15 Best Outdoor Punch Bag in UK for 2022

As a boxer, you might have the desire to do a bit more practice at home and to get yourself into the best physical shape. This is an admirable goal, but it can be tough to find the space indoors. Most people might lack the room for a punching bag set-up inside.

You might lack the room for a standard free standing punch bag, or you might not have the space needed on the ceiling to hang a roof-attached punch bag. Whatever the purpose, the lack of space at home might make it hard for you to achieve your boxing dreams and aims. However, have you ever considered an outdoor punch bag?

For many people, this can solve the issues that you have with regards to space not being suitable at home. It can give you a chance to get a punching bag out in the garden.

While the UK is not exactly blessed with amazing weather, you can still use this even during our typically rainy seasons with the help of a rain cover. Besides, given the intensity of boxing training, working out when outside can feel great for your physical health!

Of course, it can be tough for anyone who is new to boxing to find the right option. That’s why we want to make buying a punch bag for outdoors a little bit easier. Take a look at the various options that exist today below, and you can soon understand why you might be better off buying an outdoor bag.

What bags, then, are a worthwhile investment for you today?

1. RINAV Hydroblast Boxing Bag

RINAV Hydroblast Boxing Bag
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy a boxing bag that can take plenty of punishment, then this would be the ideal starting position. This outdoor punch bag has become a premium choice as it has an even-walled rubber finish and a smart shell design. This allows you to get a lifelike feeling with every punch, making every punch that you throw feel strong, secure, and more akin to the kind of contact you would feel from a human body.

This is very easy to use and the impact is absorbed into the water bag itself. This allows for the bag to take plenty of hits, absorbing even the strongest of haymakers that you can throw. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, you could set this punch bag up and start using it wherever you feel most comfortable.

Setup is easy, and it weighs just 153lbs. This should give you more than enough weight to get moved around and set up into the position that you feel most comfortable boxing from. An excellent pick for anyone looking for a punchbag that can take a whole lot of stress even when stored outdoors.

2. DWAWOO Sandbag

DWAWOO Sandbag
amazon uk

While this will need some kind of coverage during rainy days to help avoiding the chain rusting (like many outdoor punch bag options), this is a great choice for many boxers to train with. It feels good to hit, it has the lasting durability that one would need, and it comes in a variety of colour schemes. For the price that you will pay, too, this makes a good all-purpose training bag.

Many people find this punch bag to be a good starting place when they need an outdoor boxing bag. You simply need to find something that can take the weight outdoors and attach this to the required area. this should then be capable of taking ample hits; just make sure you find an outdoor area that gives you enough room to move around the bag, as it will swing around as you hit the bag with a fierce enough combination.

As ever, we highly recommend avoiding windows or any areas that might be liable to get damaged due to a swinging bag. So long as you attack this to a strong metal frame, though, this outdoor punch bag should be just right for you moving forward.

3. DIOCHE Free Standing Punch Bag

DIOCHE Free Standing Punch Bag
amazon uk

Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, this is the ideal choice for many people. This inflatable punch bag can be put into any location that you need and then used as a training companion for as long as you require. It is a very impressive punch bag, with a shock absorption rate that is very comfortable on the hands. The 0.3mm thickness of the absorption layer allows the bag to take punishment without it hurting your hands.

At the same time, though, this is also useful as it is made using high quality yet lightweight PVC materials. These are more than thick enough to take lots of physical contact, but also strong enough to make sure that it does not begin to sink in or fade in terms of quality and depth. You should also look to the PVC material as a reason why this could be used outdoors.

It has enough strength to ensure that it can stay upright as you lay blow after blow, whilst the PVC material ensures that this could be set up easily and quickly. Excellent for those who need an outdoor punch bag without a stand being needed.

4. TUOWEI Punching Bag for Kids

TUOWEI Punching Bag For Kids
amazon uk

If you want the kids to be outside practicing their technique, then you need to find a punch bag for kids that works to this standard. For that reason, we highly recommend that you take a look at the TUOWEI punching bag for kids.

This is a highly popular choice for many boxers as it can be easily set-up indoors and outdoors. It has plenty of durability in the bag, and so long as you don’t leave it to an adult to hit then it should be more than durable enough for any child.

On top of that, the impressive nature of this punching bag is that it can easily spring back into position after each hit. At around 63” in size, too, it is not likely to take up too much room around the garden or your workout area. It can easily be set-up on demand, too, so you should have no problem getting it set-up and getting your kids practicing their boxing as soon as they are ready.

A good, all-around choice that you should definitely think about installing at home if you want an outside boxing bag that can take plenty punishment.

5. RDX Uppercut Boxing Bag

RDX Uppercut Boxing Bag
amazon uk

Easily useable outside, this boxing bag from RDX is one that you should definitely think about using in your back garden. It has all of the power that you would want in the design, and it even comes with a smart pair of boxing gloves as well. It is great for anyone who is trying to train on a more regular basis, though this is also useful for those who are involved in training for things like MMA and Muay Thai.

The irregular shape makes it a great choice for those who want something a bit different, as this is more akin to a human torso style design. It offers a great range of ships to focus on uppercuts, as many punch bags can make it tough for you to work on these kinds of factors.

