10 Best Boxing Speed Ball in UK for 2022

When you start taking your boxing training seriously, you no doubt realise just how important it is to keep up with your training and to take your training extra-serious. One of the most important things that you can do as a boxer, though, is to get the best equipment.

Sure, a famous movie boxer might have worked out on old bits of meat, but you want something a bit more reliable. That is why you might decide to take a look at buying a boxing speed ball. Today, these little speed bags have become the ideal choice for most boxers today.

Speed balls are a wonderful addition to any boxer’s repertoire, giving you a highly enjoyable way to box that can make you a much better fighter overall. However, if you have never used a speed ball, you might not be aware of just how useful owning one can be. Worse still, you might be put off by the price!

With that in mind, we have built a simple list of ten high quality boxing speed bags on the market today. Buy any of these, and you should get a pretty good deal back in return for your investment. However, buying a bag takes more than hitting ‘Add to Basket’ and completing your order.

Want to find out more about playing with such a tool? Then read on. If you just want to find a good product to buy, though, be sure to take a look at our section marked ‘The best speed ball for boxing to buy in 2022 to find a list of quality recommendations. Each of these products can offer you a great return on the money spent, so be sure to look closely!

What is a Boxing Speed Ball?

What is a Boxing Speed Ball?

A speed ball is a form of punch bag that has a very specific look and style. Instead of being body-shaped or long in length, a boxing speed bag is designed to be extra small. It normally hangs just down from the ceiling and would require you to concentrate on landing lots of small, accurate punches as opposed to throwing large, heavy-hitting haymakers.

These are great for making sure you can quickly work out how to hit a punch bag and how to throw quicker combinations. Many boxers suffer with tardy hands, and this does a good job of making sure you can get over that problem pretty quickly.

So, what is a speed bag or speed ball? A small punch bag that is designed for rapid and successive hits in a very short period of time when training.

Why do I Need a Boxing Speed Ball?

Why do I Need a Boxing Speed Ball?

While you don’t need anything, you might find that your boxing becomes that bit more effective and successful thanks to the training. As a boxer, you will soon be able to learn all of the little tricks and skills that can make such a big difference to how you go about learning how to box. For one, you will soon start to find that you can be more varied with how you throw a punch.

Sticking to a classic boxing bag means that you never really to change up your technique or your flow. With a speed ball, you need to start focusing on landing accurate, sharp, swift punches that are hard for the other person to guard. Instead of simply being a powerhouse, a speed ball forces you to work on your accuracy and agility as much as anything else.

And for most boxers, that change can take their boxing to a whole new level of quality. You just need to be ready to give it a try, really; a boxing speed bag like this can go a long way to making sure you always feel very confident when throwing punches in bunches. Instead of worrying about decaying accuracy or otherwise poor performance, a speed ball can be immense for making you a more consistent puncher.

What are The Benefits of Using a Boxing Speed Ball?

Benefits of Using a Boxing Speed Ball

You might be thinking of making the investment, but also unsure how much it can improve you as a boxer. Are you wondering to yourself what is the point in using a speed ball, how can it help me?

If so, you are not alone. We get many people asking us about why they should invest and trust in such a small piece of equipment. That being said, we highly recommend that you take a look at our boxing speed bag benefits, which include helpful benefits that will typically include:

Making Your Hands Faster

A major benefit of using a boxing bag is that you can start to notice a big change in how fast your hands are. Most boxers will find that their main weakness is lacking pace in the hands, which can have a natural impact on their boxing skills. If you are trying to become a more rounded boxer, then making sure your hands can keep up with the pace of your foe is very important.

Speed bags allow for a much more rounded and effective kind of boxing experience, too, as they allow for you to change it up. Instead of focusing on landing major hits and killer blows, these force you to work on your accuracy as much as anything else. Over time, this can ensure that you start to see meaningful results in terms of how quickly your hands can react to the situation.

Throw Faster & Harder

Many see the above benefit and feel like they are reducing power in exchange for accuracy. Yet it does not have to be this way. Indeed, a hand that is thrown with the same weight that is also quicker is much more effective than a slower hand. Think about it – if a door slowly closes in your face, it only slightly jars. If a door is brought closed with pace, though, it can knock you onto the floor with the strength it provides.

