12 Best Water Punch Bag in UK for 2022

As someone with a keen interest in boxing, you might be interested in buying a new punch bag for your home/gym. If that is the case, you might also be confused by the sheer number of options out there today. And that would make sense; punch bags come in all shapes and sizes. From novelties to stand-hung options to free standing punch bags, you have numerous picks to look at today. However, one option that can often catch the eye is water punch bags.

If you are on the lookout for a water punch bag, then you are in the right place to find details. Here, we will break down what water punch bags can do, what to look out for when buying one, and also provide you with some ideas. So, if you are in a rush, skip down to our ‘What are the best water punch bags in 2022?’ section of the guide – you will find 10+ worthwhile options to ponder over.

Want to know a bit more about what you are buying, though? Then that is fine. Read below, and we have built a simple but effective list of things you might want to know about using a water punch bag. By taking the time to read over our list, you should be much more prepared to get the most out of your water punch bag purchase.

With so many options on the market, you might not be sure where to begin your search. Now, though, we can ensure that you have less to worry about. So, what matters when buying a punch bag with water in 2022?

What Matters When Buying a Water Punch Bag?

Best Water Punch Bag

When you want to buy a quality water punch bag, you have quite a few things to think about that come to mind. If you are serious about making a purchase today, then we recommend you try and think about the following factors overall:

What Size of Bag Can I Fit?

First off, measure what kind of size of room you actually have in the first place. Many people measure after the purchase, only to find out they have a fraction of the room that they thought they had. Always make sure that you can both fit the bag into the space you have and that you can fight around the bag without losing room or feeling like you are unable to box with comfort.

What Material Should I Buy?

Depending on who is using the bag, you want to focus on the material. Adults and teenagers might wish to move to leather/PU leather, while kids might prefer something a bit less aggressive. Go for something like an inflatable option instead, and they can have less of a chance of harming or otherwise negatively impacting the hands of the boxer.

However, always look to buy something that comes with protection from leaking and splitting.

What Price Can I Afford?

Typically, you will be expecting to pay in the region of £40+ for a good quality water punch bag. Some, though, are lesser priced because they use lesser materials, or they are smaller/aimed at kids. For a water punch bag that an amateur wishing to go professional could use, though, you should be setting your price expectations in the £40-plus range. It will simply cost you a fair amount more to buy a punch bag at this range.

How Long Will The Bag Last?

You also want longevity, and any bag that seems to have a short lifespan should be avoided. We recommend that you look to judge the lifespan based on how often you will use the bag, and your boxing skill. For example, a veteran heavyweight will get far less time out of a punch bag than a youngster who is just getting started in the sport. Keep that in mind!

Where Will I Use The Bag?

Lastly, some water punch bags could be used outside if you so choose. This is something to keep in mind, as buying based on where you will use the bag is very important. That is why you should definitely think about where, as some bags might not be suited to the location that you intend to use it in. Keep that in mind and you can avoid any potential headaches regarding buying a bag that is not suited for its intended usage.

Keep these ideas in mind and it might be easier for you to go ahead and buy a water punch bag. It is a hard investment to get wrong, so you just need to be willing to put in the time and effort to research based on the above criteria.

What are The Best Water Punch Bags in 2022?

Now that you know what to look out for and what to consider, you might be ready to go and make a purchase. If that is the case, we highly recommend that you take a look at the various options that we have suggested below. With so many options to think about, then, what are the best water punch bags in 2022?

Below is a list of very worthwhile investments to make.

1. 16″ Aqua Punch Bag

16" Aqua Punch Bag
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a boxing bag that can give you plenty of durability, then you might want to look at this Aqua punch bag. It’s become a good starting place for most people who want to buy a good quality water-based punch bag. This is easy to install and to fill, making it a good starting place for most people who are short on time and/or effort. At the same time, though, it can easily be filled and re-filled as needed, giving you all the assistance that you need to get things in full working order.

If you want a bag that feels quite good to hit and has a natural feel to it, then you should definitely try this particular bag out. It has the only drawback of being pretty lightweight, with a maximum weight of just 32kg. If you are looking for something really heavyweight, then you might want to take a look at getting a different bag.

