Speed Bag Vs Double End Bag: Which One Is Better?

As a boxer, one of the most important assets you can invest in is a good training system. To do that, you need to be able to rely upon various different types of punching bags. There are several types that you can choose from, so it is highly recommended that you get a varied selection of bags to train on. Each bag type can offer something a little different for a boxer to work upon in their game. With that in mind, we highly recommend you take a look at two different types: the boxing speed bag and the double end bag.

Both are highly popular boxing bag types today, and hold a very high reputation among boxing fans. However, what they offer a boxer is quite different. Let’s compare, then, the differences between a speed bag vs double end bag.

What is a Speed Bag?

The Speed Bag

The speed bag is typically aimed at any boxer who is looking to improve their ability to quickly throw punches. Many boxers can struggle with being able to unload with speed whilst keeping their accuracy. For that reason, many people will choose to turn to the speed bag. Speed bags are easier to work with purely because they are so hard to hit.

Once you get the hang of how quickly a speed bag moves around, though, and how small the target it, your accuracy is bound to improve. You will get used to having to throw quicker and quicker punching combinations so that you can keep the bag moving. It also improves your hand-to-eye co-ordination as you get used to timing where your next punch is going to be landing relative to the location of the opponent.

When the bag moves, you follow it and land a punch with consistency and accuracy. This is the primary aim of the speed bag: to make sure you can be more likely to land hits. Typically, they are aimed at improving:

  • How well you can throw punches at a smaller, highly mobile object.
  • The consistency of your punches when a target is always moving.
  • Your ability to land more punches with every combination.
  • Your ability to read the movement of your boxing opponent.

What is a Double End Bag?

The Double End Bag

The other option for many people would be the double end bag. The double ended boxing bag is highly popular today, and is a common choice for boxers of all skill styles. They are a great choice for those who feel like they lack speed and accuracy when it comes to landing punches on the rebound. When a punch bag rebounds, it needs to be followed up with a strong, accurate punch.

This allows you to get used to hitting an object that moves in all directions quickly, just like a real opponent. Over time, this improves your ability to keep throwing punches – even to miss. That might sound odd, but many boxers get frustrated by every miss. Even the best boxers, the most accurate in the world, miss with plenty of punches!

The double end bag lets you improve by making sure you miss more often. This helps you to learn how to keep your balance, how to avoid wasting energy, and how to add the right snap into every punch. In short, then, the double end bag is useful for:

  • Helping you to become more accurate in hitting a target that moves around a lot.
  • Improves your ability to miss punches without wasting valuable energy.
  • Balance your punch so that you are less likely to lose shape after missing.
  • Add the right balance between energy usage and power into every punch.
  • Get used to following a target that can move in many different directions.

What is The Best Punch Bag for me?

There is no ‘right’ answer here. What is the right type of punch bag for you depends on where you need to work. For those trying to become more creative with their punch selection and options, think about trying out a double end bag. If you are a boxer who needs to become faster at your delivery of punches, though, you could do much worse than use a boxing speed bag.

Comparing the speed bag vs double end bag, you will find the main difference comes down to how comfortable you feel during your training. Try out both, though, as we highly recommend that you allow yourself the difference. Whether it’s accuracy or punch variety, though, both can be useful training aides.

You should compare double end bag vs heavy bag options, too, as many people will find more of a stark difference between these options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a speed bag or double end bag better?

As noted above, there is no ‘right’ or wrong answer here. It comes down to the type of training you wish to do, where you feel you need the most work as a boxer, and what you think has to be improved most.

What is a double end bag good for?

Double end bags offer a very versatile training tool, and can be great for building up better combinations in reaction to the way an opponent could realisticaslly move.

How do I set up a double end bag?

Each bag tends to come with its own instructions, but you typically need to have the double-ended straps attached to something (usually the floor and the ceiling/wall) to get the best results.

How do I hate a double end bag?

Like any other punch bag, you take a stance, and you throw at the object in question. Most of the time, this is a ball shape where you simply focus on hitting the right areas of the bag.

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