This comes from the strength and the speed combined. Well, using a punch speed bag will allow for you to build up confidence in your ability to throw both faster and harder. It’s a nightmare for a boxer to start compensating for a lack of power with more speed. These bags, though, do a pretty mean job of making sure you remain consistent.

Reduce Inconsistency in Punching

A big limit for many boxers is that they can throw a haymaker one minute and a feather duster the next. You need to get yourself into a frame of mind where you throw with a similar consistency from punch to punch. Each hit should snap and leave the opponent feeling it. With the help of a boxing speed bag, you quickly build up the skills that can allow for you to make your punches far more consistent.

This allows for a proven accuracy in the way that you throw, ensuring that punches are far more likely to land and sting the opponent. This is very important if you have any meaningful intention of becoming a better boxer; being able to get more consistency in the way that your punches are thrown is essential. For any boxer trying to become a more rounded fighter, consistency is everything.

Get Better at Defending

Most boxers end up flat on the canvas because they commit a cardinal sin – they bring their hands down. This can be an expensive mistake as it can leave you open. Well, a boxing speed bag encourages you to keep the hands up because of the way you need to hit and interact with the bag. Trust us when we say that this can only be a good thing and is sure to make you generally much better at defending.

You will naturally stop bringing your hands down and thus leaving your face open to being hit. You will also start to regularly bring your hands up after a combination, which can be a good habit to get into as a boxer. Basically, you will find that your boxing skills sharpen up not only on the offensive end, but from a defensive perspective as well.

Get Into Rhythm

Most boxers can struggle with getting a consistent rhythm in the way that they tend to throw punches. Well, with the help of a boxing speed ball, you make it that bit easier to ensure you have a flow to your hits.

Now, punches are far more likely to land on the intended target and with the right kind of flow. Instead of having one fast combination and then a range of middling and inconsistent combos, a speed bag forces you to have a variety of combinations that all flow together in a natural rhythm.

Trust us when we say that this can only make you a better fighter. The less predictable you are when it comes to fighting, the more likely you are to come out of any kind of fight that you are involved in with a victory. So, try and keep that in mind as a key benefit of using a speed ball.

Increase Boxing Stamina

Ever find yourself gassed after a few quick back-and-forth combination sessions? Then you might wish to look into using a speed bag. This can help you to increase and maximise your stamina, ensuring that you can last for longer as you go from round to round. On top of everything else, this is almost certain to ensure you can have more ability to rebound after being hit, and more ability to keep moving naturally within the flow of the fight.

A boxing speed bag makes you nimbler on the feet, more likely to react properly to an opponents move, and more suited to the high stamina demands that tend to come from boxing. That is why, if you are serious about getting into a regular habit for boxing, that using a speed bag is useful; it can make you more likely to last the distance in a fight!

The Best Speed Ball for Boxing to Buy in 2022

If you are serious about making an investment in a speed bag, then you need to know what to avoid wasting money on. With that in mind, we have put together an effective list of highly recommended boxing speed bags. Each one should go a pretty long way to giving you an idea of the benefits of using such an item.

So, take a look at the list of recommended speed balls for boxing starting today.

1. Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Ball

Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Ball
amazon uk

To start off with, let’s take a look at a pricey starting point. If you aren’t too worried about the cost though, you might wish to take a closer look at his option from Meister. It’s a popular choice that we recommend first and foremost because it is made using full-grain leather.

You’d need to attack this thing with a pair of claws to leave a mark in the leather. It is properly designed to last, with the inner latex bladder making sure you have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding strength.

Available in numerous sizes and suitable for home and gym use, too, this is the kind of speed ball that you should have no problem at all in using. It looks good, feels good to land blows upon, and the durable bladder allows for the best performance.

Hit this with a flush punch, and it should move with the kind of freshness that one would expect. This is great for improving reactions and making sure you can learn how to follow the ball from place to place, always landing shots that do exactly as you would have hoped for.

A nice bonus with this product is the inclusion of an inner latex bladder. This helps to improve the way that it rebounds, creating a more predictable and realistic movement that other balls don’t.

That is why, then, so many people tend to turn to Meister. They are known for high quality leather products which are designed with the intent to last. It rebounds consistently and naturally, and it always gives you a very comfortable boxing experience. Now, your hands can land hit after hit without having to worry about the bag wearing down your knuckles.

