15 Best junior FreeStanding Punch Bag in UK for 2022

For anyone who is passionate about boxing, one of the biggest challenges you can find is buying the right training tools. First off, you need a good quality punch bag to get you training at home. You can do all of the skipping that you want, and you can hit the gloves of another trainee all you like, but it is simply not enough to make you a better boxer.

If you want to really become the best boxer that you can, then you need a punch bag. And ideally, you want to buy a freestanding punch bag. With so many options on the market, though, you might not be sure where to start. What, for example, should you look out for if you want to buy a junior freestanding punch bag?

This can be a surprisingly tough purchase to make if you are not sure what to look out for. In a bid to help you along, here are some tips for things to look out for when buying a kids free standing punch bag. This might help you make the purchase a bit easier to go through with, and at the very least it might assist you when it comes to buying a bag.

Still looking to find a bag to buy, though?

Don’t worry about a thing. We have put together a useful list of the best junior freestanding punch bag options on the market today below. Take a look at this list, and you will find the best 15 free standing punching bags for kids and junior learners.

Why Should I Buy a Junior FreeStanding Punch Bag?

Why Should I Buy a Junior FreeStanding Punch Bag?

Of course, we understand that you might feel somewhat apprehensive about what to buy here. We understand that buying a punch bag can be a tough thing to get right, which is why we highly recommend you look to try and buy a model based on the information that we can provide here.

Why, though, should you look to buy something like a kids freestanding punch bag? What benefits can it provide to a young and ambitious boxer?

Greater Control Over Accuracy

The main benefit of having a freestanding punch bag is that a child can keep on hitting the bag without having to worry about collateral damage. With a ceiling-primed bag, you might have an issue with the bag either swinging too much and/or cracking the ceiling due to the weight demands.

However, you could enjoy a greater sense of control when you get used to working with a freestanding punch bag. For younger fighters, too, that on-the-ground style is a bit easier for them to reach when it comes to pulling off body-to-head combinations moving forward.

A More Authentic Experience

For many boxers, the ceiling-attached punch bags can feel a bit lacking in authenticity. When you land a blow on one, it won’t move anything like a real body would. Hit a freestanding punch bag, though, and it will bob and weave naturally with the flow of the punch. This makes it much easier for you to get used to landing blows and making sure that the shots you throw carry the same kind of charisma that you wanted.

For a young boxer, getting to grips with this part of the training is essential. The more they can get used to how a body would react to a punch, the easier it becomes for any young boxer to grasp the challenge. You will find this to be immensely rewarding, with the experience giving a youngster the chance to hone their skills and understand how bodies react to blows.

Great for HIIT Training

If you are trying to get a youngster used to the demands of training, then you want to push them through High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. This kind of punch bag is great for such training, keeping them moving on their feet and landing blows in time with the commands that are given to them by an instructor.

For those who are looking for a way to properly engage a young boxer in the boxing process, you need to get them used to high intensity bouts that wear their body out. Freestanding punch bags make that easier.

Very Easy to Set-Up

Whether setting up in a gym or at home, you want a freestanding punch bag to be easily moved around. While they are often filled with water and/or sand, many will simply use suction cups or inflation to keep it in place. This is why many boxers love the junior freestanding options; they are much easier to set up, making sure that they bob and weave properly whilst being easy to put away when done.

For those who are short on space or cannot have the dummy available all-day, ease of set-up and removal is very important.

A More Cohesive Workout

Another benefit, though, stems from the fact that a freestanding punch bag for kids will force them to be on their feet more. With a normal bag, it is easy to stay in the same spot and just repeat the same combination over and over with no change in the flow of the bg.

As such, you should keep in mind that many people choose free standing bags because they allow yo to move around the bag easier. This means that you can keep on laying on the workout, ensuring that you work out the legs, arms, and your stamina all at once.

