How to Find The Best Punch Bag Set in UK for 2022?

As one of the most popular and beloved sports in the world, boxing brings in fans from all across the globe. The intensity of the action, the strength of the people in the ring, the technical quality…there is much to love about boxing. If you ever wish to box at any kind of level, even just for fitness and enjoyment, then making sure you buy a quality punch bag set is highly recommended!

In this article, we are going to help you work out what you should be looking for when it comes to buying a quality punch bag set in 2022. With so many choices on the market today, you might be unsure about where to begin your search. In a bid to make your journey a bit easier, we have put together a simple and effective guide that you can follow along with easily today.

Take a look, then, at the various options and ideas that we have for you below. This should give you all of the help that you need to start shopping today and come away with a brand new punching bag set that is actually worth the money that you pay.

Buying something like this can be surprisingly tough work, so let us make the purchase a little bit easier for you moving forward. With so many bags and options to pick from, you can find it tough to choose independently. By removing the dross and only offering you useful suggestions, you should find it a little bit easier to buy today.

So, if you wish to go ahead and buy a punch bag set today, we recommend skipping down to the ‘What are the best punch bag sets in 2022?’ section. This will give you ten of the finest bag sets on the market today that you can buy and get ordered right to your doorstep.

However, by the same token, you might wish to know a bit more about what you are buying so that you can be 100% with the decision made. Therefore, you might wish to read some of our buying guide details beforehand.

Buying a Punch Bag Set – What Should You Look Out for?

Before you go ahead and make any kind of purchase, though, we highly recommend that you look closely at what you might get. In a typical punch bag set today, you should be looking to get something like:

  • A Punch Bag: This is the most important part of the purchase, obviously! You need this to get started.
  • A Set of Gloves: Boxing gloves are provided with most boxing bag sets, helping you to get started.
  • A Bag Stand/Bracket: Presuming the bag needs to be hung u, you will need a bracket/stand to use.
  • Fitness Equipment: Though not always the case, many punch bag sets come with equipment like skipping ropes, hand workouts, and various other useful tools.
  • Installation Instructions: Since you are buying a set, you would hope to get instructions that can fill you in on every part of the set-up process.

You should be looking to buy a punching bag set that gives you all of the above. These are a good set of starting options to ensure that you always get a reliable deal when you are buying something like a punch bag. However, just remember that not everyone needs the same things. If you feel like you can get by without the use of some of these products, or you already own them, you should look to buy something a little less filled-out.

However, you should always look to read into the reviews of any product before you purchase. Reviews can be illuminating when it comes to learning about little issues with the set-up, the delivery, or anything else that might matter.

What Material Should a Punch Bag Set be Made From?

Typically, you want to buy something that is made of one of three major materials:


Leather is the best place to start off with when you are trying to buy a quality punch bag set. Leather is durable, often weatherproof, and very much likely to stay in pristine condition for longer. However, it can be more expensive, so you should notice that some of the more costly punching bag sets will be made from leather. Normally, though, we would suggest it is worth the extra outlay.

Faux Leather:

The next choice is faux leather, or ‘pleather’, as some will call it. It is also known as PU leather quite a lot. This is a durable, easy to clean surface that is often usable for boxing bags that will be sitting outside. It is a good alternative to leather; not as strong, of course, but still strong enough to be reliable and suitable for your typical needs. A good high-value choice for most buyers.


Another good choice for most boxing bags would be canvas. Canvas feels good to hit and can be quite good for absorbing hits. However, it is also not a great choice if you are intending on leaving the boxing bag outside for any prolonged length of time. For the most part, though, you will find that canvas boxing bags are likely to be among the cheapest options out there today.

If you keep these factors in mind, it should be easier for you to choose a material. Remember, though, that the material is only part of the argument when it comes to buying a punch bag set. You want to get something that can give you functionality as well as longevity, after all!

What Exercise Equipment Should I Look for in a Punch Bag Set?

If your intention is to buy a boxing bag set that gives you some extra workout aids, then you should definitely take a look here for some ideas about what to look out for. Good quality exercise aides that you could look out for when buying a punching bag set include:

Skipping Ropes:

These are a major part of your workout as a boxer, and will become key in improving agility, balance, and flexibility. Alongside actually using the punch bag, you should be looking to master the art of the skipping rope as soon as you can. This will be key for getting you into boxing shape.

