use. This is why the boxing bracket is such a common option today. By using that extra weighted security, you know that the bag is not going to come down anytime soon.

For that reason, then, it has become the ideal place to start for most boxers. If you are looking for a way to make boxing at home a little easier, then you should absolutely look to set up a new boxing bracket. It allows for a more robust, secure boxing experience.

(If you want to make sure you buy the best bracket that you can, then we highly recommend you look to buy one of the options that we have recommended for you further down.)

Why, though, should you buy a boxing bracket?

The Benefits of Owning a Punch Bag Bracket

If you own a boxing bag and want to get it put up in a way that allows for you to use it with ease, then you need to think about buying a punch bag bracket. If you wish to go ahead and do that, then you should consider the following benefits as part of the reason why this is a worthwhile purchase:

Improved Durability

Compared to a boxing bag that is free bracketing, one that is hung-up using a boxing bracket is typically more resistant to wear and tear. These are often heavier, stronger bags that are designed for taking more punishment. If your aim is to get a bag that allows you to really feel every blow you land, then setting up a thicker, stronger stan is highly recommended.

Keeps The Height Consistent

Many boxers find it hard to get used to boxing targets that tend to move up and down in terms of height. By getting a proper boxing bracket installed, you make sure that you are not going to have any problems with the height of the bag changing as time goes on.

Instead, you have total control over where the bag will sit and how far down you will allow it to slide as you land blow after blow. Very much something to consider when making your purchase.

Improves Boxing Consistency

Once you get used to working with the same bag at the same height, you will find that training sessions can become more consistent. If you are used to moving from bag to bag, then you might it harder to get the flow and confidence that you were hoping for.

Well, with a punch bag with bracket attached, you ensure that you can box and box for as long as you need without any real issues.

Less Structural Issues

By properly fitting a boxing bag bracket, too, you make sure that everything is attached in a very safe manner. This removes the fear of the bag being brought down, of coming loose, or of posing any kind of potential health risk to anyone who is taking part.

Keep that in mind, and you can see for yourself why these boxing bag brackets can make a very good investment for anyone trying to make their experience better. Avoid bringing the walls down with a knockout punch when your boxing bag is attached to a proper bracket!

As you can see, then, owning a punch bag bracket offers a great many benefits that you can rely upon to make your overall boxing experience more enjoyable.

The Best Punch Bag Bracket Options to Buy in 2021

Ready to take a look at the options available online today? Here are ten highly recommended boxing bag brackets to consider.

1. AQF Heavy Duty Punch Bag

AQF Heavy Duty Punch Bag
amazon uk

Consistency is everything when buying a punch bag bracket, and this AQF heavy duty punch bag solution is a great choice. It can take up to 60kg in weight and can handle as much a 17” from the wall to the end of the bracket, giving you ample room to set-up and ensure that you have everything in place exactly as was intended.

This is also designed with all of the wall fixings and shackles that you need and comes with some pretty easy to follow instructions. Add in the excellent price, and this offers great value for money if you are on the lookout for a simple but affordable solution.

It’s combined with a 16-gauge steel construction to ensure that this has all of the power that one would expect it to have. A must-try for anyone looking for a heavy duty punch bag bracket that can take the weight.

2. Islero Fitness Boxing Bag Bracket

Islero Fitness Boxing Bag Bracket
amazon uk

Suitable for anyone looking for a bit more range on their boxing bag bracket, this 18” hanging bracket makes a very wise investment indeed. Made using a heavy duty steel, this is designed to take the weight of the bag without any issue whatsoever. It comes with all of the features that you need and can also be include with a heavy duty stainless steel chain to help attach the bag to for even more versatility and options.

Easy to assemble and with ‘lifelong assembly’ offered, this is the kind of punch bag bracket that you could easily come to rely upon for years to come. It can easily be fitted into a garage or an indoor room without any issue, too, and should fit-up on a wall that offers you the space you need to get it fitted up.

We recommend you look to this if you are looking for something a finish that looks to prevent rust build-up, too. Great for home gyms, professional boxing gyms, and anyone else who might be looking for an easy way to get their boxing bang hung up and ready to be used as and when you intend.