For a good, high-end option that can do everything you might possibly need, you should definitely have this all-leather option as a good pick. While it can be among the more expensive options for a boxing speed bag, what you get in return for your money is very impressive.

Made using full-grain cowhide leather.Can be quite expensive for a speed ball.
Lightweight yet durable interior. 
Available in numerous sizes. 

2. Everlast Everhide Speed Bag

Everlast Everhide Speed Bag
amazon uk

While most forms of boxing speed ball will give you a way to get used to landing hits accurately, this Everlast bag is great for working on reflexes. You will get used to working with the bag, always moving with it, and learning to predict the locations and places that the bag is going to wind up as you land blow after blow. This is very important for a boxer to know, though, as you want to get used to having a natural reaction to how the ball lands and moves.

If your aim is to become more reflex-reactive, then this bag makes this easier. Thanks to the rough rubber cording that is used, this will stay in place for round after round. The 23cm diameter also gives you a large enough target to get used to hitting.

While “only” made with synthetic leather, this durable material should be suitable for soaking up punches and hits with ease. It’s also got the bungee cord and the floor/ceiling fixtures you need to secure this in place. Even though the material might not be 100% real leather, it’s more than durable enough overall.

That is why we highly recommend that you take a look at getting this Everlast speed bag put in place in your property as soon as possible. It’s one of the best bags for those who want something that can take plenty of hits without losing its lustre.

Indeed, this is made using a strong synthetic leather that ensures it can move freely. The addition of shock cord, nylon rope, and bungee cord lets you know that this will bounce in the right place, at the right speed, without a single issue or threat.

At the same time, though, you might wish to take a look at this bag purely for the basis that it is designed to last. If you run a gym or want to give your boxers the best facilities to use without issue, this bag is a good, high-value purchase. Given the average price that it sells for, too, you are getting a professional-standard boxing speed bag that should stay in top boxing condition for a long time to come.

From the triple-stitched nylon to the extra-reinforced seams, this gives you something that can last for more than a single round for sure.

Double-ended, offering more balance.Hooks could be stronger.
Synthetic leather designed to last. 
Great for working on reflexes. 

3. RDX Dodge Speed Ball

RDX Dodge Speed Ball
amazon uk

Again, if price is not an impediment when buying boxing equipment, be sure to evaluate this speed ball option. It has become one of the most common choices for numerous reasons, not least the fact that it goes from ceiling to floor in most conventional rooms. This gives you total balance, meaning that you can confidently hit this bag with all that you have got and make sure it never flies across the room.

On top of that, the added durability and strength that has been included in the ball itself allows for ample punishment. From stress relief to building up boxing skills, this speed ball can give you all of the help that you need to enjoy a smarter, simpler, and overall easier punching training experience. Quality is everything in a speed ball, which is why you want something that you know isn’t going to deflate on you with a little too much force in your punches.

A big bonus that comes from this ball is that it easily stretches from the furthest floors to tallest ceilings. The high quality of the rope that connects it from top to bottom ensures that the bag stays in a natural position after each hit, too. The use of impressive cowhide leather, improved with specific and reinforced hand stitching, helps to add longevity to the ball in every way imaginable.

With a strong nylon strap that should be able to stretch plenty, and PVC buckles for improved durability, this should last for years to come if cared for over time.

Instead, this allows for plenty of strength to be put into the punch. This means that you can get the whole thing laid out and installed quickly, and then get working on your boxing skills the same day. Overall, though, it is also great choice because this is so useful for those who are taking on high intensity workouts. Hit the bag with ferocious speed and it will not deflate or damage; this has quite literally been designed with that in mind.

It’s a good choice for anyone on the lookout for a speed ball that is a big, bigger, and thicker, too. For something that stays in place and is great for day-to-day training, look here.

Great, natural shape for boxing with.Among the more expensive options.
Goes from ceiling to floor for balance. 
Wonderful for high intensity workouts. 

4. RDX Double-End Speed Ball

RDX Double-End Speed Ball
amazon uk

If you are trying to improve as a boxer, you need bags that can take a lot of punishment without losing their value and strength. Although this RDX double-ended speed ball can take some time to get up, and the thickness of the rope leaves something to be desired, this gives you more or less everything you need. In this one simple package, you can get a great quality Maya Hide leather speed ball for sale.

