10 Best Leather Punch Bag in UK for 2022

When it comes to learning how to box, having all of the training in the world won’t help you learn how to naturally throw down. As a boxer, starting out or veteran, having access to a quality punch bag can go so much to improve your boxing game. Yet, as a boxer, you don’t want to just buy any old punch bag.

Sure, you could buy something wet and dull that lacks any kind of true quality. Or you could buy a proper leather punch bag. Sure, you might pay a bit more, but a good old leather punch bag is just what you need when you want something strong, durable, and more than capable of taking a pounding!

In this article, we are going to help you work out what kind of leather punching bag might be worth the investment for you personally. This is a toughie to get right, so we have broken down a useful list of things to consider. Of course, if you already have done your research, then you might wish to just look at our recommended leather punching bags.

To do that, simply skip on down to the ‘The best leather punch bag selections online in 2022’ section. There, you can find all of the details that you need to know about how to go about buying a leather punching bag. You have quite a lot of things to look out for, which is why we recommend you look through our little list of things to consider beforehand.

Should you feel ready to go and make a knockout purchase, though, head on over to the section that has our most anticipated and quality leather punch bags to choose from. Each one offers a good, reliable option that you can buy and know you are getting great value for money long-term.

Things to Consider When Buying a Leather Punch Bag

Buying a Leather Punch Bag

Before you go ahead and make a purchase, though, we recommend that you think about the following factors before you make an investment…

Buying a punch bag can be hard work, especially a good quality leather punch bag. Many bags out there today are quite open that they are not made from ‘real’ leather, while others try to mask that fact. In a bid to make your life easier, here are some things to think about when it comes to buying a proper boxing bag online. What should you look out for?

The Size

First off, be sure to look into the size of the bag that you have in mind. The size is always the first thing that matters as without the right space to store your bag, you might simply not be able to get the most out of the bag itself. So, make sure you take the time to look closely into the size of the bag.

Please note that if you are really short on space and want some help in making room, then you should probably look into getting one of thespeed bags that we have recommended towards the end of our list. These should give you a solid starting place when it comes to buying a good quality leather boxing bag.

Whether you go for a full 5ft plus boxing bag or a smaller one for kids/speed training, size always matters here.

The Setup

Of course, not every boxing bag is going to be put up onto the wall with the same techniques. Some will require a bit more patience and effort when it comes to attaching them to the wall. Some will simple be free-standing options which are weighted down using water or sand. Either way, make sure you look into the bag and find out the assembly options that you need to consider.

The setup and the balancing of your boxing bag is hard work, but the actual setup process is something you should never ignore. Balancing a boxing bag can take a lot of effort, so making sure you have the right kind of setup in terms of the chains or the boxing bag stand is very important.

Basically, always make sure you consider exactly how this bag attaches to the ceiling/wall/floor in the first place.

The Accessories

Some of the leather boxing bags below will come with a range of accessories, such as fitness aides or a boxing bag stand to attach it to. Whatever you are looking for, you should always look to find out what accessories and add-ons you can get. Some bags, of course, come with just the bag – they are unfilled, they might not even have the right equipment to get it up and onto the stand/bracket.

With that in mind, then, make sure you focus on the accessories that are provided as much as anything else.

The Reviews

As ever, be sure to look into whatever others are saying about a boxing bag. We have reviewed many bags, and even the finest bags on the market will come with negative reviews. As opposed to seeing one single negative comment as off-putting, though, look for a pattern. If you see numerous of the same complaint, then it might be worth listening to.

The same goes for the features and benefits, though; if you see lots of people praising the craftsmanship and/or the longevity, you can feel pretty comfortable that this will be in a good enough condition for you to use.

The Leather

Of course, make sure that you are buying something that is made from genuine real leather. Each of the leather punching bags below are made using quality leather materials so that you know they are the real deal. Instead of buying something that claims to be real leather, be sure to focus on the reviews and the images of the product. Real leather should be apparent immediately.

Make sure you don’t end up ordering an expensive PU leather punching bag instead. You can buy non-leather bags for an excellent price; the real leather bags, though, will always cost the most.

The Cost

Last but by no means least, make sure you look into the cost of the bag itself. Some bags will come with a very high price as they are made for professional gyms or come with a lot of high-value add-ons and accessories. Whatever the reason you have in mind is, though, the cost is a huge part of the process.

