15 Best Boxing Skipping Ropes in UK for 2022

Are you serious about boxing either as an amateur or professional? Then your conditioning becomes essential. To get into the best shape, it is always important to arm yourself with all of the best training equipment and tools that you can. You always need a good variety of items, from boxing punch bags to boxing gloves through to nutrition, hydration, and even the right clothing. Such factors become a major talking point for a young boxer especially: what do you need to become a better boxer?

Well, to become the best you can, you need to take your physical condition seriously. This means taking the time to look closely at your agility as much as your physical power. With that in mind, you need to be quick on your feet and capable of staying balanced on your toes. And the best way to improve this side of your fitness is to engage with boxing skipping ropes.

Skipping ropes are a wise investment because they can do so much to improve the condition of your boxing. You will start to notice a pretty significant change in the way that you move in the ring thanks to the benefits of your added agility.

On top of that, you will also find that you can become a much more confident boxer as you have a much greater natural balance and sense of movement when on your feet. For that reason, investing in some skipping ropes for boxing would be a highly recommended idea.

Such an investment can go a long way to helping you improve as a boxer, but where do you begin?

Read on for some of the best skipping rope recommendations.

What Matters When Buying a Skipping Rope?

What Matters When Buying a Skipping Rope?

Before you go ahead to make a purchase, though, it is always useful to know what benefits having skipping ropes can provide you with. Typically, most people who get into boxing will be looking for skipping ropes to help them out with the factors we describe in ‘Why should I buy skipping ropes for boxing?’ so be sure to read that over.

At the same time, if you are simply here to get recommendations on the best skipping ropes to buy, skip to our section titled ‘What are the best boxing skipping ropes in 2022?’ for all the information you need.

What matters, then, when you are buying a pair of skipping ropes?

  • The Material: First off, you want a material in the rope that is going to be strong enough to last for a long time to come. Make sure you don’t accept something cheap and overly thin; many forms of plastic are used today as opposed to old-school rope. If you are outdoors, avoid classic rope!
  • The Handles: The handles are a big part of using a skipping rope, too, and should be a big part of the decision making process for you. Good quality handles matter because they help to minimise stress on the hands, but also does a good job of reducing discomfort during longer sessions.
  • The Length: You need skipping ropes which are the correct length for you, too. Make sure you evaluate your height and the kind of distance you likely need from head to toe so that you don’t buy skipping ropes for boxing which are too big or too small for you to work with. Size matters in this case!
  • The Durability: Who wants to buy skipping ropes they will need to replace in a year? You want something that is designed to last for a long time to come. Ideally, if you are outdoors, you want something made from steel cable wrapped in vinyl for added outdoors durability.
  • The Features: Make sure that you get the features you are looking for in a pair of jump ropes, too. For example, do you want a length of rope/cord that you are able to adjust? If so, make sure you focus on buying a pair of skipping ropes that add in the feature(s) you are looking for.
  • The Modernity: Lastly, make sure you look into buying skip ropes that suit your needs. Beginners can have fun with some simple rope designs, while more advanced boxers might wish to get used to using skipping ropes that comes with calorie counting tools and the ability to count your reps.

Keep these in mind, and you should find it a bit easier to head out and buy some skipping ropes for boxing. Of course, there are many models on the market to choose from so you need to decide what you think would be the most suitable choice for you personally.

Regardless, you should do yourself a favour and invest in a range of skipping ropes that can tick all of the boxes that you need to start ticking.

Why Should I Buy Skipping Ropes for Boxing?

Why Should I Buy Skipping Ropes For Boxing?

Of course, you have no doubt noticed a lot of boxers using skipping ropes either in media or in person. With that being the case, you might be wondering one thing: why are they using skipping ropes?

And the simple reason is that using a punch bag or hitting the weight room is not enough to be a good boxer. You need agility, you need balance, and you need to be able to move swiftly and confidently on your feet – even after being hit. So, why should you look to use skipping ropes for boxing to solve that issue? What benefits do they provide?

1. Get Better Footwork

The first major benefit of taking part in boxing training using skipping ropes is the improved footwork. Just about every boxer out there will tell you that their main problem was getting on the feet and springing around the ring in unpredictable fashion. Well, with this, you can quickly learn that getting better footwork is a massive benefit of improving footwork.