3. ONEX Punch Bag Wall Bracket

ONEX Punch Bag Wall Bracket
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a heavy duty punch bag bracket, then this is a good choice for you to look into. It comes with 18” of spacing from start to finish, making sure that even the largest of bags should have ample space to hang with comfort.

It also comes with a 16-gauge powder coated steel that should not rust or begin to decay anytime soon. So, this is a strong, sturdy, reliable piece of metal that is designed to take plenty of weight and punishment along the way.

It’s capable of taking as much as 50kg in weight, too, which can be a huge relief for those who are looking for something that can take plenty of extra power and weight being put on top of the bag. It can actually handle as much as 120kg, but most recommend sticking to a 50kg limit if you are looking for a bracketard punch bag experience.

This is great for reinforced bags, heavier bags, and those who want an easier set-up experience when it comes to building a punch bag wall bracket that isn’t going to give you any concerns about stability, durability, or general condition moving forward long-term.

4. AQF Heavy Duty Bracket

AQF Heavy Duty Bracket
amazon uk

AQF is a well-respected name in the boxing industry, and they are known for producing some pretty high quality equipment at very fair prices. This heavy duty wall bracket is designed for those both indoors and outdoors and gives you among the most solid solutions that you are going to find on the market today. Though slightly more expensive than your average bracket, it promises peace of mind for anyone who needs a boxing bag bracket.

This comes with a 16-gauge powder coated steel material that is designed to give you some pretty exceptional durability. Capable of taking 200kg (including the user), this is the kind of boxing bag bracket that allows you to have total confidence that you aren’t going to come home to any shocks or messes.

Its wall mounted and can be used for everything from chin-ups to hanging a box with the large chain that is provided. It is also included with a D-Shackle swivel so that it can be easily fitted to suit your personal needs. Everything you could need to get this up on the wall and ready to be used is something that you should absolutely consider when it comes to strengthening your punching station.

5. Athletic Gear Ceiling Hook

Athletic Gear Ceiling Hook
amazon uk

Like some people, though, you might prefer to go down the route of having just a low profile hook. This simple 5” hook takes up very little ceiling space but can easily be fitted to the ceiling and give you ample weight balance. This comes with a 10” long overall finish and is made using an 18-gauge heavy duty steel material. It also comes with a D-shackle with swivel and fixings, and four fixing holes, so that you have no problem at all in getting it attached to the ceiling, hanging in place, and looking good.

Quick and easy to assemble, you will be happy to know that this comes with a maximum weight capacity of 70kg; you would need to look quite far to find a boxing bag that is going to weigh more than this!

It is also designed with a classic red-oxide rust protection solution that should allow for this to be used outdoors or indoors without any worries about longevity. A solid choice for anyone who is trying to improve their boxing skills starting today. Easy to assemble, easily attached to wooden beams, outdoor or indoor fittings, or anywhere that you might think it suits.

6. Senshi Japan Ceiling Hook

Senshi Japan Ceiling Hook
amazon uk

Known for their immense attention to detail when it comes to engineering precision, Senshi Japan really go the extra mile when it comes to quality construction. This anti-rust, 360 solutions allow for the quickest and easiest set-up of a stainless steel ceiling hook. Not only does this suit the fitting of any major boxing bag, but the fact it can handle a whopping half a ton in weight should give you confidence that this is a very good investment opportunity.

This is great for handing large bags from, but it can also be used for things like speed balls, allowing for you to work on all of your boxing skills with ease. Affordable and delivered with everything you need to fit and install the system; this allow for a tightly fitted finish that is going to make it easy to box until you can barely bracket!

A great, high quality choice of boxing bag bracket that can hold most traditional bags out there on the market today. Overall, a very wise choice for anyone who is considering making an investment in a durable, tough, and affordable punch bag wall bracket that takes up a minimal amount of ceiling space once installed.