Target Practice

The other major benefit of many free standing punch bags for juniors is their ability to give targets for combination practice. This means that as the instructor you just need to stand and shout out a number, and the youngster must land the shot accurately on the numbered spot. This is a great way to help a young boxer improve and grow when it comes to their accuracy, their ability to flex new combinations, and their ability to just keep fighting with consistency.

If you want a bag that makes it easier for a child to get unique with their combinations, get a freestanding punch bag option.

Buying The Best FreeStanding Punch Bag for Kids

So, with a whole lot to think about when it comes to buying punch bags, we know that you might be confused about what really matters here. In a bid to make your life a bit easier, we have thrown together a list of excellent free standing punching bags for children.

To get you started on looking around at the right options for your budget and your needs, here are some of the most recommended options that you will find in the United Kingdom today, as well as a short appraisal from us.

1. Viper Free Standing Punch Bag

Viper Free Standing Punch Bag
amazon uk

When you are looking for a quality bag that can take ample punishment then you should start here. It is a suitable choice for any child aged 3+, so you should definitely have this cost-effective option on your list. At the time of writing, it is one of the most highly rated and most well-priced options on the freestanding punch bag market.

The durability of the bag is hard to dispute, with the extra-wide base making sure that youngsters can punch and kick to their hearts content without knocking the thing over. The total height of around 118cm should be more than enough for a youngster to enjoy using, while it should give taller teens a lower down target to focus on.

It’s a great choice, and simply needs filled with sand to give it the expected durability and balance.

2. Viper Red Punch Bag

Viper Red Punch Bag
amazon uk

This is quite similar to the above option, but it comes in a bombastic red colouring that makes it stand out immediately. The red and yellow colour combinations, and the fact that it comes with a free pair of Viper brand kids boxing gloves, might make this a better choice for some people who are looking to make a purchase.

This is a good quality punch bag that can take plenty of punishment, and again gives a height of around 118cm when it is filled to the top. The 4cm pipe allows for you to easily adjust the bag height, too, so that smaller users can still enjoy taking part when the bar is set to a lower level.

You can also be sure that anyone aged 4-12 could use this junior free standing punch bag and get a lot of value out of it for the long-term.

3. Nabalance Inflatable Junior Boxing Tower

Nabalance Inflatable Junior Boxing Tower
amazon uk

This particular punch bag comes very highly rated purely because it has such a durability to the bottom of the bag. You need a bag that you know your kids can use time and time again, and this is definitely a bag that can take plenty of punishment. It’s made using durable, sturdy PVC materials yet remains durable and easily portable for the long-term.

It’s great for those who want to try and improve on their ability to keep the attacks flowing, too, as this bounces right back into position with each hit. The punch bag itself has three parts, and it can be filled with a weighted substance like water to add even more durability than beforehand.

Typically, this is great for working on combinations, focusing on variety from body to head punches, and keeping the flow going in a combination. An excellent, well-priced option that you should definitely consider closer.

4. Viper VPR-6 Boxing Bag

Viper VPR-6 Boxing Bag
amazon uk

Viper are quite the name when it comes to kids boxing options, especially kids free standing punch bags, and the VPR-6 should be high up on your list. This is a very easy to use little system that comes with gloves and skipping ropes, so you can get anyone aged 3 and above working on their boxing skills in a quick and easy way.

If you are looking for a solid boxing bag that does not need any water or sand, thus making it easier to use on-demand, then this is what you are looking for. You simply us the suckers that are provided to help glue this down to the floor and then use it for the boxing event that you have in mind. A solid, reliable option that should absolutely do the job that you need in terms of making sure practice is perfected.

5. Denny International Boxing Balloon

Denny International Boxing Balloon
amazon uk

If you are looking for a kids free standing boxing bag that is not going to be a full body size, then go for this. This gives you the simple balloon to focus on hitting and can be easily adjusted to suit with your own personal needs. The base is a shock-absorbing steel base, and this gives amateur and budding professional juniors a punch bag that they can practice on all day.