Boxing is hard enough to get right without having to get used to being flat on your feet. The best boxers can move their feet better and land blows from various angles.

As a boxer, you should be looking to try and improve your physical technique but also your physical balance. By having better footwork, you can bamboozle your opponent whilst making sure you are never planted not leaving yourself open to potential attacks. That is a very useful thing to recognise!

2. Improve your stamina

Another nice boost that you can get from taking part in regular skipping rope training is a change in your physical stamina. You will be far more likely to get a lot of positive work done in the gym simply because skipping is a high intensity exercise. If you can start lasting for longer laps and sessions then you will start to feel the benefit whether you are out for a run, on the bag, or sparring with someone.

Every boxer will find that using skipping ropes helps them to improve their stamina. It also has a positive boost to your breathing, as you can start pulling out better breathing techniques and ensuring you always stay confident and comfortable during the workout. No boxer will receive a negative comeback from choosing to use skiping ropes as part of their training: it can only make you fitter and more agile.

3. Get better boxing balance

Another nice touch that you get from investing your time into boxing training via skipping ropes is the improvement to your balance. By getting used to moving your weight from foot to foot, you will be able to take hits better and land stronger punches. You get used to transferring all of your power into one punch, ensuring that you can keep on moving from foot to foot without any discomfort or loss of balance.

Other boxers often lose fights because they try to be too one-sided and instead focus too much of their strength and balance in the one part of the body. You need to get used to distributing your weight so that you can throw from a more rounded position. As a boxer, skipping rope training can only make you more proficient at this most important part of making you more durable in the ring.

4. Better body coordination

Another positive is that you will start to improve your ability to move hands and feet in co-ordination with one another. Many boxers, especially those who are up the weight categories, can find it hard to make sure they move their bodies and co-ordinate their punches in the correct way. Often, you can find yourself putting too much balance on one area of the body when it could be better separated for a more overall style and balance.

That is why skipping ropes are great; they ensure you get used to mixing weight so that your punches always carry a snap without leaving you likely to tip over. It’s a big part of being a boxer today, and a key skill that you should definitely look to master.

5. Boost explosive strength

Lastly, those who use boxing skipping ropes should find themselves quicker and more agile off the mark. If you want to get good at surprising opponents by exploding into a flurry, then you should definitely look to take part in some boxing rope exercises.

This can go a long way to making sure you can become a more rounded boxer as you can surprise foes, spring off the mark, and land a quick flurry that you couldn’t without the improved balance that skipping ropes provide.

These benefits will, over time, make you a much more rounded boxer and ensure you are much more likely to find success either as an amateur, a hobbyist, or a budding professional.

What are The Best Boxing Skipping Ropes in 2022?

If you wish to make sure that your boxing is as refined as possible, getting skipping ropes to help you along the way is highly recommended. That is why we suggest that if you do want to start making progress that you look to buy one of the following products.

These are, in our view, some of the best boxing skipping ropes to buy in 2022. What, then, are some of the highest recommended products that we can suggest to you to add into your shopping cart?

1. CyberDyer Weighted Jump Ropes

CyberDyer Weighted Jump Ropes
amazon uk

If you are on the lookout for top quality jump ropes that look good and feel good to work with, then we recommend you take a look at this model from CyberDyer. It is an interesting concept; weighted skipping ropes ideal for boxing and other fitness training that does not come with any actual rope.

Indeed, the ropeless nature can take some getting used to for those who are used to the classic style. Once you grasp the style, though, enjoying some weighted skipping can be pretty damn easy.

One thing we really appreciate about these particular ropes is the weighted handles. This adds another level of balance training, which can be very useful for a boxer. Also, they provide you with a length adjustment system so that you can even use these jump ropes when in an otherwise tight or crammed space.

The addition of a wireless design makes sure you never any problems with using these even in tight areas like your office. The weighted nature adds an extra layer of endurance, too, so you can be sure that even when working out in a very compact area that you have ample space to work within when training.