This also comes with a solid shock absorption layer of around 2” thickness that ensures that this can take plenty of punishment. The durable, sturdy outer layer is also designed to take plenty of punishment and to be used indoors and outdoors without any issue.

It also comes with a tethered loop base facility which helps to ensure maximum stability with every swing. A top quality choice that looks great set-up and should be suitable for anyone looking for an outdoor punch bag.

6. Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag

Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag
amazon uk

If you would prefer a free standing punch bag that can sit outside, then this one is for you. We highly recommend this as it comes with a very durable style, and it the use of PU grain leather on the outside makes this pretty much the ideal choice for any boxer looking for something that can take plenty of punishment as you work.

This should be a highly recommended choice for any boxer, as the easy to use nature of the bag and the fact it could be set-up outdoors without any issue makes this a solid, versatile option.

Easy to set-up and then fill back up as needed, this is the kind of punchbag that so long as you cover during bad weather could make an excellent choice for all manner of reasons. Come and take a look at the bag yourself, and you will soon see why it is a common choice for those who want a free standing outdoor boxing bag; a consistently reliable, impressive outdoor boxing aide.

7. ONEX 11-Piece Boxing Bag

ONEX 11-Piece Boxing Bag
amazon uk

When setting up an impressive boxing gym outdoors, you definitely should look at this 11-piece solution. Not only does it come equipped with features like an outdoor punch bag stand, but it gives you the tools that you need – including gloves – to start training from the moment you set it all up.

For many people, a boxing bag like this can be an essential part of helping you to become a better athlete, giving you a greater standard of accuracy in your punches, and ensuring that you can generally become a more rounded, professional fighter.

This is a great starting bag for many people, as it gives you enough size at 5ft to help most teenagers and adults enjoy a realistic fighting experience. Simply raise this up to the level that feels right for you and enjoy training outdoors to your hearts content. A top quality choice that should absolutely make a good pick-up for any boxer looking to help hone their skills and become a better fighter.

The addition of everything you need in this heavy-filled bag makes this an excellent boxing bag overall. A great choice for anyone on the lookout for a top quality bag.

8. OOTO Reflex Ball

OOTO Reflex Ball
amazon uk

While not your average punch bag, this little reflex ball is a brilliant choice for any young boxer to work on their reaction times. If you are limited in terms of space, then this could easily be used in a small piece of space outdoors. This is excellent for improving hand-to-eye co-ordination, improving your general physical fitness, and improving your hand speed.

For many boxers, this can be the ideal alternative to something like a speed ball. This simply dangles down in front of you and you need to try and keep hitting the ball as much as you can. When used outdoors, this can be a high intensity exercise that gives you ample time to work on your flow, your technique, and your ability to land hands with the co-ordination that you would expect.

Boxing can be about more than simply landing the hardest punch. Landing consistent combination plays and ensuring that you get used to throwing punches in an order is very useful. This reflex ball can be the ideal outdoor punch bag when you are short on space and need a bit of help working on your technique in limited spatial areas.

9. Aoneky Outdoor Punch Bag

Aoneky Outdoor Punch Bag
amazon uk

If your aim is to find a boxing bag that has ample space and room for you to throw from, then this is the perfect place for you to start. This is a suitable outdoor boxing bag so long as you can find an outdoor punch bag stand to hang it from. Simply cover-up the chain when it is not being used and when rainy weather arrives, and you can stop this being wasted years ahead of its time.

The chain is the only part of this product that has to be cared for when the rain begins to fall. The material of the boxing bag otherwise can easily take a fair amount of rain falling down upon it. With that in mind, you should have no problem at all in working with this as your chose outdoor punch bag.

It looks good, it feels great to hit, and it gives you the kind of consistent bounce-back that you need from an outdoor punch bag. While you do need to find an outdoor space to hang it from, this is a good punch bag if you want something to stay in the one location while boxing.

10. SANON Inflatable Outdoor Punching Bag

SANON Inflatable Outdoor Punching Bag
amazon uk

Made from the perfect resources for anyone trying to improve their punching consistency, this is the ideal outdoor boxing bag for most. It is a simple to use bag as you only need to inflate it up to give it the kind of bounce-back that you need.

It can take a significant amount of physical punishment, and it is more than suitable for anyone who needs a standing punch bag that can stay outside.

While it might be best to cover this bag or take it indoors during the winter months, it is easily used during the summer months in any kind of outdoor space.

Simply set it up where you feel it works best, and you can get used to hitting the bag on a regular basis whilst moving around it outdoors. The spring nature of the inflatable bag means that it should always come back into a hitting position for you time and time again, ensuring the best results.

This is a good starting place for most; a cheap, affordable, and easy to set up location that you could easily use to your advantage. Ideal for boxers on a strict punch bag budget.

11. JX Fitness Outdoor Boxing Bag Stand

JX Fitness Outdoor Boxing Bag Stand
amazon uk

If you are trying to find the ideal outdoor boxing bag stand, then this is the best place to start. This is an easily fitted outdoor solution that you can then hook on anything that you need.