The cost of any boxing bag is something you need to focus on because you always want to make sure you get proper value for money. By focusing on the price and the cost, you make sure you get the best deal.

The Best Leather Punch Bag Selections Online in 2022

Ready to go ahead and make a purchase, then? Great!

In the list below, we have put together what we believe are ten of the finest boxing bags on the market today. Each one should offer a high quality, reliable leather punching bag that we know can do the job you need. While some are quite costly, we recommend that you shell out for the added quality; your fists will thank you when you get used to pounding the bag. So, where should you begin your search?

1. TurnerMAX Genuine Leather Punch Bag

TurnerMAX Genuine Leather Punch Bag
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a quality leather boxing bag that can take a bit of punishment, then start here. The TurnerMAX is a high standard leather bag that can be bought in sizes ranging from 3ft up to 6ft. You will need to fill the bag yourself, and setup can be surprisingly challenging given how simple it looks in the manual. However, the actual quality of the bag is not something that we would ever dispute.

This is a well-made boxing bag that can take an almighty amount of punishment. This is a classic pure leather bag, too, so you don’t have to worry about that cheaper quality vinyl layer on the outing. It comes with a cowhide leather reinforced inner lining, too, so you can hit this with all that you have and not leave any kind of lasting damage on the bag itself.

In terms of add-ons, this is a good little set to buy as it gives you access to a quality pair of gloves, and also a set of hand grippers. You also get a nice and effective chain and swivel option that allows you to extend the bags effective length by as long as 1ft. This is very useful for adding the extra height that you need, especially in high-ceiling rooms and other locations like gyms.

Overall, despite the challenging in getting it set-up, the TurnerMAX leather punch bag makes a fantastic place for you to start. It can do all of the work that you need, ensuring that you get all of the help you need to stay productive.

Made with high quality leather.Setup process could be better described.
Comes with useful accessories.Can only take up to 80lbs in weight.
Available in numerous sizes. 

2. Everlast Nevatear Punch Bag

Everlast Nevatear Punch Bag
amazon uk

The first thing to note with this model from Everlast is that it is not 100% real leather; this is a blend of sublime quality synthetic leather and webbed vinyl. However, the end result is something that should be every bit as durable and reliable as the real thing. Many alternatives are crack-heavy, easy to damage, and unlikely to avoid things like sun bleaching and other wear and tear impacts. With this punch bag, though, you get something that can take as powerful a hit as you are likely to be able to throw.

Despite not being the real thing, this lives up to the Nevatear name. You would need to go at this thing with a pair of blades if you ever intended to actually take the leather off in the first place. With that in mind, then, you should be able to feel some proper confidence in the overall quality of this little punch bag. It is designed in a way that allows it to easily take a lot of physical punishment, as Everlast products are known to be capable of.

The main downside isn’t the material, though; it’s the size. This only comes in 3ft and 4ft editions on the market, so this means that you are likely to find it hard to get anything larger. For smaller boxers or younger adults/kids, though, this would make an absolutely brilliant boxing companion.

It can take all of the hits that you can throw, while the specially blended filler helps to absorb shock and avoid sending that strength right back up your arms on contact. Overall, a fine choice; if it were 100% real leather, it might be our outright winner.

Heavy duty, made for professionalsOnly 3-4ft in size.
Excellent build quality.Leather and vinyl mixture.
Lives up to the name. 

3. MAXX Leather Boxing Punch Bag, Wall Bracket & Gloves

MAXX Leather Boxing Punch Bag, Wall Bracket & Gloves
amazon uk

If your main aim is to make sure that you can pick up a leather punching bag that makes a good investment, be sure to look here. MAXX are known for quality, and this boxing bag set gives you a leather punch bag that you could easily use all-day. It’s a fine choice as it comes with a very impressive overall structure; the bag can take an almighty wallop without any damage being done to the leather.

Easy to fill-up, too, this can be a great bag for DIY set-up at home. It gives you a decent enough bracket to use, though it can be surprisingly hard to get set-up and into the wall without any issues. Also, some reports suggest that the bracket can be inconsistent in terms of quality. We have found no issues with it ourselves, but it is something that has been raised by other people. The overall quality of the gloves and the workout aides, though, should be more than enough to offset any potential issues you have

Generally, this is a good boxing bag as it can give you everything you need to get started. While the bracket can be a challenge, actually filling-up the bag and then getting it on the bracket is much easier overall. The tools provided should give you everything that you need to get the bag up and ready to use.

