Free Standing Punch Bag vs Hanging: What Should you Choose?

When it comes to training as a boxer, it is important to give yourself as many training tools as possible. This includes having more than one type of punch bag. However, when you look around at the various different types of punching bags, one comparison to focus on is the way that the bag is prepared for usage. In this context, then, we want to take a closer look at a free standing punch bag vs hanging punch bag.

On the surface, both provide with a mostly cylinder shaped object to punch into. However, the nature of how the bag hangs and is used means that it can be quite different. Let’s take a look, then, at the difference between a free standing heavy bag vs hanging.

Free Standing Punch Bags

The Punching Bag

So, the most normal type of bag to buy today are free standing punch bags. These are, as the name suggests, punch bags that stand up without having to be held up with a chain or a handle or any kind. They are typically made from rubber, leather, and/or canvas, and will have a solid base that can be filled up. The base is what takes the weight of the bag.

Get the weight right in the bottom, and you would struggle to ever knock this kind of punch bag over. They tend to make a good choice for most people who are looking for a punch bag that:

  • Takes up less room in a boxing gym or a home gym, making them more space-friendly.
  • Requires less space to work around, giving you more of an opportunity to box in smaller spaces.
  • Can be moved around and placed into new positions as and when you might need it.
  • Moves around and rebounds much in the way that a real body would when it has been hit.
  • Can be equally suitable for both inside and outdoors usage, making them extremely versatile.

These bags are typically in the region of 3ft to 6ft plus depending on who it has been bought for. Most of the time, you should be looking for free standing punch bags that you can punch at both body and head heigh without having to duck or crouch.

If you are looking to buy the best free standing punch bags, be sure to take a look at this particular list of quality bags to buy today.

Hanging Punch Bags

Hanging Punching Bags

When you look into comparing a free standing heavy bag vs hanging, you might find that most heavy bags are hung-up. Why? Because they tend to weigh far more than a normal punch bag. As such, the ability to move around and to weigh down a heavy bag using the base of a normal punch bag is not really too suitable.

Most people refer to a hanging punch bag as a heavy bag. The difference between a free standing punch bag vs hanging is that it is hung up onto the ceiling or wall. They are also typically much heavier, meaning that a punch bag that his hung up needs to be properly fitted to the right kind of wall. Don’t assume you could hang up your heavy punch bag on a light plasterboard wall; it will not work!

You need to have a strong base, typically a brick wall, to make sure your heavy bag stays up. The most common reasons to use a heavy bag, though, include:

  • Improving your knockout power as the bag requires far more hits to make it move around.
  • Strengthening your punching combinations by adding in extra moves for a heavier opponent.
  • Getting used to punching at your own height, as heavy bags are matched to your height.
  • Improving your hitting strength, learning the best places and ways to land haymakers.
  • Boosting fighting stamina, helping you to get used to landing punches for rounds at a time.

The main difference when comparing a free standing bag vs a heavy bag, then, is the weight and its movement. Heavy bags move around much less even after a full scale punch has been delivered. As such, keep that in mind as your heavy bag should be something that you really focus on hitting for as long as possible. It is a great endurance bag, and ideal for anyone looking to build up physical power over time.

Water Bags

Water Punching Bag

Quickly, we want to take an evaluation of a water heavy bag vs traditional boxing bag types. A water heavy bag is, as the name implies, filled with water. Hitting one should feel great, as the bag itself feels more akin to punching a flabby body. This is good for anyone trying to build up what it feels like to hit a real person.

The main reason to use water bags – free standing or hanging – is that they tend to be very light on the hands. As such you can train for longer. However, you need to keep an eye out for potential leaks that spring, so you don’t walk into a soaking gym floor!

Water bags, though, are typically a good choice for younger boxers or for those who are looking to carry out longer training sessions overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are freestanding punch bags good?

Yes, very! They make a great training tool because it allows you to hone your skills and make sure you can land more consistent blows. They are a great choice for those who lack the space or the ability to hang up a punch bag.

Is a free standing punch bag better than a hanging bag?

It all depends on the circumstance. Those looking to improve their punching power will benefit more from the heavy bag. Those looking for a more all-around boxing exercise, though, should find the free standing punch bag to be more useful.

Is it better to use a free-standing punch bag or the hanging type for training punches?

Again, there isn’t really a “right” answer here. It comes down to how you are training at that given time. For those who lack space and/or are looking to build up punching fluency as opposed to power, though, should consider the free-standing option to be the more useful choice.

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