8 Best Desktop Punch Bag in UK for 2022

Whether you are used to working from home or the COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home the norm for you, life can be tough. Being stuck indoors all day is not something that many of us enjoy. Even if you are someone who enjoys a more relaxed lifestyle, being quite as sedentary as you are today is not a positive. That’s why you might find that life sitting at your desk is beginning to cause more problems than it solves. It’s also why investing in a desktop punch bag might make a wise investment.

What is a desktop punch bag, you ask? Put simply, it’s a little attachable punching bag that you should have no problem fitting to your desk. It should be easily attachable to the desk and it should stay in place even if you deliver an almighty haymaker. Generally, such an item should make it easier for you to stay boxing strong even when you are simply sitting at the desk sending e-mails.

Whatever reason you have in mind for buying a mini punching bag, though, you should consider making the investment. Such a device offers you a way to stay fit that is:

  • Convenient, placed more or less right next to your desk.
  • Easy to fit, taking up as little room as is possible.
  • Reliable, giving you a good way to get back into boxing shape.
  • Accessible, helping you to get some fitness done without standing up.
  • Useful, ensuring you always have a way to get some stress out of your system.

What Matters When Buying a Mini Punch Bag?

Mini Punch Bag

If you wish to go ahead and buy a quality punching bag, you have quite a lot of ways to make sure you do so correctly. However, if you are here for a simple list of the best desktop punch bag options in 2022, then you can cut down to our ‘Find the best desktop punch bag in 2022’ section. In there, you will find a list of some great little mini punching bags that you can use to de-stress yourself in short time.

Before you do that, though, we recommend you look to focus on the following factors when buying a mini punch bag:

The Cost

First off, make sure you are happy with the price; price varies depending on size and function, but you should always factor in the price. Typically, these mini punching bags can cost anything from as little as £10 to into the £25+ mark. You should try and set a budget based on how much you think you would be willing to spend.

The Weight

Factor in, too, the importance of getting something that is heavy enough to be hit without sending it flying. At the same time, is it going to be heavy enough that it might cause a bend or a snap in your desk? These small but important factors should really be focused on if you want to get the best value for your money that you can.

The Size

Remember, this is called a mini punch bag for a reason; it should take up a fraction of the space that you have at your desk. The size should be relative to the desk. You should be looking for something that you can have at the side of you so that it never gets in the way of your working day or inhibits your ability to get the job done as expected.

The Material

You also want to buy a small punch bag that can take a punch without fraying and/or snapping. This means buying something made from leather, PU leather, or canvas. Materials matter, too, as those desktop punch bags that last for many years are often made from durable materials. Don’t buy second-rate material, as it will need replaced quicker.

The Height

This is more personal but try to find something that is within a range for you to throw a punch without having to stand up or move around too much. Typically, you want to be able to throw down whilst keeping a straight back and staying in position in your chair. If you find that you need to keep adjusting just to throw a punch, it is probably the wrong height.

The Spring

A good quality desktop boxing bag will bounce into place after a hard hit thanks to the use of a quality, sturdy spring. Keep that in mind before moving forward. The spring is a major part of any boxing solution, and you should focus heavily on getting a spring that can provide consistency. Poor springs bounce in all directions; good springs bounce in the right direction!

The Style

Some desktop punching bags attach to the desk; others wrap around your head; make sure you buy a mini punch bag that is of the correct style for you personally. Lastly, try and focus on the style of the mini punch bag. Does it look right for you? Some, for example, might prefer a speed ball attached to the ceiling, or even a reflex ball attached around their head.

Is a Mini Punch Bag Right for me?

Of course, while nobody has the ‘true’ answer to this, as it is a personal query, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you someone who finds themselves getting stressed out in the workplace a lot?
  • Have you found that you no longer enjoy work due to high levels of pressure & stress?
  • Is your life so busy that you find it hard to locate proper time for exercise and training?
  • Have you reached a point where you wish you could simply release some anger?
  • Are you failing to find a way that allows you to release said anger without uncertainty?
  • Do you wish you could simply release a bit of stress every day when things get tough?
  • Were you ever willing to take up boxing classes, but failed to find the time to do so?

If you find that any of the above issues exist, then you might wish to take the time to really look after yourself accordingly. This means taking the time to look at the mini punch bags very quickly on the market today. Trust us; having a little punch bag to round upon every day can be great for all of the above.