This is a professional boxing bag that can take plenty of hits. With the addition of the super-comfortable boxing gloves, though, you should have absolutely no problem at all in using this bag.

Comes with sturdy, durable chain.Bracket can be difficult to set-up.
Add-on accessories are valuable.Bracket quality is inconsistent.
Easy to get fitted and installed. 

4. RDX 5ft Maya Hide Leather Punch Bag

RDX 5ft Maya Hide Leather Punch Bag
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a top quality boxing bag, then you might wish to take a look at this particular model. The RDX brand is well-respected for various reasons, but this useful little set gives you everything that you would have hoped for. The use of top quality Maya Hide leather ensures that this can take an almighty beatdown. The added improvement and reinforcements also makes sure that this thing can stay standing for longer, more than capable of taking the physical punishment that you are looking to dish out.

The patent-pending D-loop that is used is part of the RDX staple and should really make a big impression for all of the right reasons. This has become an excellent choice for various reasons, not least the fact that it’s just so easy to get set-up. The fact it comes with some machine-filled textile is a good benefit, too, saving you having to try and fill it up. However, the weight is limited to just 40-50kg so that is not really enough for heavier boxers who want something that can take an almighty punch.

However, this is a good enough starting place for anyone outside of the heavyweight class of boxing. The bag gloves included, too, are well-respected gloves made using the same Maya Hide leather. This gives you extra absorption around the hand, but the added ventilation within the design allows your hands to breathe easily. Now, you can open up with a pretty hefty combination and give your hands the help that they need to stay in top condition physically.

So, if you want a bag that can keep up with anyone but the most powerful heavyweights, be sure to take a look here.

Comes with machine-filled textile.Can only take up to 50kg weight.
Comes with gloves and add-ons. 
Outstanding build quality. 

5. RDX 2ft Kids Leather Punch Bag

RDX 2ft Kids Leather Punch Bag
amazon uk

Looking to get a quality deal for the kids? Then this little 2ft leather punch bag would absolutely be the starting place for most people. However, at just 2ft in size, this is a boxing bag that is meant for kids who are pretty much brand new to boxing. It is not something that kids in the 5ft-plus range should really be training on. As a beginning point for any younger boxer, though? It would make an excellent way for them to get some boxing skills and to grow their confidence and belief.

This is made using some very impressive non-tear Maya Hide leather. The end result is a leather punch bag that comes with some comfortable little boxing gloves, making it the ideal boxing set for a youngster. By combining the bag with some of the best additional gloves you can get, this is a great present for any youngster showing a genuine passion and interest in getting into the world of boxing.

Buy this, and most kids would have a chance to start getting used to the basics without too much stress. Boxing is all about creating an experience that allows you to feel confident in your own body and your ability to self-defend; these are crucial skills for any child.

If your kid(s) can show any kind of interest in learning how to box, then this might be a pretty smart investment. Add in the fact it’s so durable, too, and this should last them far longer than they can realistically use this thanks to their height growth. Were it only a foot or so taller, this would be perfect right up to their late teens and early adulthood days.

Strong, durable leather material.2ft is only suitable for smaller kids.
Non-tear made to last long-term. 
Great for other martial arts, too. 

6. BOXING-MAD Leather Boxing Bag

BOXING-MAD Leather Boxing Bag
amazon uk

If you want to buy a smaller boxing bag that can take a fair amount of heft, then you might wish to look into the BOXING-MAD range. This leather punch bag is a good choice as it can take a lot of physical impact. However, the fact it comes pre-filled means that you simply need to make sure you do not go overboard. Stronger boxers might find themselves overpowering this little bag and sending it careering off the hook.

Keep that in mind, then, so that you don’t go too hard when it comes to hitting the bag. For newer boxers or those without sheer physical ferocity, though, this is an excellent place for you to begin. It can take no shortage of physical impact so long as you keep combinations realistic on top of that, the four-way welded chains make sure that it can attach to the swivel hook and not move around too much so long as you are sensible with how you how it.