Hand Weights:

You get lots of useful little hand weights, such as little clamps that you need to squeeze together. These are great for building hand power and adding extra bulk and resistance around the knuckles and the wrists. It can be great for building extra power and ensuring that you pack a punch.

Wrist Wraps:

Some boxers prefer to work out on the bag using hand wraps as opposed to gloves. Therefore, you should look to see if the offer you are trying to buy comes with that option included or not. This is very important to note, so you should try and do so as soon as you can.

Some sets today also tend to throw in some other workout extras, but most will finish off the set with the inclusion of things like chains and brackets for getting the whole thing set-up on the ceiling or wall. Typically, though, you want to make sure that you get some kind of balance in both the punch bag and the various workout aides that can improve your boxing experience overall.

What are The Best Punch Bag Sets in 2022?

With the key information above, you should now have a better idea of what to look out for when buying a punching bag set. Now, we want to take a look at some of the most highly recommended options on the web today for those looking to buy a boxing bag.

This can be a good quality choice for anyone who is trying to come up with a list of reliable, high quality punch bag sets. We recommend you investigate all ten of the below options for the best deal available.

1. Odoland 6-in-1 Boxing Set

Odoland 6-in-1 Boxing Set
amazon uk

If you are looking for a solid standard place to start, then take a look at this option from Odoland. It has become very popular with people who are looking for something strong, sturdy, and very much capable of taking a lot of physical punishment. We highly recommend you look at this bag if you are looking for a solid 4ft punching bag that is suitable for older children, teenagers, and adults alike.

It is a good choice as it comes with everything that you could reasonably need to get your boxing set put together. It comes with an unfilled punching bag as well as ankle protective sleeves, a bag banger, and also a connecting carabiner. All of these, complete with really easy to follow instructions, can make the process of getting that bag up and ready to start using a whole lot easier.

If you are looking for a set that gives you a bit of everything all at once, then this is a good and wise investment. It is especially aimed at adults, though, and gives you a great, DIY boxing option. Everything can be set up and installed easily enough; you just need to invest in something to fill in the actual bag itself.

The bag is designed with thick and durable material on the straps so that this can easily take its own weight provided the ceiling hook is fitted tightly enough. If you are looking for a good and effective bag option that comes in a rich PU leather that should last for the long-term, be sure to try out this Odoland option.

For those on the lookout for long-term value, this provides it in spades.

Easy to set up and assemble.Wraps could be better quality.
Great quality of bag and gloves. 
Setup instructions are easy to follow. 

2. Yueetc Punching Bag Set

Yueetc Punching Bag Set
amazon uk

When you want to buy a punching bag set that you know is good enough, you want to invest in variety. This set might become a turn-off due to the fact that it does include full boxing gloves. However, the fact this gives you a high quality canvas and PU leather punch bag as well as all of the chains that you need to get it hung-up, it is a good place to start.

The developers have also thrown in an impressive set of ankle, wrist, and hand guards. Put these on and you help to compress the muscles, keeping them in proper place so that you can throw down combinations without jolting muscles or knuckles. This is a good place to start for the fact that this is a wear-resistant bag that, so long as you care for it, should last you for many years to come.

It is a starting choice for those who want peace of mind that the chain isn’t going to be falling down, though. A good quality punching bag set can take plenty of effort to bring down, and the thick, durable chains and hold-ups provided here should give you plenty of confidence in that front. It is a solid choice if you are looking for something with thick, lasting material that isn’t going to be worn down anytime soon.

Overall, it is also designed to last for a long time. It can be filled up with sand, cotton, sponges, rags, or anything else that you wish. We also recommend this to those who are getting involved in other combat sports, such as MMA and Muay Thai.

Suitable for various martial arts.Setup can be somewhat tedious.
Bag is sturdy and strong.Lack of gloves is a disappointment.
Wraps provided for extra comfort. 

3. Ejoyous Exercise Bag Ball Set

Ejoyous Exercise Bag Ball Set
amazon uk

If you intend to become a better boxer, then you need to get used to working on your speed and your balance. This cannot come from simply hitting the bag with haymakers; no, you need something better. You need something to help you get used to springing from foot to foot, landing fast combinations, and getting out of doge. And with this speed ball from Ejoyous, you get the ideal punching bag set for that.