Find The Best Desktop Punch Bag in 2022

Now that you want to start looking for a quality mini punch bag, we want to help you make the process a little easier. To do that, we have rounded up what we believe to be eight of the best desktop punch bags in 2022. Pick these up today, and you can get something that ensures you can keep on swinging with total confidence and comfort – all from your seat!

So, what are some of the finest desktop punch bags in 2022 for you to think about investing in? What models are worth the cost of investment?

1. Glacial Desktop Punching Bag

Glacial Desktop Punching Bag
amazon uk

If your starting point in buying a desktop punch bag is to buy something that is secure, start here. This comes with arguably the best rebounding mechanism and the strongest base that you are likely to find for a modern punch bag. This mini punch bag works well because it’s so easy to set-up and could be easily included in your office space without taking up too much room. If your desk is cluttered, this won’t add much more headaches!

It can easily relieve stress in a short period of time, helping you to work off some of that steam just by laying off a few combinations. It’s made from high quality PU leather, too, so you know that the ball is made to be both durable and resistant to wear and tear. It should also bounce back into position with each hit, too, as the rebound is among the best that we have seen on a mini punch bag.

Should you feel like you need a tough bag, this is a good starting place. it will be capable of lasting for years so long as you are not reckless with how you hit the bag. Like any other desktop punch bag, this can only take so many hits at maximum power before it will likely move from its position. so long as you know that and take some kind of precaution and care, though, you should have no problem at all in getting the most out of this punching bag for desktops by Glacial.

Care and consistency is everything, and this little mini punching bag offers you a happy little abundance of both, making it very much worth the money you’d spend.

Brilliant, authentic rebounding.Takes a little long to set-up.
Excellent, secure protective base. 
Easy to inflate and re-inflate. 

2. CozybombB Desktop Boxing Bag

CozybombB Desktop Boxing Bag
amazon uk

If you find it hard to buy a boxing bag for desktops, then this is a good little place to start. It’s simple, affordable, and should be useful for everyone from school kids to office professionals. Set-up in a minute or so, this is very easy to work with and comes with a suction system that should keep it stuck down in place. as ever, though, just make sure that you are not too aggressive with your hits; this is only held down with suction, not with screws, so you could still knock it clean off the desk with enough force.

This is a professional standard boxing bag that can give you quite a lot of useful ways to get better at boxing. It comes with all of the features that you need to assemble the bag quickly, so you should get this up and running quicker than arguably any other on the list.

The downside would arguably stem from the fact that this does not have the same standard of outside padding as some of the other options on this list. If you are just using this during working hours as a little stress relief aide, though, you should have no problem at all in making sure that you see a high return on your value investment. Typically, when cared for, this could still be made to last for a long time to come.

Given the price, this is one of the more affordable models on our list. If you are looking for something all-encompassing, this does a fine job of giving you a starting place. The material could be improved, but other than that this ticks most other boxes available.

Designed to last long-term.Ball material is not as good as other options.
Easy, quick to set-up. 
Useful for improving punch speeds. 

3. iTrend Street Buster Boxing Bag

iTrend Street Buster Boxing Bag
amazon uk

If your sole aim to come up with a boxing bag for the desk is to find something easy to hit around, start here. Although the suction system is nowhere near as impressive as screw-in options, it should be good enough for most kids to hit without sending flying. The main challenge with a punch bag for desktops is that it needs to take a lot of hits without going flying. This, though, is probably not the punch bag for that purpose. Instead, this is arguably a bag that is more aimed at kids thanks to the fact that it moves with such ease when hit.

The spring is strong enough to ensure it bounces back into position, but the suction can quickly lose a fair amount of its strength. That is why you might not want to expect this to be a desktop punching bag for adults. Give this to kids, though, and they should be strong enough to move it without sending it flying off the desk. This should easily spring back into place on any wooden, plastic, and/or metal desktop surface. The best thing to do is to make sure it is still properly stuck down after every blow that you land.

This boxing bag is a wonderful choice; something that you can easily use to your advantage if you just want an easily assembled, reliable little stress relief tool. If you want something you can actually box on at the desk, though? This might not have the kind of durability that you would have been hoping for.