You can even use parts of it for things like chin-ups and other exercises that will help to improve your physical condition in good time. The outdoor boxing bag is a good choice for many people as it can simply feel so much more refreshing to work outside in the sun or even the light rain.

This stand would allow you to have a multi-purpose workout location that means that you could keep improving and working on your physique whilst having an easy way to get a boxing bag set-up. This is easily mounted to any wall; simply add it to any stable wall such as a brick wall and you should have no problem in keeping the boxing standards higher than ever.

Give yourself that extra sense of trust that your outdoor boxing bag won’t come down anytime soon with a durable outdoor punch bag stand that can take the weight that you have placed upon it with ease.

12. Box-Tec Waterproof Canvas Boxing Bag

Box-Tec Waterproof Canvas Boxing Bag
amazon uk

With the help of this punch bag, you have nothing to worry about regarding longevity. This is an unfilled bag that can easily be filled up with sand to give it the level of sturdiness that you are looking for. You could even fill it up with old pieces of clothing, wood, sawdust, or anything else that you wish. You will need to invest in some hanging chains so that you can put this up outside on a boxing bag stand, though.

Outside of that, though, this is a fine starting place for anyone who is looking to improve their ability to work out when the weather turns. This is made using a waterproof Katora/canvas option that feels excellent to touch, nice to hit, and offers excellent physical resistance so that your hands do not need to feel the pain.

Pick this bag up today and you should have no problem at all in enjoying a happy, satisfying boxing experience. A top quality choice for anyone who is trying to improve their physical workouts and give themselves the extra assistance that they need to enjoy boxing when the weather turns typically British.

13. Century BOB Free Standing Outdoor Punch Bag

Century BOB Free Standing Outdoor Punch Bag
amazon uk

When you wish to buy an outdoor punch bag, you should never discount any model – especially the famous Century BOB. This is one of the most popular free standing punch bags on the market, and definitely makes a popular choice for most. It should be kept indoors when not being used, but it can easily be set-up outside if you are going to work with it during the summer.

For those who want a target-focused and oriented punching bag option, you should take a look at this right away. That’s why if you are looking for a punch bag that you know can give you the best chance to work on combinations at both face and body level you should start here.

Please note that while you should and can use this outdoors without issue, do not leave the model outside in the rain or the wind. It can begin to damage the outer layers of the design and thus make the punch bag less likely to last for as long as it should. So long as you care for this accordingly, though, it should give you no worries about its quality and/or its strength.

14. RDX 8-Piece Boxing Kit

RDX 8-Piece Boxing Kit
amazon uk

If you want an all-in-one boxing system that can give you all of the help that you need, then you should definitely take a look at the RDX 8-piece outdoor boxing bag. This is designed for anyone who wishes to have an indoor or outdoor boxing area to workout within.

It is a great choice as it is made using extremely durable materials, using non-tear maya hide leather. While we recommend that you cover the bag during rainy weather and take it indoors during storms, it is more than suited to outdoor boxing usage for the most part.

It is a fine quality design that gives you a pair of RDX gloves that you can use to your hearts content. Simply use the chains provided and attach to an outdoor punch bag stand and you can ensure that you can keep on swinging time and time again. A great choice that can take all of the structural weight needed and can easily be attached to any solid wall i.e., a brick or concrete wall.

A great pick for anyone who wants an outdoor punch bag in the UK that can take a beating and is suited to outdoor training.

15. Shihan Waterproof Boxing Bag Cover

Shihan Waterproof Boxing Bag Cover
amazon uk

Of course, if you have a boxing bag that you might worry is not 100% waterproof or outdoor-ready you can cover it up at night. We recommend that you take a look at this solution for anyone who has a boxing bag, particularly a free standing punch bag, that might run the risk of water damage or wear and tear due to the outside weather.

This is a good purchase to have that should fit any 5-6ft boxing bag, and it comes with a 24” diameter to ensure that it should stretch out without any issue.

Take a look at this bag cover if you already have a boxing bag and want to simply find a way to help keep it protected when the elements change. Given the inconsistent nature of British weather, you should always be prepared to cover and protect a punch bag if it begins to become damaged in any way, shape, or form.

Buy this bag beforehand, though, and you can avoid the worry about a boxing bag becoming damaged coming true. Simply use this to avoid the weather, and your punch bag should last for much longer.

Buying The Best Outdoor Boxing Bag

With the above options, we hope that you can see that buying an outdoor punching bag is nowhere near as tough as it should be. While this can seem to be a confusing issue for many people, it does not have to be.

You simply need to know what to look out for when buying a boxing bag. With the above bags to choose from, though, you should hopefully find the selection of a boxing bag in the future a whole lot easier to go through with.

Should you find it tough to buy such items, though, you can use our simple and effective guide to help ensure that you buy the best outdoor boxing bag. With so many choices, you can simply browse through each one and work out why that bag might be the ideal pick for you.

Take a look at each, and you should have no problem at all in making sure you have a high quality outdoor boxing bag that can 100% suit your needs. As a boxer, you need the best conditions when training; with an outdoor punch bag, you might finally have the conditions required.

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