For most people who are just looking for something akin to a speed ball filled with water, though, this works.

Great build quality.Only 32kg in weight.
Designed to last long-term. 

2. Cimac Water Punch Bag

Cimac Water Punch Bag
amazon uk

Designed to give you a high quality starting place for a water punch bag, this is a great beginner bag to buy for anyone looking for a starting place that is worthwhile. While it only provides you with a 12-month warranty, which is quite short given the high price, the bag is designed to give you many years of usage. You can pick from various sizes, too, with the largest being a sizable 22” bag.

This is a big pick for anyone trying to find a good quality punch bag that can take all of the hits and the blows you would expect. It’s also easy to get filled up, so you can have no problem adding more water and weight into the bag as time goes on. Really, the only thing here that might put you off buying this particular punch bag is the cost; this is easily among the more expensive options on the market today.

With that in mind, you might look at it and think it’s not worth the cost. The easy setup, the simple maintenance, and the excellent, quality feel of the material makes this an investment that is well worth making. Quality is everything when buying a boxing bag, and this does make it pretty easy for you to get the quality that you would have wanted.

It might lack in some longevity given the warranty, but if you care for this boxing bag it should have no reason to burst or break. A good, overall choice for those who want a water punch bag that they know is designed to be durable enough for regular usage long-term.

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.Among the more expensive options.
Comes with attachment features.Only 12 months warranty.
Strong, durable material. 

3. Ruxinggu Free Standing Water Punch Bag

Ruxinggu Free Standing Water Punch Bag
amazon uk

If you are looking for a lightweight boxing bag to do some training on, then you will find that this is a good choice indeed. It feels great to hit as it is made with a material that can easily absorb your blows, while the water offers that more natural feel as you land blow after blow. However, it’s also a great choice for kids and those who are just getting started; this offers one of the most satisfying bags to hit on the list.

However, the downside here is that this bag can be a touch less durable than others. Given the excellent cost, though, you shouldn’t really expect this to match up to something that costs 5-10x the cost in terms of durability. Overall, it’s more than strong enough to take a good few blows without wilting and it should be suitable for most beginners. The fill-up process is easy enough; just add in some water into the bottom hole section as shown on the manual. Then, you can just start using the bag whenever you feel like you are ready to do so.

That’s why you might wish to look at this if you are buying for a newbie, a newcomer to the sport, or a youngster. They will be able to make the most of its average height and its lack of durability. For a budding professional or a heavyweight, though? This might not be the best choice that you could go for.

Generally, though? This makes an absolutely excellent option for those who want a water punch bag that can last. Definitely designed to give you a good, all-around deal for many years to come. A worthwhile investment that you will not regret.

Stands at around 155cm in height.Not as durable as other options.
Very easy to fill up. 
Mobile, easy to assemble/put away. 

4. Everlast Hydostrike Water Punch Bag

Everlast Hydostrike Water Punch Bag
amazon uk

Another high-cost, high-value option for those who want to really take their training seriously. The HydroStrike water bag is a wonderful place to begin with for anyone who is trying to find a consistently reliable water punch bag. This weighs around 100lb and it gives you a good place for you to start training on. the outer material makes sure that it can easily take in the water without any risk of leakage or spilling, too.

While you might pay a high cost to own this, you will get back an absolutely tremendous boxing bag in return. It’s a brilliant training tool for most people, offering a high quality option that can take a lot of physical impact when you start sparring. It’s also designed to ensure you have a bag that can easily be filled back up as needed. So long as you care for this, you could still be using your HydroStrike in a good few year down the line.

This is why we highly recommend that you look to buy a water punch bag as soon as you can that you know is going to last. If you are looking for something to help you become a more serious trainer or to help improve your game, this is just what you are looking for. It’s a good starting place to be sure; if you are willing to spend on quality, then this will give you a pretty good deal.

If budgets are more limited, though, then you might wish to look at other options which are for sale online; this is easily among the more expensive water punch bags out there.

Consistency, well-designed shell.Perhaps a little expensive.
Great for long-term usage. 
Easy to store away when not needed. 