The high tension spring that is attached to the base means that even a traditional haymaker should not send this sprawling. The speed ball set that is provided also gives you a great way to focus on landing more punches as opposed to trying to become a powerhouse. The addition of extras like gloves, as well as a hand pump for easy ball pumping, makes sure you get a solid all-in-one package.

6. Viper Speed Ball

Viper Speed Ball
amazon uk

On the lookout for a boxing bag that you can use for focusing on head-height punching? Then you need this speed ball. Capable of reaching heights of 120-150cm, this should give kids into their teens an easy way to get speed punching and improving their rapid delivery of hits. For many boxers, the problem isn’t swinging a punch but swinging enough punches to take control of a doubt.

This training punch ball, then, gives you an adjustable pole that can take a hell of a beating. Simply focus on landing numerous blows and combination styles and you should soon start to find that landing shots becomes quicker, simpler, and easier. The Viper Speed Ball is a top quality option for those who want something that can take punishment but is mostly aimed at improving punch delivery speeds and combination outlay as opposed to finding something for body blow practices.

7. LEOHOME Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag

LEOHOME Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag
amazon uk

If you are trying to find a quality punching bag for kids that can stand on its own, then be sure to look at this model. The LEOHOME model has become very popular with many boxers as it can take a real beating, and the fact it can reach heights of 5.2ft means that any kid can enjoy using this until they reach a semi-adult height.

For that reason, this is one of the best junior freestanding punch bags on the market today. It can take a real set of punishment, and the bag itself is designed to be able to give you as much as 160cm in height so it can be good for practicing head punches, combinations, body blows, and various other techniques that you might feel like your warrior has to work on. A solid, all-around option that’s affordable.

8. M.A.R Junior Free Standing Punch Bag

M.A.R Junior Free Standing Punch Bag
amazon uk

When you need a punch bag that gives you a really good feel when you land hits, start with this very popular brand. The solution for those who want to improve hand-to-eye co-ordination and make it easier to unload varied combinations, the M.A.R junior free standing punch bag is a must-own for anyone. It is a good solid choice, and comes with a very secure and solid base that should give you the suction that you need.

Simply apply to a solid floor and this should stay in place no matter how hard you hit the bag. The durable materials ensure that landing blows feels good and that your knuckles are never going to feel too bruised, even after a prolonged training regime. Definitely a good workout companion and great for those who are limited with space and need something that is easily put away.

9. AILUOR Fitness and Junior Punch Bag

AILUOR Fitness and Junior Punch Bag
amazon uk

While this bag definitely lacks the durability of some other options in our list, it is an excellent choice of product if you are looking for something very easy to put together. The height of 160cm makes it a good h height for most juniors, kids, and teenagers. It also gives you an easy to use boxing bag that can be set up in a few short minutes.

The PVC Duratec material used allows for this to take plenty of kicks and punches without showing any signs of wear and tear. Simply inflate up the bag as asked and you can then keep on unloading punch after punch. Need more stability? You can simply add some sand or water into the bottom for extra stability overall.

10. Kitchexus Inflatable Free Standing Boxing Bag

Kitchexus Inflatable Free Standing Boxing Bag
amazon uk

Want a junior freestanding punch bag that can take plenty of punishment? Then something like this 160cm bag from Kitchnexus might make some sense. With a 30cm diameter and a 25mm PVC covering, this inflatable punch bag can take a whopping amount of punishment. Suitable for kids aged 6 and above right up to their early adult years. Use the free pump include to inflate the bag up for extra strength and durability.

Great for improving combination times and flow, as you have numerous targets to try and hit as you go about the boxing process. The rugged vinyl can also take plenty of kicks and punches, and will continually spring back up for more. You would have to tour the world to find a boxer who could take the kind of punishment that this bag is designed for; an excellent solution for combination practice.