Equipped with the air pump needed to get it filled up as well as some pretty comfortable gloves, you can enjoy a simple, easy set-up. Out of all the boxing bag sets we have suggested above, this might just be the easiest to work with and get set-up. You can also store it away with ease, as the space-saving nature of this free standing exercise bag makes this a very worthwhile investment.

We also recommend you look closely at it because the ball comes with plenty of spring. Land a proper combination and you should send it sprawling back the way before t can spring back into position ready for more effort and combinations. This is why so many people today love using the Ejoyous exercise ball – it’s a good, easy to move around little ball that can be great for improving your dodge-and-weave style.

If you find it hard to get a boxing bag that is useful for more than delivering knockout body blows, you should consider this. It offers a simpler, easier place to start than you might have first expected; a quality starting place for those working on their footwork as much as their ferocity.

Great for working in balance.Not suited to taller people.
Ball is designed to take punishment.Lacks ‘bite’ for stronger hitters.
Easy to store away and protect. 
Gloves are very comfortable. 

4. RDX Boxing & MMA Punch Bag Set

RDX Boxing & MMA Punch Bag Set
amazon uk

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra for quality, then RDX are one of the best brands to turn to when you are looking for a quality punching bag set. They tend to be a good pick because they have a really high standard of efficiency when it comes to design; RDX bags are known to be able to take plenty of punishment when they are set-up. At over £100, though, this is a more expensive investment.

However, if you are serious about boxing training then you would do well to find a more suitable deal on the market at the moment than this. It’s a high quality design which is more than capable of taking the punishment that you can dish out. Add in the fact it comes with everything you need to get it hung-up and practicing, including the mitts, and you can get a much higher standard of enjoyment out of its usage.

Overall, we highly recommend this punch bag set to anyone who wants to buy something durable. The unfilled nature of this means you can fill it up with anything you choose. The sturdy exterior of the bag allows for you to keep on hitting it without damaging the interior or exterior, while the Zippex closure also ensures that you could use this bag outside if you so choose.

It comes with a set of rustproof chains that can weigh as much as 25kg in weight for the 5ft model, and up to 23kg of weight in the 4ft model. Overall, these make a wise purchase if you want to make sure you get everything you need to get started – it just lacks some of the extra fitness tools.

Provides everything to get started.A touch on the expensive side.
Solid, reliable construction.Lack of fitness extras is a disappointment.
Great quality of gloves. 

5. MADX Punch Bag & Gloves Set

MADX Punch Bag & Gloves Set
amazon uk

If you are looking for a proper quality 4ft punch bag, then you might wish to evaluate this model from MADX. It has become quite a popular pick on the web as it offers a significant upgrade on many of the options you are likely to come across today. With that in mind, it can take a fair amount of physical heft – the secure heavy nature of the bag means that you can keep on hitting this rexion leather without worrying about long-term damage.

It is also a good choice for those who are looking to get some comfortable boxing gloves. MADX gloves are of a high standard and should take ample hits without scarring or damaging your knuckles. This is also a good deal purely on the basis that the D-ring that is included should be able to hold the product easily and effectively in place.

If your aim is to buy a strong and sturdy punch bag and gloves set, then this is going to give you all of the help that you need to do just that. Take a look at this particular set, and you can get all of the assistance you need to make sure your punch bag and gloves take a step up in quality. Make no mistake; these are designed to take plenty of punishment.

Should you own a boxing gym and want something you know can take a bit of extra heft from your guests, be sure to think about this particular model.

Great quality of bag and gloves.Lacks extra fitness aides.
Can take up to 60kg of weight.Only 4ft size; not great for taller boxers.

6. Kacsoo Wall-Mounted Speed Punch Bag Set

Kacsoo Wall-Mounted Speed Punch Bag Set
amazon uk

If your main weaknesses as a boxer stem from your ability to build up quality combinations, then you might wish to look at this wall-mounted speed ball from Kacsoo. It is very useful because it comes with the wall-mounted attachment you need to get it hung up and make sure you are working on your combinations with total ease. It even works as a useful little stress relief option if you are tired and need a bit of relief after a hard day.

