How to Choose The Right Punch Bag?

So, are you thinking of joining the many boxers around the world who are using a punch bag? Then you are not alone. However, before you go out there and buy the first bag that you see, you should take the time to understand how to choose the right punch bag.

Punch bags require you to be very particular with your choice. The difference between each bag type can be quite confusing for most newbies. choosing the type of punch bag aimed at your own deficiencies, then, should be a priority. Want to make sure you can make an investment that you are happy with? Then take a look at this punch bag guide to understanding what you are buying.

Choosing a Punch Bag

Choosing a Punching Bag

Start with The Size

So, the first thing to do when choosing a punch bag is to focus on the size of the bag. The right size of bag is essential for anyone trying to improve their skills. Typically you want to find something that you can easily punch at both head and body height without forced crouching. While it is common to stoop in when throwing a body punch, you do not want to be crouching too much as it limits your output.

So, make sure you get something in the right kind of size range for you. Most adults who are looking for a free standing punch bag will normally find something in the 6ft range should be tall enough. Extremely tall people, though, might wish to look to buy a punch bag that can hang-up, so they have extra height.

The punch bag sizes out there range from tiny options in the 3ft or so range (suitable for kids) to ‘banana bags’ which can be in excess of 6-7ft (aimed at adults and MMA training). The size matters, but the main thing to focus on with size is the height.

For those looking to use a smaller punch bag, like a reflex bag or speed bag, make sure you get something small enough to be hard to hit. The smaller the target for reflex punching, the better. You should check out this speed bag buying guide if you want a better idea of finding small enough bags that pose a proper challenge.

Look Into The Weight, Also

Next up, you should focus on weight. Typically, you want a punch bag to be around half of your body weight. This allows it to be challenging to move with a single punch, but light enough that it can be sent careering with the right combination. Normally, you should be looking at a punch bag weight chart to better determine the size of the punch bag you need.

Looking into the weight is important as it can give you a better idea of what you need. For free standing punch bags and heavy bags, though, you should be looking into the weight. The different types of punching bags means that you should always look to balance the weight on that particular.

For example, a smaller punch bag should not be half of your weight. Reflex bags and the like come in various weights, so you just want something that is heavy enough to not burst like a balloon with a well-timed punch!

Choose The Type of Punch Bag you need

One of the most common mistakes for boxers buying a punch bag is buying the wrong type of bag. If you are looking to work on a certain aspect of your boxing skills, then some bag types will be more useful to you than others. Typically, then, try and think about the type of bag you need in the following terms:

  • If you want an all-around boxing experience that improves your boxing stance, you want a free standing punch bag. These are general all-purpose bags that allow for head and body training.
  • If you want to improve your physical power and knockout capacity, then you want a heavy punch bag. These are heavier and more weighted, and require more physical power to ‘knock out’.
  • If you lack accuracy in your punches, then you should pick up a double end bag. These allow you to work on your punching accuracy, ensuring punches are more likely to land in general.
  • if you cannot throw punches quick enough to hit the target then you need a reflex bag. These will improve your hand-to-eye co-ordination and thus make it easier to hit a moving target.
  • If you are not fast enough with your punches, then you need a speed bag. This will give you the ability to throw multiple punches at once as opposed to throwing one punch followed by a delay.

Of course, you should always look to understand the bag you intend to buy. You should therefore look to read into our free standing punch bag buying guide, our speed bag buying guide, and our double end bag buying guide. This will help you to understand how each of these bag types could be of use to you, and how they could make you a better boxer overall.

Not sure if boxing is the right kind of experience for you? Then be sure to take a look at the punch bag workout benefits guide we have. This will help you to easily and effectively understand why boxing is a worthwhile exercise, even if you never intend to step foot into a ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to know when buying a punch bag?

As we have noted above, you should understand the size, weight, and style of the bag that you intend to buy. The best punch bag for you is one that allows you to work on all of your weak points at once.

What kind of punch bag should I buy?

There is no right answer here; you should know yourself what kind of skills you have and what skills you lack. Focus on that and you can make it easier to buy a punch bag that feels right for you and your own needs.

How to choose the right size punch bag?

The size is dependent on your own height. Anyone buying for a child can find something in the 3-ft range works. Anyone looking to buy a punch bag for an adult should be aiming for a 6ft+ punch bag. This should give you enough opportunity to land both head and body punches with ease.

Do punch bags come filled?

Yes, some will come filled. Others must be filled on their own. Some need you to fill in the base but not the bag. Be sure to always read the instructions on the punch bag you buy so that you can make the right investment (and buy filling if you need it).

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