Overall, you will find these do a good job purely on the basis they are so strong and durable. And the weighted nature helps to add a bit of extra difficulty to the training, which can be good for those who feel like they need to step it up a notch when it comes to the challenge of their exercise.

We would recommend these to most people who are just starting out their search for boxing skipping ropes. You could also use these for other exercises, too; they are recommended for Crossfit, for example, but can easily play a positive role in anyone trying to use skipping ropes for boxing.

If you are on the lookout for a quality pair of skipping ropes, then these definitely make a style that you should look to try out for yourself.

Weighted, easy to work with.Ropeless nature can be hard to adjust to.
Great for endurance training. 
Suitable for all ages. 

2. Beast Rope Speed Skipping Ropes

Beast Rope Speed Skipping Ropes
amazon uk

If you want to buy some cheap skipping ropes for boxing, then these make a pretty solid choice overall. They feel good to work with and tend to give you a solid, secure base to work from.

Overall, they make a good choice thanks to the improved conditioning they give you. Since these force you to work quickly and to get used to working to a fast pace, they can be great for building self-belief and confidence in yourself as you go through the skipping experience.

Aimed at those looking to carry out HIIT exercises, these are designed with a flexible steel wire that comes with a protective coating. Now, you can avoid hurting or slashing yourself with the rope. It also uses an interesting ball-bearing system that helps to ensure you can get a rope that spins at a faster rate than most alternative products. The use of an anti-tangle rope is a big addition, too.

Add in the fact it comes with a little storage bag, too, and these are easy for you to carry around with you when going to and from workouts.

Commonly used by boxers as well as those taking part in high intensity interval training, these skipping ropes can make the experience pretty simple. They are a good choice especially if you are looking for a skipping rope that is pretty thin; thicker ropes make it easier to trip.

These, though, are nice and thin so you should have no problem at all in vaulting over one of these. They are comfortable, easy to use, and a good choice when you just want some skipping ropes that you can easily use for day-to-day training.

Great for those who like a faster pace.Hard to find in stock.
High quality, durable skipping ropes. 
Great for various exercises. 

3. Gritin Skipping Ropes

Gritin Skipping Ropes
amazon uk

While taller boxers might find these skipping ropes to be a touch too small for them, the vast majority of boxers can benefit from using these affordable skip ropes. Available for a great price, they make some of the best value for money skipping ropes that you are likely to find on the market today. In terms of their cheapness, though, you don’t need to worry; outside of the somewhat limited length, there is nothing else to worry about here.

The quality is in the handles mostly; high quality, durable, tough memory foam handles. Use these on a regular basis and they will start to form to suit your grip, making sure you can always skip with total comfort knowing that you are holding the handles just as you would have wanted and expected.

The use of an anti-slip design on the handles is very useful, too. Add in the ergonomic shaping, and you can use these for hours without them becoming a burden to hold. They also use a 360-swivel rapid ball bearing that allows for a better spin than you get with many skipping ropes. On top of that, a PVC-coated steel cable is used to help make sure the rope itself lasts for a lot longer.

With adjustable length and anti-slip handles, you get a pretty neat package. Lightweight, effective, and simple to adjust to your exact needs makes them ideal for most training sessions.

Overall, they make a very good choice for anyone on the lookout for a pair of skipping ropes that can differ from the norm a touch. Good value for money thanks to the memory foam handles, while the rope itself (while shortish) can be more than good enough for boxing training.

Durable, strong handles.Length might not suit everyone.
Tangle-free rope design. 
Memory foam handles for comfort. 

4. FITFORT Skipping Rope

FITFORT Skipping Rope
amazon uk

Really, the main issue with these skipping ropes is that you can find them hard to locate in-stock. When they are in stock, though, we do recommend adding them into your basket ASAP. They are a strong, solid, effective solution that can give you the length, the size, the strength, and the comfort that you should demand when it comes to buying quality skipping ropes.

The main benefit of using this particular set of ropes, though, is the steel wire rope. Coated with a durable PVC material, this adjustable rope length ensures you can work with these regardless of height or size. The build-in ball bearings are very impressive, too, ensuring that you can jump to the pace you are most comfortable with. Add in the ergonomic foam handles, and it’s easy to see why these are good for longer, more enduring sessions.