It is easy to set up, too, and is designed for efficient and quick workouts. However, if you don’t like standing quite so close to the wall, then the rather short nature of this bracket might become a minor issue for you. However, in terms of giving you a speed bag that you can play with and work out your next combinations on, this works very well.

The excellent spring mechanism ensures that it can bounce around as you would expect, giving you a realistic movement with each punch. This improves your anticipation of where to punch, as well as giving you a much easier experience when it comes to landing blows with confidence.

If your main issue when it comes to using a punch bag set is the ability to land hits with speed, then you might wish to get a speed ball. While this might lack in the length some would hope for, it gives you everything you need to start working on your ability to bob-and-weave with total confidence.

So, why not take the stress and the challenge out of boxing with pace by increasing your speed using this speed bag? It’s designed exactly for that purpose, so try it out!

Great for improving agility.Perhaps too short for some.
Designed for efficient workouts. 
Quick, easy to set up. 

7. Bitffuu Boxing Bag and Gloves Set

Bitffuu Boxing Bag and Gloves Set
amazon uk

If your main aim is to get a proper start as a boxer, including with good quality bags, gloves, and wraps, you should look here. This is a solid boxing bag with gloves that gives you plenty of space to work around the bag, using its lean profile to ensure you never feel too crammed or limited in terms of space to move around. In the package, you will get the bag, the chain, an expansion hook if needed, and also a pair of gloves with some wraps. These help to give your hands even more protection during combinations.

If you are worried about hurting your hands, though, this is made from a high quality oxford material. This means that it can be great for avoiding abrasions and pains in your hand and is also free from the risk of being damaged or ‘exploding’. A high quality choice for those who need a bag that can be filled up with ease, and that you can fill it up using just about anything that you would feel comfortable punching.

The overall standard of design is quite impressive, and the internal filling is designed to absorb plenty of punishment. It should not need filled up again for a long time after you fill it up the first time. however, it does not come with any filler included which some sets can do. Overall, though, it is a great pick for anyone who wants to get a solid starting point regarding their boxing experience.

By giving you everything you need to ensure you can box comfortably, this removes much of the challenge in finding a way to get better without having to worry about using low-quality equipment.

Made from abrasion-free materials.Does not come with filling.
Gloves and wraps feels excellent. 
Simple, easy to set-up design. 

8. RDX 4-Piece Punching Bag Set

RDX 4-Piece Punching Bag Set
amazon uk

If you are trying to find a good deal that is going to provide excellent value for money, then buy this RDX punch bag set. It gives you the bag, the bracket, the chain, and the gloves. This improves your ability to have fun with the bag, but it also gives you a way to ensure you can hang it at the heigh you feel most comfortable dealing with. Easily filled up, too, you could have this set-up within a couple hours of arrival.

The top quality design and the strength of the punching bag overall ensures that it can take plenty of hits without any loss of quality. The 4ft and 5ft options can take plenty of padding, too, so you should have nothing to worry about regarding their durability over time. The gloves included do a good job of keeping your hands plenty protected from any lasting damage or discomfort, so you should have no problem at all in getting this punch bag working to your advantage.

RDX are known throughout the boxing industry as passionate developers who have a keen eye for quality. While this bag does nothing to really change the way you box, it does offer a brilliant introduction to the sport for newbies. This bag is a good beginner’s option as it just packs in the basics. If you are already a proficient boxer and feel like you need a bit more effort in the exercise department, though, you might wish to take a look at something else.

While this gives you everything you need, it does lack the extra fitness tools that can make it even easier to get into the prime boxing shape you intend.

Provides bag, chain, and gloves.No extra fitness aides provided.
Useful for getting started today. 

9. ONEX 4ft Punch Bag Set

ONEX 4ft Punch Bag Set
amazon uk

If your main aim is to find a punching bag set that you can use outside, this ONEX option is a high-value bet in the right place. This is a good quality choice as it is a twinned-layer boxing bag that has been designed to be waterproof. The bag is easy to hit into and keep using again and again, giving you a waterproof solution that is durable and easy enough to use for beginners.

