How To Choose The Right Double End Bag?

Training to be a boxer means making some very important decisions. Among these decisions includes what boxing bag and training tools you will be working with. For most people, working with a boxing bag that has a double-ended style (a double end bag) is very common. These punch bags offer some very versatile training options, and can be great for training and improving your all-around game as a boxer. If you need some help in buying a double end bag, though, this simple guide should help you to work out what you are doing.

For one, this double end bag buying guide will help you to understand what you should be looking out for. From choosing the right size and height to making sure you are choosing a double end bag that suits your needs, this guide will make the purchase a far less challenging process overall.

There are, of course, many double end bag workout benefits that you should try to focus on when it comes to buying this bag type. For one, they can improve your ability to throw numerous punch types in one combination; they can also be very useful for improving your reflexes and your reactions to the movement of your opponent.

If you are looking for a simple to follow punch bag buying guide, then you should take a look at this list. We will make sure you wind up buying the best double end bag for your own personal needs and your own skill level.

So, what are the most important factors to consider with double ended boxing bags?

Double End Bag Sizes Matter a Great Deal

Many people do not realise it, but the size of your bag matters a lot. Since a double end bag is typically held into place with some form of cord, it will naturally be quite small compared to a larger punch bag. Something like a full standing punch bag will be much taller; these are more like a beach ball or football-sized object that is kept in place with the cords at either end of the bag.

The aim to using this bag is simple – it can make your overall boxing much more accurate. You learn to move with your target as opposed to trying to guess where it will go. You understand quickly where your punches are going to land, and where it will likely push the bag with each hit. However, the size is very important!

Out of all of the different types of punching bags, double end bags need to be the right size for you. Why? Because one that is too large becomes too easy to hit and thus loses some of the purpose of your training in the first place. If you want to actually improve, you want to be using a target that is naturally hard for you to hit thanks to its dainty size.

In terms of sizes to choose from, you should find that you are looking to pick from a few different choices. You have the ‘sniper’ bags, which are the smallest and come with a very loose cord tension so they move around like a jack-in-the-box. The standard option for most beginners is a 9” double end bag; this is a good enough option to hit that it should move around, but it should also be easy enough to hit and feel like you are learning more about where it is going.

The other option for most would be the 6-7” bags; these are naturally smaller and move around more, but make a good upgrade from a larger bag. Over time, you will find these easier to hit and thus feel like you can follow and hit moving targets of a smaller nature. To start off with, though, the standard 9” option should suffice.

What is The Right Double End Bag Height, Then?

If you wish to get the most out of your new investment, you want a double end bag height that is suited to your own personal height. For example, an adult should be looking to keep that bag at around the 65-7ft mark in terms of height. This should be adjusted depending on the fights that you have coming up; if you are fighting a smaller foe, then naturally bring it down a touch so you get used to hitting down. If you are going up against someone taller, adjusting at each end makes a lot of sense.

The right height for you is going to be dependent on both your own personal height and the height of the people that you are going to be fighting. When choosing a double end bag, just make sure that you look closely at this. Height matters as you want something that you can easily throw various punches at, both closer to a normal head height and more body punches. Given that double end bags are useful for things like uppercuts due to their ball shape, too, you should ensure it is a good enough height that you are not having to stoop down just to throw a basic body punch.

Double End Bag Alternatives

Of course, you can get other forms of boxing training that work on the same parts of your skill level. One of the best places to start on this front for most boxers would be using a speed bag. Check out this speed bag buying guide if you want to see a real example of why these are so useful. In terms of offering you a chance of building up your punching speed and your ability to follow an opponent, though, speed bags make fine alternatives to the double end.

There is no real ‘best’ option out there; really, any boxer should be looking to have one of each so that you can train multiple parts of your game at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of double end bag should I buy?

Again, you should probably look at your own starting point and skill level before you do anything else. if you feel like you are already good at rebounding and following up on combinations, then you should probably start with the 6-7” bags. Beginners, though, will find most value from the 9” editions.

Where to buy a double end bag?

You could shop locally, but we highly recommend that you look to buy a double end bag by investing in one online. Check out this double end bag buying guide for more ideas on where to buy the right options for your own skill level and budget.  

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