5. FIT4YOU Heavy Duty Water Punch Bag

FIT4YOU Heavy Duty Water Punch Bag
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a good quality heavy duty water punch bag, then you might wish to take a look at this suggestion from FIT4YOU. It has gained a fair number of fans in a short space of time, giving you something pretty consistently useful. It’s a good choice for many people who have the space for a free standing water bag. Simply fill up the base as asked and you will get a punch bag that can easily stand on its own and take in the sparring sessions that you have in mind.

However, one thing to note is that this does only stand at 5.5ft. This means that for anyone over 6ft it might be too small for you to properly spar with. With that in mind, we only recommend this model for someone in the 5-5.5ft range in terms of height. You will simply get a better experience by using a water punch bag that is within the same kind of height level that you are.

Generally, though, this makes a very good investment for anyone who wants a water punch bag at 5.5ft.

While the height can be an issue, the price might also put some people off. It’s definitely among the more expensive options on the list. You get what you pay for, though; a high quality, robust, and durable water punch bag that can take plenty of hits. It even comes with the included addition of some targets to hit so that you can have more targeted sparring sessions.

So, why not try it out for yourself? As far as a high quality free standing water punch bag does, this is a very wise investment to consider making.

Easy and safe to assemble.Only 5.5ft in height.
Comes with painted targets.Pretty expensive.

6. Gallant 5.5ft Water Boxing Bag

Gallant 5.5ft Water Boxing Bag
amazon uk

If the aim is to buy a water boxing bag that you can keep on using for many years to come, then you should look no further than here. This water boxing bag can take a huge amount of punishment, as it is designed to be able to take a lot of physical impact over time. That is why this has become a very popular choice; the fact it can easily be filled up with water makes it a solid choice for a water boxing bag. You just need to fill up the section as shown in the instructions, and you’ll create a strong, sturdy base to use.

The main critique of this would be the height; again, anyone over 5.5ft is going to find it hard to spar with this properly. You want something more or less in eye level with you, which is why we recommend you look to get a water boxing bag that is of similar height to you. This, though, would make an excellent choice for younger boxers and smaller boxers alike. The size profile can make it seem a bit challenging for taller boxers, but it is a best-seller among those who are not above the 6ft height range.

Add in the exceptional build quality and the ease of setup, and the fact it’s made by a reputable name in Gallant, and this is very much an item that is worthy of your consideration moving forward. A good quality starting place when you want a water punch bag that can take a huge amount of physical impact once it’s in place.

A popular best-seller from a trusted name.Only 5.5ft in height.
Great quality of stand and spring. 
Excellent for long-term usage. 

7. LEOHOME Inflatable Punch Bag

LEOHOME Inflatable Punch Bag
amazon uk

If the aim is to find a water punch bag that the kids can use, then you should do everything that you can to take a look at this water punch bag. Inflatable and secured with water for that juicier feeling with every blow, kids will love being able to train on this particular bag. It has been designed to be a wonderful introduction to the world of boxing and comes from a reputable brand in LEOHOME. It’s also useful for anyone who is trying to help their kids find some contact sports that allows them to actually feel adrenaline.

By introducing them to boxing via this friendly and fun little boxing bag, you get them interested quickly and easily. Please note, though, that this really is only aimed at kids – an adult would be able to break this quite easily. As such, try and avoid giving the kids too many demonstrations of your haymaker; you might just destroy their new toy with excessive force!

For a first time young boxer who is eager to learn the ropes, though, this would make a tremendous addition to the collection. This freestanding punch bag is more than capable of taking the hits that a kid can give out and should make a good pick for anyone who is trying to get their kids into the art of boxing. The durable PVC and the impressive durable nature of the base allows for this to be useful for kids who want to make sure they can feel good whilst they learn the ropes. If you want to help your kids enjoy their early years boxing, a no-pressure water punch bag like this should work just fine.

Great for learner fighters.Only really suitable for kids.
Get young boxers learning. 
Easy to fill up. 

8. BodyRip Free Standing Water Boxing Bag

BodyRip Free Standing Water Boxing Bag
amazon uk

If your aim is to invest heavily in a water boxing bag that you know can take the punishment and then some, this might be the smartest investment that you make. This particular water punch bag comes in the shape of a human body, meaning that it should move with accuracy and legitimacy with every blow that you land. Unlike other punch bags out there, this mimics the human body so that you can land proper body and heavy blows as opposed to rough blows where a head or body part would be.