However, the one major cause for concerns is the gloves included. Despite coming with a gel foam padding, they simply do not offer the same all-around protection you get with other gloves. Mis-hit the bag with these on, and you are quite likely to hurt your thumb and/or stave your finger(s). So, while these do provide you with a solid enough pair of gloves, the lack of all-around hand and finger protection makes them doubtful in terms of their suitability to your needs.

This is a good choice for anyone who wants to get an easy to fill-up bag, though, with the zip top making sure you can fill it up without any real issue. The strong and durable chains and D-shackle can take plenty of weight, too, so you can fill this to the level you feel most comfortable boxing with.

While the gloves are by no means the best, the bag itself is a great standard. The fitting instructions are great, too, making it nice and easy for you to ensure that you aren’t going to be due any nasty surprises if that bag happens to come loose. Stability is everything, and this ONEX bag offers stability in abundance.

Solid, comfortable punch bag.Gloves are not the best.
Great set-up instructions provided. 
4ft bag, great for most boxers. 

10. ONEX Training Punch Bag Set

ONEX Training Punch Bag Set
amazon uk

When you intend to buy a punch bag set that comes with plenty of quality, then ONEX is a brand you can trust. This 3ft boxing bag might lack the size and stature some like, but it can be used by just about anyone trying to work on their boxing game. It is a solid boxing bag that comes with the bracket you need to install it and get it ready to work with. At the same time, it even gives you some nice little extras like hand/wrist workout tools and skipping ropes.

Add in the fact you get both wraps and gloves, and this can be a punching bag set that is suitable for the vast majority of boxers. On top of that, it comes in various colours so you can easily choose something that matches the overall aesthetic of the rest of your gym. The chain is made to be durable enough that it can take this bag at maximum weight, too, which can be a big load off of your mind.

If you want to make sure you can get the bag to stand up there as effectively as possible, you should look for a punching bag set with a durable bracket. This high quality bracket is designed to easily attach to the D-shackle included, making sure that it can work out exactly as you would have hoped for and intended.

You even get a nice 9ft skipping rope. When paired with the protective layers for the hands and knuckles, this makes boxing not only more enjoyable but also safer. So, why not make sure you buy something worth the investment with this tremendous value option?

Delivers a great range of fitness aides.3ft bag; not big enough for some.
Excellent value for money. 
Great quality of durable content. 

Punch Bag Set Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about what to buy? Then you might find that some of these FAQs about buying punch bag sets could be useful for you.

What Material Should a Punch Bag be?

Typically, you want something made from leather if you are willing to shell out a little extra. Leather is the ‘real’ choice, as it often feels great to hit, is durable, and is long lasting. It is also easy to keep in pristine condition. However, those on a budget might wish to go for something else, like a faux leather or a canvas material.

Should I Always Look to Buy a Punch Bag Set?

It depends on what you have, really. If you already have workout equipment like skipping ropes and the like, you might not need a set. Factor in the kind of needs you have before you do anything else and look at what you have versus what each set offers.

Can I Buy a Punch Bag Without The Extras?

Yes, you will be able to find punch bags online that can be bought without the use of extra equipment and additions. However, you should never worry about this too much; if you are starting out, it is better to buy a high-value set as opposed to buying everything individually.

Do I Need The Extra Equipment in a Punch Bag Set?

While you don’t need it, each set recommended gives you some pretty useful little extras. This can include things like boxing gloves, skipping ropes, punch bag brackets, and various other little tools that can make getting started a little easier.

Should I Buy a Punch Bag Online or Order it in Person?

You can easily buy a punch bag set online today; you get all of the same details provided, and you should have no problem in selecting the kind of bag you want/need based on the facts given to you by the product description.

Buying a Punch Bag Set in 2022 Just Became a Little Easier

If you are intent on buying something like a punch bag set, then it would be wise to follow the above listing of products. Alongside the above FAQ, you should now have a better idea of what you are looking for when it comes to buying a boxing bag set.

With so many sets and styles to think about, we have tried to give you every idea that we can. This includes a variety of products which should easily change up how you go about shopping. From full-on punch bag sets that would not look out of place in a gym to impressive punch bag sets for speed ball users, you can get all of the support that you need to get things done quickly and easily.

A punch bag set can be just what you are looking for if you are trying to build a little gym of your own. Using the information and details that we have listed for you above; it should be easier for you to build a punch bag section in your gym. What option, then, will you go for?

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