With a moisture wicking design on the handles, too, they shouldn’t slip or sweat up in the future!

They make a fine choice for various reasons, not least the fact they feel so good to hold in your hands. These are strong, effective skipping ropes made even more comfortable thanks to the foam handles. Grip these as tight as you can and you shouldn’t feel any discomfort or needless resistance. The skipping rope is a good choice, and can be just what you are looking for – the added ball bearings provide extra support, too.

The whole design is, for the price, a great deal and one of the most highly recommended options for cheap skipping ropes for boxing. While they might not be anything special, for the price you pay you get a great deal – assuming you can find them in-stock!

Great for taller adults.Not always available to buy.
Ball bearings for extra support. 
Foam handles for comfort. 

5. Hudii Skipping Rope for Adults

Hudii Skipping Rope for Adults
amazon uk

If you are looking for help when it comes to buying a skipping rope, you should absolutely look at this option from Hudii. It feels good to work with as it can sit in your hands so comfortably, with the foam handles ensuring you never feel any discomfort around the wrist area. On top of that, it provides you with a high quality option for a pair of skipping ropes that should in general just feel good when they are placed into your hands.

These durable spots fitness skipping ropes come with a 270cm length, which makes them perfect for beginners and veterans alike. On top of that, they can easily be adjusted for more/less height to suit the user. They use an anti-dust ball bearing system, too, that helps to create durable skipping ropes that can be rotated 360-degrees without any loss of durability.

With a 1lb weighted rope like this, too, you help to burn fat faster as it adds another level of exercise and endurance. Coated with a strong PVC finish, these work excellently for most boxers searching for skipping ropes.

The only downside is that these are probably too long for most kids; you might find that these are only really for the adults who are taking part. That aside, though, these are a well-priced, affordable option that is easily available for you to buy online. The tangle-free design only adds to the value, too, making sure you can get a pretty solid return on the investment that you have made.

For those who want a pair of adult skipping ropes for boxing, these would make a sensible and affordable option to consider.

Excellent value for your money.Not suitable for children.
Foam handles for comfort. 
Tangle-free cable design. 

6. JAKAGO Weighted Jump Ropes

JAKAGO Weighted Jump Ropes
amazon uk

If you don’t mind paying a little extra for your skipping ropes, then these are some of the most professional options on the market today. They feel good to work with, they are strong, they are sturdy, and they are very durable indeed. For that reason, these make an excellent choice if you are on the lookout for some weighted jump ropes.

Designed with an interesting blend of stainless steel and alloy handles with PVC and PP rope, you get a pretty damn sturdy set of weighted ropes. The handles are sizeable, too, making sure you can easily hold onto them when working out. The elastic foam used on the exterior helps to add extra grip and improved comfort.

However, the hollowed interior can be just what you are looking for when it comes to reducing weight. The non-slip handles are light enough to use for hours, making sure that your workouts can last for as long as you had originally wanted.

Feel and strength is everything, and these are made with very high quality rope that is attached to some anti-slip handles. This makes it good for general exercise including cardio and working on your agility in the feet thanks to the fact you know you can skip at pace without worrying about the ropes going flying out of your hands.

For that reason, you should definitely add these to your list of considered options. They are a good, sturdy, comfortable pair of jump ropes that you should have no problem at all in using whether you are a newbie or a professional. The only negative? They cost you quite a lot of money compared to what you might have wanted to pay. The value, though, is there.

Weighted and powerful rope.A little more expensive than the norm.
Offers a proper skipping challenge. 
Anti-slip handle designs. 

7. MEOREX Skipping Ropes for Adults

MEOREX Skipping Ropes for Adults
amazon uk

For what you pay, these offer a pretty solid option if you are on the lookout for skipping ropes for adults. They feel good, they look good, and they tend to sit pretty comfortably in your hands. While the rope itself can become a touch weak and brittle over time, for the price you pay these make a great backup option or rotation selection. The unisex nature and the fair size makes them good for adults and kids, so the whole family could get some kind of value out of working with these skipping ropes.