Generally, though, it’s an awesome novelty for kids and something you can use for some light stress relief on a tough day at work.

Perfect for relieving stress.Lacks durability and ‘heft’ of other models.
Weighs just 370g.Suction system, not perfect
Suitable for kids, too! 

4. ZYEZI Desktop Punching Bag

ZYEZI Desktop Punching Bag
amazon uk

If the aim is to buy a desktop punching bag that can move around with ease when hit, then you should take a look at this particular model. It is a good quality punching bag that has no problem with absorbing hits that are landed on the exterior. The strong material is impressive, but we do have to say that the set-up process – as easy as it is – can be delayed thanks to the mediocre pump provided. Many of the other options we have recommended come with a more consistent, easy-to-use punching bag.

Heavy duty quality and consistency is everything, and this bag uses a good enough spring to make sure it always pops right back up into position. The durable PU leather on the exterior also allows it to take plenty of hits and punishment without snapping or otherwise breaking. If your main aim is to find a punching bag that can take a fair amount of damage, then this is a good place to start.

However, please note that if you are above 6” in height then you might have to stoop a bit, even in the chair, to hit this properly. It’s quite small by comparison to other models on the market, so it can become a bit of a challenge to hit fairly for taller boxers. The quality of the bag, though, does make it useful for just about any shorter-to-average height boxer who is looking for a quality punching bag to work out with.

So, why not take a look for yourself and see why this punching bag might be worth persevering with?

Perfect for all ages.Perhaps a little small for taller boxers.
Heavy duty PU leather bag.Pump provided can be inconsistent.
Easy to fill-up and use. 
Great quality spring action. 

5. OOTO Desktop Reflex Ball

OOTO Desktop Reflex Ball
amazon uk

Unless you happen to be stuffed into a little workplace cubicle, you might find that this reflex ball is a great starting place. even with a bit of room in front of you, or a chair that can swivel into space, you can use this reflex ball with ease. Attach it to your head and simply hit the combinations that you can, chasing the ball around and hitting it with confidence and accuracy.

If you work in IT, this can be great for improving hand agility and increasing hand-to-eye co-ordination. This will quickly give you a bit of extra belief when it comes to landing hits on the ball, but it will also play a role in improving your general confidence and accuracy when it comes to hitting a ball. That’s why we highly recommend that you add the reflex ball to your list of useful boxing bags for desk usage. This can easily be hit without much issue, and should provide a fun, satisfying way for you to work on your skills.

Even if you just want to build up some stress relief, being able to release into a frenzy as you try to hit this reflex ball can be a whole lot of fun. Try it out for yourself when you get a chance, and you will soon see why so many people might wish to try and use a reflex ball to their advantage.

It might not be the same as the other options on our list, but we believe that it does every bit as good a job for improving your accuracy. Indeed, for those without space for a ‘proper’ bag, this head-attached option offers a useful and reliable space saving alternative.

Great for at-your-desk workouts.Challenging to use in cubicles.
Perfect for hand-to-eye co-ordination. 
Comes with various weight types. 

6. AQF Leather Speed Ball

AQF Leather Speed Ball
amazon uk

If your aim is to find a more ‘proper’ desktop punch bag, then you might wish to look into buying this leather speed ball from AQF. It’s the ideal mini punch bag in that it forces you to get used to landing fast, regular strikes. Instead of using this as a way to punch out your frustrations at customers/CEOs, use this to help build up hand speed and agility. If you work in IT, watch your words-per-minutes ratio improve!

However, where this is let down as a desktop punch bag is the fact it A) has to hang from above and B) needs to be screwed into position. Unless you own the company, you’d need a pretty benevolent boss to let you start drilling punch bags into the room. If you do get permission, though, this speed ball is probably the most professional option on our list.

So, be sure to take a look at this if you are trying to find something that is a little bit easier to work with in general. On top of that, it allows for some actual, proper boxing training as you go to town on the speed bag during your afternoon break. A great way to build up boxing flow and skill on a product that is meant for more than stress relief.

So long as you get the A-OK from your boss, this might be the best option on the entire list for those who want to find a ‘proper’ boxing bag. It’s more akin to the real thing than many other options and would make an excellent lunch time training ally.