 The machine filled material makes it easy for you to set it up without any additional purchases. However, the fact it pre-limited to the size that it arrives at means that you cannot really make this more durable or more suitable to a powerhouse boxing session. So, if you are someone who is looking for a heavy bag, this is not the right choice for you.

The cowhide split leather, though, is more than suitable for a quality leather punch bag that can be used for most smaller-weight sparring sessions. Overall, this is a quality boxing bag that can take no shortage of hits and punishment as you continue your sparring.

Made using cowhide split leather.Lacks the weight for bigger boxers.
Easy to work with top for hanging. 
Already comes machine filled. 

7. SENSHI Japan 6ft Free Standing Leather Punch Bag

SENSHI Japan 6ft Free Standing Leather Punch Bag
amazon uk

Should your intention to be to buy a top quality professional free standing punch bag, then this is the one for you. In our view, this is the best option as it is made using the best and most heavy duty materials. The wearing red leather and heavy duty steel fittings ensures that this can take a hit, spring back into position, and be ready for your next combination.

This makes it a tremendous starting place for anyone who is looking for a way to improve their punching process. Suitable for pros and beginners, you can use this if you are looking for a way to start hitting a target as opposed to a tube-shaped boxing bag. This leather punch bag is also great as it comes with targets, so you easily have something to keep aiming for and to build great face and body hitting combinations.

This comes with a weight chamber as well that can easily fill with sand to help make sure that the suction cups truly stick to the floor once they are placed down. Overall, this makes one of the best options on the market for a buyer who wants to find something that is strong, durable, and more than capable of taking the physical output that you are capable of providing. Absolutely the right choice for most younger boxers and for those who want to find some space to work out on a free-standing bag.

However, the main downside is the little gel gloves provided. They are OK, but they don’t provide you with the all-encompassing bounce and protection you might want. More suited to an MMA session as opposed to full-on boxing training sessions, really.

Targets make on-demand hits easier.Gloves provided aren’t great.
Human body shape improves interaction. 
Made using outstanding build quality. 

Leather Speed Balls

Of course, not every boxer is looking for a full leather punching bag. You might already own one, or simply lack the space that you would need to set one up properly. Whatever the reason, you might look into buying a speed ball instead.

Well, with the options that we have below, you can find three of the finest proper leather speed bags on the market today. For those with limited space or with a need to improve hand speed and hand-to-eye co-ordination, this should offer you the simplest, easiest solution on the market today.

8. SENSHI Japan Cow Hide Leather Speed Ball

SENSHI Japan Cow Hide Leather Speed Ball
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a speed ball that allows for you to build up skill quickly, then this SENSHI Japan option is a cracking choice. This striking little yellow and black option is easy to see from afar and can be easily attached to the ceiling. The only downside here is that this does not come with the metal swivel that you need. Instead, you need to order one and fit it into the ceiling. Given the price you pay, though, this is a fair enough thing to miss out on – many leather speed balls cost much more than the price asked for here.

The supreme quality of the lather makes up for any missing freebies, though, as this is designed to take plenty of hits and contact. The padding allows for it to spring back into life even after a combination-finishing haymaker. It is a heavy duty bag that is just as capable as taking ten hooks as it is one hundred rapid paced jabs. This is a bag that is designed to take punishment, and lots of it, without the bag ever really becoming weaker or less suited to your needs.

If the aim of your boxing training is to improve your ability to finish a fight quickly, then this does a fine job of giving you a training assistant to do just that. Work on your skills with a proper leather speed bag, and you are so much more likely to enjoy the confidence boost that comes from being able to hit harder.

Of course, this is great for improving hand-to-eye co-ordination and generally speeding up how you throw combinations. Now, you can ensure you are far more likely to find success.

Made using proper cowhide leather.Does not come with metal swivel.
Easy to build confidence with. 

9. ULTRA FITNESS Leather Speed Ball

ULTRA FITNESS Leather Speed Ball
amazon uk

By simply using the same pump that you use for a football, you can fill up this high quality bladder ball in seconds. It comes with an easy little valve to open up and fil away with, making sure that your speed ball is thick enough and strong enough. The little leather hoop at the top also allows for you to easily fit this onto even the most basic of hooks or sections.

This is a high quality cowhide leather speed ball that can take plenty of hits and should be able to just bounce back into position without a single moment worry. On top of that, it is great for improving your ability to throw fast punches, to keep moving on your feet, and to ensure that every blow you land is capable of hitting the right target.