7. Viper Boxing Bag Bracket

Viper Boxing Bag Bracket
amazon uk

Looking for something a bit more robust yet without taking up a large amount of room? Then take a look at this Viper boxing bag bracket. It is designed to give you a high quality solution that can easily take as much as 100kg of weight at any one time. Add in the fact it gives you everything need for assembly and gives as much as 18” of space from the wall, and you can use this boxing bag bracket to get yourself set-up and punching in a few short hours.

Consistency is everything when boxing, and this makes it easy to keep any boxing bag directly in the one place so that you can swing away without having to worry about a thing. Great for those who prefer a stylish wall-mounted finish, and ideal for those who need a boxing bag bracket that can hang from just about any stable wall.

This can be hung-up anywhere you wish, too, in terms of being used indoors or outdoors. We have chosen this all-weather option as part of our list because we know it should be suitable for just about any purpose that you have in mind; a durable, all-purpose bracket.

8. AQF Punch Bag Wall Bracket

AQF Punch Bag Wall Bracket
amazon uk

AQF are famous for their quality designs when it comes to things like boxing punch bag hooks and brackets. This gives you a 10” iron ceiling hook that should be more than capable of keeping any boxing bag that you buy online or offline hanging up without any damage to the ceiling.

This is an 18-gauge steel product which has been designed to take as much as 100kg of weight as soon as it is hung up on the ceiling. It also comes with a D-shackle as well as wall fixings such as bolts, washers, and plastic plugs to ensure that everything fits and installs with as few headaches as is possible.

Many choose to fit this stylish option onto things like wooden beams, outdoor sections, or indoor ceilings. It is designed to ensure that so long as the ceiling or beam that it is attached to is protected and secured that it can take the weight of any boxing bag up to 100kg in weight.

A great choice for any boxer looking to take their game to a new level without having a visually obvious boxing bag bracket; this low-profile option minimises visibility without leaving you short on solutions.

9. Aoneky Heavy Bag Hanger

Aoneky Heavy Bag Hanger
amazon uk

If you have invested your money into a heavy bag, you need something that can keep it hanging without any issues. This simply and easy to use wood beam heavy bag hanger is a fine starting point. This low profile option should fit onto just about anything that you choose, giving you the confidence that you need to enjoy a much easier, simple set-up.

This is designed using a weighting system that allows for as much as 99kg of weight to be attached. It also comes with plenty of instruction, such as ensuring you use a 2” ceiling joist at least to ensure this is properly stuck into the ceiling for lasting sustainability and ease of boxing enjoyment.

At just 5.9” in length, too, this is not going to take up much room at all. Some want to avoid having a boxing bag bracket that takes up a needless amount of room. If you want something that can ensure that space is used, not wasted, then you should definitely take a look at this heavy bag hanger from Aoneky.

A solid, all-around option for those looking to preserve ceiling space and keep the fittings for your boxing equipment as low-profile as possible.

10. RDX 17-Piece Boxing Set

RDX 17-Piece Boxing Set
amazon uk

Last but by no means least, the RDX 17-piece boxing set is the best purchase on this for those who need everything in one. This gives you training tools, a boxing bag with bracket, a glove set, training assistance in the form of exercise aides, and quality other solutions that can bring together an all-in-one package for any boxer looking to get started. If you have nothing and want to get more than just a basic boxing bag bracket, this is a very wise investment.

This set packs in everything that you might need to have packed into the one place. It comes with a host of useful tools, including punching gloves, training tools, and a high quality leather bag that can take an almighty level of punishment day-in, day-out. Give yourself the best chance to become a quality boxer with the help of this gorgeous 17-piece boxing set.

For those who are looking to make one single purchase and get everything else that you would want and need in the one place, you should take a look at this robust boxing set. An easier and simpler addition to your boxing experience you are not likely to find – not at this kind of price range, anyway!

Buying a Punch Bag Wall Bracket Just Got Easier

Now that you know what to look out for, we recommend that you start searching through each of the options above. Pair it up with your bag (or buy one of the RDX punch bag and bracket combinations) and enjoy the process easier than ever before. Having fun when boxing just became easier!

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