Easily fits above your desk.Needs to be screwed into place.
Great for ‘proper’ mid-work training.Perhaps not ideal for the office.
Quality design and structure overall. 
Designed to improve hand agility. 

7. Lahomie Desktop Mini Punching Bag

Lahomie Desktop Mini Punching Bag
amazon uk

For the price that you would pay for this little punching bag, you actually get a pretty solid little deal. This works extremely well as it is so easy to work with, so generally durable, and typically useful for anyone who is on the lookout for something a little bit different from the normal punching bag options. made using a quality PU surface, this is capable of taking a good few hits whilst also protecting the hand from injury.

However, don’t expect this to take a proper professional haymaker; the suction is only so strong and therefore cannot stay stuck down indefinitely. Indeed, the suction is the weakest part of the deal; over time, this will gradually begin to lift back up. At first, though, this does offer a solid enough option that should be able to easily take the hits that you dish out.

In terms of stress relief, this works extremely well. It arrives with the pump needed for filling up the ball itself, too, making sure you can get it filled-up nice and fast. Overall? A pretty solid choice for most people. It would make a lot of sense for buyers who want something that can be set-up and moved around continuously. Again, though, the limited durability means this cannot take a high quality barrage of hits.

Instead, try and be quite focused and measured with how you attack. It is more likely to wind up with a punching bag that can take the hits that you dish out. Overall, the powerful spring and the quality surface allied to the easy set-up makes this a pretty good choice. The lack of proper suction is disappointing, but not a deal-breaker.

Sticks upwards or downwards.Cannot take extreme pressure.
Durable, PU leather surface.Suction wears down over time.
Comes with everything needed. 

8. Basisgo Football Desktop Punch Bag

Basisgo Football Desktop Punch Bag
amazon uk

Quality always counts when buying a punch bag, and this little football desktop punching bag is a fine starting place. It’s a good overall option; a useful stress relief option that you can work with from your desk without any challenges.

On top of that, it’s really easy to set-up. Take it out the box and you can get this thing stuck down and ready to be used within a few minutes. Just don’t expect this to be able to take a full boxing session or the punch of a proper boxing pro; this is a novelty first and a training companion second.

While it is surprisingly durable what it is, don’t expect this mini punching bag to be able to take round after round of haymaker punches. It is a good stress relief aid and can get set up at home or in the workplace pretty quickly. Overall, it’s a good little final option to think about from our list of products.

Shaped like a football!Not strong enough for ‘proper’ boxing.
Quick and easy set-up. 
Great for stress relief. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need to Screw This to my Desk?

It depends on what model you buy. Some will attach just fine; others will attach using screws or bolts. It just depends on the individual product, really!

What Materials are Best for a Desktop Punch Bag?

As mentioned before, anything durable that can take a hit such as leather, PU leather, or canvas should be a good starting place for you to consider.

Where Can I Buy a Desktop Boxing Bag?

Be sure to take a look at the suggestions we have listed above; each are available online to order and should arrive ASAP.

Is a Desktop Boxing Bag Good for Stress Relief?

Oh very much so. If you were to use a boxing bag for this purpose, we are almost certain that you will feel better in a short space of time.

Should I Wear Boxing Gloves When Using a Mini Punch Bag?

Most are made using a level of solidity and the like that you can probably avoid gloves. For any more than a few short sessions, though, you should cover-up your hands.

Can a Mini Punch Bag Help me to Become a Better Boxer?

Yup! You will get used to hitting a smaller target. If you have ever played football, it’s like using a smaller ball, like a tennis ball or a futsal ball, then returning to the real thing; you’ll find it much easier to hit!

Can I Use my Mini Punching Bag in The Office?

Sorry, you would need to ask your boss! Every company is different. Having a little office punch bag, though, could be a good way to get some stress out of the system, don’t you agree?

Buying a Mini Punch Bag

Now that you know what matters when it comes to making this investment, we highly recommend you look to make a purchase today. A miniscule punching bag might seem odd, or it might even appear a daft novelty. As soon as you try one out, though, you will see why these have so many reviews online!

What might start out as a silly prank purchase can become an excellent way to keep yourself physically fit, mentally on-top, and generally feeling better about life. So, if you intend to go about buying a mini punching bag, you should consider buying from the above list.

Happy hitting – just avoid missing and hitting your boss!

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