Since this goes from ceiling to floor, the 40.5cm size of the ball is just right. This helps to give the ball a realistic height within the room, maximising its flexibility whilst ensuring almost anyone should be able to use it. The durable, strong Flex-string and cord that is used allows for you to adjust the ball to your needed height and then use it without worry about its condition over time.

The durability of the bag is important, and the rubber bungee cord helps to keep the ball bouncing back into position even after you give it your strongest combination.

It’s a good choice as it bobs and weaves with authenticity, making it much easier for you to enjoy a more comfortable experience. Overall, though, you will find that this does a good job of offering a starting place for most young professionals.

This is a durable, tough little bag that can take no shortage of physical effort before it will move. On top of that, it also leaves you with a speed ball that is very comfortable to hit and should never leave you with any discomfort in your hands even after a prolonged session.

It’s a good workout tool in general, but it also works well because you get a bag that is so tough. You could practice combinations on this as easily as you could haymakers, giving you the kind of speed ball that should naturally react in the way that you would have expected it to.

Generally, for those on the lookout for a punching bag that moves naturally and accurately then you should take a look at this model. Sure, the rope that it attaches to the ceiling with is by no means the best, but it is good enough. Overall, this offers a pretty solid all-around deal for you.

Made using Maya Hide leather.Ceiling rope could be thicker.
Moves around with accuracy. 
Great for budding professionals. 

5. AQF Double-End Speed Ball

AQF Double-End Speed Ball
amazon uk

If you want to buy a boxing speed bag that you know will react as it should, then take a look at this particular model. It has become a hugely popular choice with many boxers as it can give you a great reaction with every punch. The structure adds extra durability, too, meaning that the bag is far less likely to blow over, burst, or simply fail to take the kind of hits that you are dishing out.

Since this is made with Rex leather, you can be pretty confident this can take the strongest hit you have to throw. Designed to be resistant to physical damage and wear and tear, this is ideal for you to work with. It improves hand to eye co-ordination simply because it moves with such realism. The rubber bladder that is included can also be blown up with a football pump should you find it happens to get a little weaker over time.

The lightweight nature, though, has been stitched to a supreme standard, removing worries this might lack the expected durability.

The main negative, though, is that this can be a bit of a puzzle to put together. While the instructions given are very useful, there is simply a lot of things that need to go into the creation and setup of this speed ball. At the same time, though, it does give you all of the assistance that you need to know that the ball is in the best possible condition.

We recommend this bag because it is so sturdy and so strong in general. It looks good, feels good, and gives you a natural response when you land a flush punch. At the same time, it feels good to work with as it offers you more than enough bloat and area to hit without having to worry about the ball sagging or losing the kind of feeling that you would have expected.

Typically, the best thing that you can do when it comes to buying a boxing speed ball is get something that is durable and tough. This has all of the hallmarks that one would expect of a durable, strong, reliable little boxing bag that can take all manner of physical impact and pressure without any problems whatsoever. A good option for sure.

Great design and structure.Takes a little time to build.
Perfect for stronger boxers. 
Easy to suit your own height. 

6. RDX Leather Speed Ball

RDX Leather Speed Ball
amazon uk

Spending a fair sum of money on a good quality brand for a boxing speed bag can be hard to get right. However, if you want as close as you are likely to get to a ‘sure thing’, then you should be sure to look at this bag from RDX. A proven brand name with high quality and consistency, you should have no problem at all in using this speed ball to your advantage.

It fits well into the provided swivel, and it can be a good choice to work on and build confidence when using. However, at the same time, you could spend a lot of time looking at this bag and wondering if it really would suit you personally.

Thanks to the use of authentic cowhide leather, this is a near-invincible bag. The extra hand stitching helps to avoid things like water damage, too. The polycotton lines that are used inside the ball, too, helps to make sure that it rebounds into the exact position that you would have hoped for. This helps you to become a more rounded boxer, ensuring you get used to reacting to the movements of your opponent.

With a solid 3cm strap, too, this helps to keep the bag swivelling in the direction that you want, improving rebounding realism even further again.