Housed in a durable PU foam, the handles make sure you always feel comfortable when getting busy. Add I the impressive metal wiring that is PVC coated, and you get an even better deal with these sweat-absorbent jump ropes. They also provide you with a durable rope design that is developed to stay stronger for longer.

Overall, what you get with this package is what you would expect – durable, high quality metal wire, PVC-coated skipping ropes. The design helps to keep them free from sweat build-up, while the durable nature of the design can only be a positive moving forward.

They are great for helping you to lose off calories and get rid of that belly fat, but they also are lightweight enough that you can use them for improving your footwork for your next bout. These are a good set of boxing skipping ropes that offer a simple, easy enough choice to work with at home. While the rope being quite weak (in comparison to others) does limit the quality a little, they are more than good enough to hold on to.

Unisex, suitable for all adults.Rope can become hard to maintain.
Great for home workouts. 
Comfortable, lightweight design. 

8. MEOREX All Black Skipping Ropes

MEOREX All Black Skipping Ropes
amazon uk

With another offer from MEOREX, you are getting much of the same solution: a quality enough option for a good price that offers a decent value investment. While much like the other option above the rope could be stronger, it does come with an adjustable length so you can easily make sure that the ropes are just suited to you and what you are doing.

A major benefit of this particular model is the addition of ergonomically designed handles. Complete with foam protection for added comfort, these can help you to absorb sweat up and avoid the handles from becoming slippery. On top of that, the adjustable size of the rope allows you to take the rope from around a 9.8ft span to the size you want.

Add in the 360-degree ball bearing mechanism, and these are designed for accuracy, easy use, and comfortable control. Portable, lightweight, and very easy to carry around: these are the ideal skipping ropes to go into your gym bag.

They are a good choice for most people thanks to that adjustable length, so both adults and kids should be able to find some value from these. The foam handles feel good to hold, too, making sure you don’t wind up with hand fatigue from holding them for so long during your training. A good enough option for most, and suitable for those who are on the lookout for something a little different in terms of strength, style, or overall build.

The rope is the main weak point, but so long as you don’t try and go for a HIIT session with these then you should never work them out to the point where they might snap.

Stylish, cool looking design.Rope could be stronger.
Comfortable foam handles. 
Length is adjustable. 

9. ZoneYan 2-Set Skip Ropes

ZoneYan 2-Set Skip Ropes
amazon uk

Get this for your two kids and they will be able to have a pair of boxing skipping ropes each. Pick these up, too, and you make sure that you are offering the easiest and simplest solution for anyone on the lookout for a pair of skipping ropes that they know are good enough for the job they have in mind.

If you are trying to get into skipping and want to ensure that you are doing it right, something with a built-in counter can be what you are looking for. Well, these give you that in abundance!

One thing that is goo about this product is the added comfort. Thanks to the cushioned handles, these can avoid palm stress, reduce the risk of injury, and avoid moisture build-up around the grips. Add in the 9.8ft length of wire, and this should be suitable just about for anyone. If that is too long, though, you can easily adjust the wire length. Add in the lightweight design and the timers included, and you can easily keep count of how many skips you can do per session.

These provide a simple, easy option for all-purpose boxing skipping ropes for beginners.

Again, the only real limit with these stems from the fact they are hard to find in stock. The counter is solid, the skipping rope itself is of a good enough standard, and the foam handles ensures that you can grip this as tight as you like without having to worry about stress.

Pick these up for a good price, and you can make sure that you and the kids always have access to a spare pair of skipping ropes.

Get two pairs for the price of one.Hard to find in stock.
Comes with built-in jump counter. 
Great for general fitness development. 

10. Best Gear Red Skipping Ropes

Best Gear Red Skipping Ropes
amazon uk

Is price not an issue for you when it comes to buying boxing skipping ropes? Then you should definitely take a look at this particular set of ropes. They look good and feel good, and should offer you a pretty stylish option if you are on the lookout for some proper skipping ropes. The aluminium build adds extra durability to the handles, and the ability to easily adjust the length of the cord is very useful for those who might share the ropes with other people.

With very finely tuned ball bearings within, you can enjoy the best possible level of control when skipping thanks to this professional design. They also come with a really specific level of weight bearing, as well as improved balance compared to what you might normally pick up on the market.