However, this is not really beginner friendly due to the material. Though quality, it would probably be quite a painful experience for those who are new to boxing. This heavy duty free standing option is more aimed at those who have already done a fair amount of basic training and now want to raise things to that all-important next level. The price, too, might put you off – not everyone is willing to spend as much on a punch bag!

The money, though, is well-spent; this is a high quality, durable boxing bag that can take plenty of physical impact. If you were to buy this, you shouldn’t have to replace your punch bag again anytime soon in the long-term. It’s an excellent solution to use, with a great, heavy duty base that is simply filled up with water to keep it standing in the right place for longer.

Generally, though will find that a boxing bag like this could be the right investment option for you. It’s a sensible, sturdy option that, while expensive, provides longevity for your money.

Human body shape for better accuracy.Among the most expensive options.
High quality material used in construction.Not suitable for beginners.
Great value for money, heavy duty. 

9. Oylee Dinosaur Inflatable Water Punch Bag

Oylee Dinosaur Inflatable Water Punch Bag
amazon uk

For those who are struggling to get their kids interested in sports, we highly recommend that you invest in something like this water punch bag. This is a super-soft, easy to fill punch bag in the aesthetic of a dinosaur. While you will want to quickly move to a proper punch bag if the kids show an interest in boxing, this is a brilliant solution for a first-time punch bag for any kid. Younger minds will love being able to box with the original King of the Jungle!

It’s quite a lightweight model, though, so expect that you could probably do some damage if you are too forceful. That is why you should probably set this up for the kids and just let them have some fun with the bag itself. Don’t get too caught up on combinations or accuracy; just let them have fun, get a feel for boxing, and show them the fun that the sport can produce when done correctly.

Kids will always enjoy being to try out something new, but you need to show them the benefits of branching out. By taking some time to show them the fun that can be had when hitting into a punch bag, you can make it that bit easier for your kids to start really having some fun when it comes to boxing.

Boxing is a tough thing to get right, but a simple start like this can be just what the kids are looking for. It’s a good enough starting place for just about anyone trying to introduce their kids to a sport for life.

Comical aesthetic that kids will adore.Only really suited to young kids.
Very easy to fill up with water.Lacks targets for accuracy.
Durable for younger bodies. 

10. Mytra Fusion Free Standing Water Punch Bag

Mytra Fusion Free Standing Water Punch Bag
amazon uk

The only downside to buying this Mytra Fusion water punch bag is the cost. However, if you are serious about learning how to box, then you should be willing to pay for the best bag possible. And, in our opinion, this is a clear vote winner. For the money, you get one of the most durable and professional bags that you will find online. Simply fill up with your choice of water or sand (we recommend water) and you can get an even more satisfying, enjoyable boxing experience for a long time to come.

One thing you will immediately notice about this punch bag is that it comes with a great level of stand. This means that you could hit it with all that you have got, and it isn’t going to move too far, and will bounce back into place as expected. The ability to add as much as 270lbs of weight into the bag means that you are left with something that can take a lot of physical heft to move. You would need to really hit this with all that you have got to move it!

In general, this is the best deal on the list if you are looking for something strong, sturdy, and very durable indeed. It has all of the strength that one would expect of a modern boxing bag and can take an almighty amount of physical impact. Generally, though, this would make a wise investment for anyone who fancies buying a boxing bag that they know can take a lot of physical hits without ripping, tearing, or generally losing quality. A very wise investment we’d recommend to anyone who wants something long-term.

Top quality PU leather used.Most expensive on the list.
Designed for professional sparring. 
Great build quality overall. 

11. Petyoung Inflatable Kids Punch Bag

Petyoung Inflatable Kids Punch Bag
amazon uk

Again, this is a more suitable choice if the aim is to find a kids punch bag that is filled with water. While this can surprisingly stay up longer than one would expect, this really is meant as a beginner starting point for any young kids who show a genuine desire and interest to learn how to box. For that reason, we highly recommend that you take a closer look at the bag and realise that this has its limits. For the excellent price you pay, though, this is a tremendous beginner point for most kids.