The main thing that can put some people off is the price – outside of sales times, this can be quite expensive. However, you do get what you pay for here; a solid, reliable boxing speed bag that should move with the punches that you throw totally naturally. At the same time, it gives you a genuine leather speed bag that looks great, contains all of the help you need for accurate dodging and striking, and can be just what you are looking for overall.

However, the main thing to look out for is sales. If you can get this on sale, it might be one of the best boxing speed bags that we have listed here for you. It offers a great, high-end choice that looks good, feels good to hit, and bounces naturally. Add in the use of real leather, too, and that extra price is a touch easier to justify.

Generally, though, it gives you the kind of leather speed ball that you should have no problem hitting and really feeling a reaction, giving you the help, you need to build belief on the bag.

Absolutely perfect for day-to-day training.A little pricy outside sales.
Great, real quality leather used. 
Swivels naturally and freely. 

7. AQF Swivel Speed Ball

AQF Swivel Speed Ball
amazon uk

If you are looking for a boxing speed ball that can stay in place at all times, then you should take a look at this swivel speed ball. It comes with the easy attachment needed and the impressive, durable nature of the leather to give you total peace of mind. This can take a beating, and the swivel bracket that it fits to makes sure that you can easily work your way around the bag in a circle without ripping, tearing, or otherwise damaging the product.

This is a sturdy little bag that is made using reinforced high-end cowhide leather. The full lining inside helps to add further strength and durability, ensuring the bag can move around without tearing, ripping, or losing strength. The improved speed and durability plays a big role in helping to keep the bag moving to the expected location.

The included swivel and fixings is a big bonus, too, ensuring that your bag moves naturally after each hit. Add in the extra lining, too, and you have a speed ball that isn’t likely to burst on you thanks to a too-strong punch!

For that reason, many people today choose to look to use a swivel ball like this as it can just make the whole experience easier. The bag now works with you as opposed to against you. Really, the only thing that some dislike is how high and close it is to the ceiling. Unless you are tall enough to reach the bag with comfort, working on this without an extra drop can be quite hard.

Overall, though, the boxing speed balls that you see here are very much the right starting place for those wanting something classically suited to the experience. This moves well, reacts to your punches naturally, and never gets too difficult to work with (assuming you can reach it).

While it might not be suited to smaller people and kids, it comes in a host of interesting colours and has a natural bounce that comes with every punch that you land. The end result is a highly impressive, useful speed ball that can move and react just as you would have wanted and expected.

So, why not take a look at this yourself and determine if it suits what you are looking for? It does for most.

Swivel is designed for natural bounce.Might not be low enough.
High quality leather material. 
Available in numerous colours. 

8. GOAMZ Reflex Speed Ball

GOAMZ Reflex Speed Ball
amazon uk

If you are looking for a nice, lightweight boxing speed ball that should react as you would expect, start here. The only downside with this particular product from GOAMZ is that it can take a bit of time and effort to get used to the way the ball reacts. While easy to hit and providing mostly natural reactions, the string can sometimes pull and tug the ball in a way that might make it hard for you to naturally read the movement.

This comes with a trio of difficulties that you can work with, too, giving you various degrees of challenge to work through. the lightweight foam that is used in each reflex ball, though, ensures that you won’t hurt yourself if one happens to swing close to your face or nose.

Most recommend this kind of boxing experience for those who lack co-ordination and cardio power to last the rounds intended. With this, you get something that keeps you well comfortable fighting in enclosed spaces with little room to move around. Improve your speed of punching, your agility, and your reactions. 

Overall, though, for the price you pay, this is a boxing speed bag that is as suitable for beginners as it is for experts. That is why you might wish to take a look at using a speed ball like this when you want something swift, simple, and suitable to all skill levels. Get the kid(s) to try this out and they will soon appreciate just how much fun they can have when it comes to hitting a little exercise ball.

The way this moves can be awkward, but it more or less always bounces right back into the place that you would have first expected. These little units can be all that you need if you are on the lookout for a quality boxing aide that you could use more or less wherever you wish.

The ease of use is a big part, as is the fact it is so suitable to all various skill levels. Add in just how easy the ball actually is to hit, and you get a good investment with this little product. It’s not perfect, but it can be a good pick to work with once you get used to its quirkier nature.