However, these are also designed to last as the developers have really focused on using top quality materials in development. This means that the ball bearings are premium quality, as is the material used on the handles and the rope. For the price, you get a long-lasting, professional quality accessory.

The only downside really is that you will need to pay a premium. But given these are more than just generic skipping ropes, more suited to a professional than a hobbyist, they make a pretty good investment. Despite the higher cost, the money that you invest into these will be money well and truly well-spent, trust us!

Quality is everything when buying a pair of skipping ropes, and these ropes will make sure you get the quality you want – even if it means paying a bit more than intended.

Comes in an impressive, stylish design.A little more expensive than others.
Great choice for young professionals. 
Aluminium used for extra longevity. 

11. RDX Classic Skipping Ropes

RDX Classic Skipping Ropes
amazon uk

In our opinion, if you were to buy a pair of skipping ropes for boxing today we would highly recommend that you try out this particular pair. They are the ideal choice for most people – high quality, comfortable, durable skipping ropes which are designed to last for a long time to come. They look good, they feel great, and the leather material ensures that these could easily be used indoors or outdoors without any issues at all.

The stylish design is improved by the use of cowhide leather that really helps to improve longevity. The addition of a 9ft length of rope is very impressive, too, and should be suitable for almost any boxer of normal size. The material is strong, durable, and flexible, meaning it won’t lose quality if it is left coiled up in a bundle.

The wooden handles might not have the foam padding of other models, but they feel great to hold and take in a lot of the moisture that builds up on your hands as you begin to pick up the reps.

Quality is a big part of the design here, which is why we make these our ideal boxing skipping ropes for you to choose from. They are a great choice as they feel so good, the design is so impressive, and the use of leather helps to create a much more comfortable skipping experience. Add in the thick and durable handles and you have no reason to worry about quality when it comes to this purchase.

OK, they might cost a touch more than some others on this list; what you get for your money, though, makes this an investment well and truly worth making for most people.

Leather design adds to longevity.
Adjustable length for easy change.
Made by a proven, respected brand.

12. Sportout Aluminium Skipping Ropes

Sportout Aluminium Skipping Ropes
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a set of adult skipping ropes then you should take a look here. While other ropes can be suited to both adults and kids, it would take a pretty tall kid to be able to use these skipping ropes comfortably.

The stylish design looks good, and the excellent grip that you will get on the actual handles is very impressive indeed. On top of that, though, the aluminium material makes them nice and lightweight so you can easily carry them around with you without feeling the weight.

The use of aluminium plays a role in keeping these strong and durable, while the flexible steel cable is covered with PU material for twist-free protection. It also comes with larger handles than most skipping ropes, giving you around 17cm in size. With the whole package weighing under 150g, too, these are very easy to hold even for beginners and newbies to skipping.

With double ball bearing designs, too, you can be sure that the rotation is swift, secure, and safe. Thanks to the anti-slip design of the ropes, too, these should never slip out of place when working.

That added length is a big plus, too, always giving you that extra bit of balance when it comes to general fitness and movement. The quality of these skipping ropes is not really something that is in dispute; so long as you are buying them primarily for the use of adults then you should get a very good deal out of these skipping ropes.

The size, the length, and the material makes this a pretty excellent investment to think about making moving forward long-term.

Great build quality, easy to use.Not really suited to children.
3m in length offers great size. 
130g in weight is comfortable enough. 

13. Ampro Adjustable Skip Ropes

Ampro Adjustable Skip Ropes
amazon uk

If you want to buy some chromatic and colourful skipping ropes, you should find what you are searching for here. They make a good choice because they have such a specific style and design, though some will find the handles are a touch too thin for their own personal use. If you don’t mind handles which are a bit on the shorter side, though, these should very much still be a good choice for you to look at and consider using.

Though these might look simple and basic, the inclusion of 5mm vinyl rope helps to add extra promise of durability. The 10ft size is also among the longest you will find on this list, so if you are extra-tall and need more height you should consider these taller skipping ropes.