Consistency is everything as a boxer, and this leather speed ball should give you everything that you need to ensure you can land blows consistently. If accuracy and conditioning are your two main problems, then a leather speed ball like this can easily take all of the hits that you dish out. So, why not try it out for yourself?

Such a little ball is the ideal pick if you are someone who wants to make their boxing more sustainable. You will build up more stamina quickly and you will be far more likely to find that you can keep on throwing down with confidence. On top of that, your leather speed ball comes with everything you need minus the pump.

So long as you can find a little football pump, though, you can get this filled up and ready to start hitting in a fraction of the expected time.

Designed for professional use.Requires your own pump to fill.
High quality cowhide leather. 
Excellent value for money. 

10. AONEKY 120lbs Leather Speed Ball

AONEKY 120lbs Leather Speed Ball
amazon uk

We have included this leather speed ball because we believe it does a good job of offering an alternative to the above. The first thing to note here, though, is that this is NOT made using 100% real leather. It uses a water-repellent canvas that is blended and backed with synthetic leather covering. This keeps it protected from the weather, and also ensures that it could be used for years without any meaningful damage done to the material.

However, that being said, this does have some limits in terms of how you can use it. For one, you will need to fill it up yourself – this needs you to use little sandwich bags that are filled to the brim with sand. Filling the interior of the bag without using a coverage is not recommended by the manufacturer. Generally, though, this is a good starting place for anyone on the lookout for a leather speed ball that can take a lot of impact hits without the material splitting.

While it might be disappointing to find out this is not 100% real leather, it more than makes up for in other ways. Generally, this is a top quality pick if you want something that can easily work in a small, cramped area. Indeed, you are given hanging straps and a swivel kit so that you can set this up exactly as needed.

The aim of using a speed ball is to improve boxing speed and punch combinations. While this might not be true leather, it’s more than durable enough to provide the same consistency and longevity as a true leather speed ball.

Can hold around 120lbs in weight.Does not come filled-up.
Resistant to wear and tear.Needs interior bagging.
Easy to hang nice and low.Not 100% true leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a few queries still lingering? Hopefully, our FAQs can give you some light on the issue at hand!

Why are Leather Punching Bags So Expensive?

Compared to the average punch bag, you might find that a leather punch bag can be surprisingly dear to buy. However, this comes from the fact that it will simply last you longer. These bags are made to take punishment, to last, and to stay in good condition.

Should I Buy a Cover for my Punch Bag?

If you intend on using the punch bag in an area with high UV light coming in, or high chance of water (such as outdoors), then get a waterproof boxing bag cover. This will help to keep the bag from looking washed out, or from water damaging the product.

Do I Need to Fill my Punch Bag Myself?

Most of the time, yes. Most punch bags and speed bags we have recommended above will not come filled. Filling a bag often means using sand, old rags, clothing, towels, or anything else that you might feel comfortable hitting. Unless specified it is compatible, though, do not use water.

What Other Materials Make Good Boxing Bags?

Typically, you would look to pick up a punch bag that is made from leather first and foremost. Whether supply or budget stops you from doing that, though, look into bags made using either PU leather or canvas. They won’t be as good, but it will definitely offer a good starting place.

Do I Need Boxing Gloves When Using a Leather Boxing Bag?

Yes, you should always wear gloves when sparring or training. The long-term damage and impact on the knuckles by using bare-fists on a leather punch bag is simply not work the cost to your health.

Ready to Make a Purchase?

Of course, you might still be wondering what really matters when it comes to buying a punch bag – and you would be ready to query that. There are a great many things to think about when buying a punch bag. Not least the fact that you might want to look for a specific type of bag. Well, the above list gives you access to sets, speed balls, and even some other useful little options. Indeed, some of these are perfect for kids, so you can buy the young boxer in your family a proper leather punch bag to try out their moves on.

Take a look today, though, and you should have no problem at all in locating a punch bag that is 100% right for you. It can take a lot of time and effort to get a punch bag you are happy with, which is why our search looks to whittle down the challenge somewhat. Take a look at the bags we have on offer, and you should have no problem at all in finding something within your price range.

Of course, be sure to refer to our FAQ if you have any queries. Buying a punch bag isn’t so hard once you know what to look out for, is it?

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