Suitable for all skill levels.Needs a little getting used to.
Great gift for young boxers. 
Very easy to hit. 

9. PYJR Boxing Ball

PYJR Boxing Ball
amazon uk

If your main is to invest in a boxing speed ball that you know does the job you need, then start here. This works really easily by simply attaching to your head and thus being able to hit from a distance. It works as a simple little headband that you can stick on and hit to your hearts content. This allows for a safer, swifter, and simpler boxing exercise experience. Unlike other speed bags, no set-up is actually needed.

Instead, you just stick this around your head and start hitting the ball as accurately as you can. The small ball will bounce around the place without issue, always reacting naturally to the hit that you throw. Really, the only downside that you will get when it comes to a boxing speed ball like this is the distance.

Some find that it is a touch too close to the face, while others can find themselves stretching needlessly to land a hit. For most people, though, it offers a speed ball that can easily be hit and improve your reaction times.

Reflexes are a huge part of being a good boxer, and this delivers a comfortable to wear headband that improves reflexes easily. It comes with two difficulty levels, with balls of differing weights to make sure you get to really work on how accurate your punches are as a boxer.

Suitable for all ages, too, this is a good boxing aide for those who might not have the space for a normal punching bag or speed bag. For improving hand-to-eye co-ordination and your ability to fight confidently in tight spaces, this is a must-try piece of boxing equipment.

It even comes with a sweet little bag for carrying and for storage, making sure you can always bring it with you. Ideal especially for those who want to do a bit of extra exercise and preparation in their spare time but might be limited by the space they have. A simple, easy to use boxing aide that should work as a good introduction to using a boxing speed ball in the future.

Simplicity is the key here, leaving you with a simple tool that can easily improve your reflexes and your accuracy when it comes to hitting small, fast moving targets with ease.

Feels comfortable to wear.Distance might not suit everyone.
Ball reacts naturally per hit. 
Impressive thickness in chain. 

10. AQF Maya Leather Speed Ball

AQF Maya Leather Speed Ball
amazon uk

The main problem with this AQF speed ball is that it can be needlessly tough to actually find in stock. This is a common problem for many buyers, and it can leave you a little uncertain about when you can get a boxing speed bag. Typically, though, this would make an excellent investment for anyone looking to make a purchase on a good quality swivel-managed speed ball.

The genuine leather is a nice touch, as is the overall structural quality of the ball itself. It moves well, with a natural swivel motion that feels like it properly reacts to the punches that you have actually thrown. On top of that, it’s a good choice for those who want to find a light, simple, and easy workout that allows for plenty of flexibility training. It even comes with everything you need to install it, and some quality ceiling rope to boot.

Since this gives you everything you would want in one package, you can set this up on the day it arrives. The non-tear synthetic leather is good enough for most people, while the air nozzle helps to maximise inflation whilst avoiding air leakage when you do pump it up. With a 37x54cm ball, this is very easy to work with on a daily basis, ensuring you can get used to landing hits on a smaller object.

The improved lace design also helps to ensure this is easily opened, blown up, and then tied. An easy to set-up and to use speed bag that weighs around 580g; a good weight for an exercise aide like this.

For a little workout machine that will improve accuracy when throwing down, you should take a look at this quality speed ball. It’s the ideal starting point for most people wanting to make a purchase.

Made from durable Maya Hide leather.Not always available in stock.
Great value for money. 
Impressive swivel motion. 

So, Which Bag Will you Buy?

No doubt you now have a good idea of just how hard it can be to buy a boxing bag without knowledge. When armed with the details we have laid out for you here, though, you should have no problem at all in buying a boxing speed bag of genuine quality.

All that you need to do is use the recommended products and you can very quickly carry out a whole host of changes that will be sure to benefit you for years to come. As a boxer, having access to the kind of tools that allow you to box with total confidence is a huge boon. Why not make the investment, then, and buy a bag today?

A boxing speed ball can go a long way to ensuring you are always on the right track to progress and improvement. From making your reactions better to giving you a better accuracy level with your punching, there really is no reason why you cannot benefit from learning how to use a boxing speed bag.

And now, you know where to make a purchase – so, which bag will you go for?

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