The design of the handles is nice and comfortable, too; designed in a way to ensure that you always have the correct and specific grip that you are supposed to. Overall, this creates a comfortable, high-value product that offers the correct size, ergonomic handling, and comfort you would have expected.

The other thing is that you can easily adjust the length of the rope, which is always a nice plus when buying boxing skipping ropes. This does mean you can easily adjust these for taller and shorter users, ensuring that anyone who gets the chance to use these skip ropes will enjoy a much simpler overall experience.

Quality matters and while the handles can be a touch too thin for some people, the overall quality of the rope and the easily adjustable length makes a pretty good counterbalance. The challenge you might find here, then, stems from ensuring that they fit into your hands properly! If they do, they are a good buy.

Available in a range of colours.Handles are pretty thin.
Length is adjustable in the rope. 

14. Multifun Digital Skipping Rope

Multifun Digital Skipping Rope
amazon uk

If you would prefer a pair of skipping ropes that can keep you on your toes and exercising, start here. This set of digital boxing ropes will make sure you can get a pair of high-end skipping ropes that come with a counter for calories and for the amount of jumps taken.

At the same time, it even comes with a built-in little reminder/alarm that you can set off so that you remember to exercise. Unfortunately, the alarm is quite hit and miss and some report issues with getting the alarm to work on a regular basis.

These skipping ropes don’t only count down the number of reps you have done. They also provide you with a quality steel skipping jump rope that is protected with PVC for added durability. The improvement also comes from high-end ball bearings that helps to ensure the rope moves swiftly and securely from rep to rep. with an adjustable length and comfortable PVC sheathing, you know that you can use these ropes without worry.

Add in the impressive design of the non-slip handles, and these can be great for those looking to really push their skipping experience with HIIT exercise session.

That aside, though, these are a good choice for those who prefer ropes that come with a bit more information. From those who are burning a set amount of calories or those who want to hit a specific number of reps, the information stored on these comfortable handles can be just what you are looking for. It’s a good choice, and can be just what you are looking for in a more modern design.

Comes with a digital counter.Alarm reminder is inconsistent.
Great build quality and structure. 
Easy to adjust to your needs. 

15. Sundried Skipping Ropes

Sundried Skipping Ropes
amazon uk

If you are on the lookout for a pair of skipping ropes, then you should definitely look at this set – especially if you do a lot of your skipping on the go. These work well because they come with such a specific style, though some will find that the handles can be a touch on the uncomfortable side to use. For the most part, though, you will find that these give you a good starting place for the most part – a comfortable little set of skipping ropes complete with cables and a carrying case.

The big addition here is the inclusion of ergonomic thumb grooves to more or less guarantee they stay in your hands. The non-slip ridging is a big bonus, too, that ensures your hands can stay in place and to make sure you can skip with total comfort. It also comes with a little storage bag that means you can easily bring them with you wherever you happen to be going.

The slim speed rope cable also allows for faster, more intense exercise thanks to its speed and pace of movement. It even allows for you to make learning tricks, such as the double crossover, even easier to master.

The overall value of the purchase makes these a good investment, though it is clear that the handles are going to be problematic for some people. If you find them comfortable, though, the overall package makes a fair deal to try out.

Skipping ropes come in all manner of designs, so you might actually prefer the more abstract nature of the design on the handles. Either way, these are definitely worth investigating – the fair price matched with the extra additions makes this a decent little deal to consider taking on.

Excellent value for money.Handles can feel awkward.
Comes with a spare cable. 
Arrives with a stylish carrying case. 

Making a Choice

With so much to think about, you might be unsure about where to begin when it comes to buying skipping ropes. Well, hopefully this guide will have provided you with some useful information regarding what skipping ropes to buy, why to buy skipping ropes, and what to look out for in your own searches.

Buying skipping ropes might seem like something that only professional boxers should worry about, but that is not the case. Skipping ropes offer a brilliant solution for you to start using if you want to improve your day-to-day physical fitness. They improve your balance, your agility, and your ability to weave in and out of punches before landing your own.

Really, there is not a good boxer on this planet who has not turned to the use of skipping ropes at one stage or another. Don’t think you are ‘too good’ for such a practice. Invest in some skipping ropes for boxes today, and you will not regret it!

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