It will give them the ability to hit something with a friendly, cheery looking aesthetic that moves with their hits. Instead of giving your kids an immovable object, let them build up confidence quickly by using a punch bag that can take a whole lot less impact than others. So long as you don’t do any over the top demonstrations, it should be hard for your kids to damage or weaken the bag. It’s not made for an adult haymaker, but it could take a kid’s combo easily enough!

With that in mind, make sure you give yourself access to the help that you need when it comes to getting your kids exercising on a more regular basis. Take a look at this top quality kids punch bag for those who are on a budget and want to see if their kids take to the sport first.

For the price you pay, this makes a solid choice that should be part-novelty and part-introduction. So, why not let your kids see first-hand the benefits of using a water punch bag?

Perfect for young martial artists.Lacks the durability of other bags.
Ideal for learning and beginning. 
Easy to set up and disassemble. 

12. Demeras Punching Tower

Demeras Punching Tower
amazon uk

If you want to make sure you buy something that is easy to assemble/disassemble, then you might wish to take a look here. This punching tower from Demeras is a good choice if you are on the lookout for a bag that can take a fair amount of punishment from a younger pair of hands. Adults, though, might simply have too much power and ferocity for this little punch bag. Overall, though, it would make a good starting place for a lot of people who want a mid-price punch bag that offers decent enough value for money.

Easy to store away, too, you can empty this of water and then fill up as needed. The impressive nature of the rebounding in the base, too, is quite impressive; most items of this style tend to be quite easy to knock over due to the lack of a separate base. This, though, should move more or less exactly as you would have expected it to – it bounces from hit to hit, always returning to a standing position.

However, just remember that you can use this with gloves as it should provide a safer, easier level of impact on the hands. Your body shouldn’t feel painful after using a punch bag, and something like this does help to cushion the blow and avoid the discomfort in general.

We would recommend this if you were looking for a way to try and improve boxing accuracy and consistency quickly over time. By investing in a starting bag like this, you can build up to something else down the line that might be even more suited to the style that you had originally planned to buy. A solid, all-around water punch bag worth trying out.

Easy to fill up.Not the most durable.
Large enough for kids and teens. 
Capable of taking a fair weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about what you are going to buy? You are not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Here, though, are some general FAQs that we think might be floating around in your head.

What Material Should I Get for a Water Punch Bag?

You want something that is durable and capable of holding water without leaking or splitting. Most of the time, this means getting some kind of leather surface, though many are also made with other water-capable solutions. Leather and PU leather, though, tend to be a good starting place.

What Age are Water Punch Bags Suitable for?

Any. There is no limit as to when you should use a water punch bag or when you should stop using them. If you feel comfortable using a water-filled bag, then you should keep doing so.

Why Should I use Water as Opposed to Sand?

Some people just feel like they get a better feel from the bag when they use water. It offers a more comfortable bag to hit, reducing discomfort in the hands. This is why many choose to use water as opposed to returning to sand.

Will I Need to Refill a Water Punch Bag?

Yes, most bags that are on sale today will arrive unfilled and need to be filled by you. As time goes, they will likely have to be re-filled, so be sure to make time and space for re-filling if needed.

Making The Right Investment

Hopefully, now you can see that buying a water punch bag can take a bit more planning and thought than first assumed. There is no ‘easy’ way to make this purchase quicker or easier; it is simply going to take a lot of time and planning. If you are willing to commit the time, though, you can easily make a purchase that you can be very happy with overall.

With that being the case, we highly recommend that you look to make the right investment by shopping from our above list. We have done the research and analysis of the best options found online; you now just have to choose what you think offers you the best value for money in general.

It can be a hard purchase for sure, but this should give you enough information to decide that you can be 100% happy with. Take the time to shop around, and to look at each model, and you should be much happier with the end result.

Don’t rush into a decision, though. Factor in your budget versus your needs, and you should find it much easier to get a suitable purchase. Look at each model, compare how it suits your needs, and then make the investment that you think will provide you with the greatest value back.

Every boxer is different, but every boxer can also benefit from the use of a water punch bag. So, if you are serious about making that investment, use the above list for inspiration. Happy hunting!

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