11. QEPOL Heavy Punch Bag

QEPOL Heavy Punch Bag
amazon uk

Out of all the options on our list, we think this might be the product with the most overall durability and strength. As you lay into this particular bag, you will notice that it can take a lot of punishment. The height of around 160cm also makes it good for juniors who are learning, and those who want a kids free standing punch bag that can take a lot of individual hits.

The use of 25mm PVC Duratec materials again allows for a lot of damage to be done without loss of form and/or composure. It can be used for combination tryouts, for those who are new to things like boxing and kickboxing, or even just for blowing off some steam.

The inflatable nature also means that you can use this for training time and time again without long setup times. If you need more balance, simply add some sand to the base!

12. LEOHOME Boom Bag

amazon uk

If you want a bombastic punch bag that could excite a youngster who has never boxed before, pick this one up. It’s great for just about kind of material art, but the 125cm height makes it great for juniros and toddlers who have never fought before. We recommend this one for total newbies and for gym owners who are looking for a tool to add to the gym that is going to excite the youngsters.

This bag comes with a really colourful design and it definitely carries the kind of durability that one would demand of a modern punching bag. The size makes it ideal for children aged 3+ and it should be great for those who want a punching bag that they can inflate and deflate at their leisure. Definitely among the best bags for those who are new to combat sport.

13. ONEX Multi-Target Junior Free Standing Punchbag

ONEX Multi-Target Junior Free Standing Punchbag
amazon uk

For kids who are enjoying boxing but need a bit more direction in their fighting, you need a bag with designs on it to initiate combinations. This bag from ONEX does that and more, giving you a highly shock absorbent bag that stands at just 100cm. This makes it good for total newbies who need a bit of help in remembering to change up their combinations. Simply stand and watch the child box away and call out the number you wish them to aim for!

A great training tool that can make sure kids have a great place to train and to build up their boxing skills. Tremendous for hand-to-eye co-ordination improvement whilst giving you a junior freestanding boxing bag that can stay in one place even after a full flurry and combination.

Definitely an option to look at for any young boxer!

14. Century BOB Free Standing Punch Dummy

Century BOB Free Standing Punch Dummy
amazon uk

If you want to buy a solution that could be suitable for everyone in the house or the gym, start with this model. This design by Century stands at a more imposing height than most junior free standing punchbags, but it will be able to give the child a far more refined boxing experience. Perhaps most suitable for a child who is taller than their average contemporary, this gives a boxing model that comes with a real human body attached to the top.

This makes it much easier for a child to get used to hitting key parts of the body. Many kids struggle with the idea of converting a combination on the big to hitting the more lithe shape of a human body. This all-purpose combat sport boxing dummy gives you all the help that you need for training and honing boxing techniques.

15. Himifuture Junior Punch Bag

Himifuture Junior Punch Bag
amazon uk

Of course, if you are looking for what we believe is the best all-around option on the market then start here. The Himifuture brand gets a lot of positive response, and this excellent, all-around 160cm punch bag makes a great addition to any home or gym. It is simply filled with a free foot air pump so you can keep the bag in the tightness and condition that makes you feel most comfortable.

The excellent pricing makes this a must-buy for most people who are looking for something that is plenty durable and can take more than its fair share of punishment. A great choice of bag that should be able to take plenty of punishment thanks to the impressive PVC material used. This means that it can take blow after blow without losing quality, and the ease of inflation means preparing and then storing this bag is much easier than other models. Overall? It might just be our favourite junior free standing punch bag.

What Will You Buy, Then?

With a lot of thinking to go through, we appreciate that you might find it tough to know what bag to buy. However, the list above should give you a good idea od what matters when buying junior freestanding punch bag options. Take the time to look closely into each bag, work out what makes it good for you, and then decide on the purchase moving forward.

Just be sure to evaluate each bag and make sure it fits the needs that you have in mind, and you’ll get a much better deal for yourself. Good luck, and happy punching!

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