18 Different Types of Punching Bags? Which is Right for you?

When you want to get into boxing, one of the best investments you can make begins with a punching bag. These training accessories are essential to building your physical strength, improving punching form, and raising endurance. However, one thing you might notice when shopping around is there are so many different types of punching bags!

Are you getting shoppers fatigue looking at the options? Then you are not alone. This is why we have put together this guide to the different types of boxing bags out there. As soon as you understand what you are dealing with, it is much easier to go ahead and buy a punch bag.

Want to find out the types of boxing bags available? Then take a look at our section dubbed ‘What are the different types of punching bag you should consider?’

If you want to get some more additional information beforehand, though, you should take a quick look at this pre-guide. This will help your purchase decision immensely.

What Matters When Choosing a Punching Bag?

When you are buying a punch bag, the sheer number of different boxing bag types can make it very hard to choose something just right for you. We recommend, then, that you look at the following attributes to help you buy a boxing bag that you can be happy with.

What is your experience?

First off, work out where you are in terms of experience level. You should always look to punch to your level; a beginner should always look for a lightweight, punch-friendly, easy to move punch bag. Stronger boxers and more experienced fighters should find something a bit stronger and sturdier in terms of weight and resistance.

What is your height?

Another thing to think about is the height. Boxing bags can go from tiny desktop options to large 6ft options, so you have to think about a few things. Judge by your own height, and then think about the boxing bag type. For example, a free-standing boxing bag will need to be at least 6ft for a tall boxer; by contrast, though, a 4-5ft boxing bag that is chained to the ceiling is tall enough for almost any adult.

What is your weight/power?

The easiest way to find a boxing bag that is suitable for your weight is to take your weight and half it. You should be using a box that is about half of your current body weight, give or take around 10%. The weight of the bag is important, as a bag that is too light will fly around with one punch while a bag that is too heavy will feel like sparring with a wall.

What is your skill level?

Make sure you think about your skill level, too. Beginner boxers want something that can improve their punching accuracy; more veteran boxers want something that demands variety in combinations and in punching power. You need something that is right for you to improve upon. Do not try to buy a veteran boxing bag if you are a newbie, as it will simply not move enough and train you in the foundations enough. Consider this closely when evaluating the different types of boxing bags that you might choose to buy.

Always buy to fit in with your own skill level, and your chances of enjoying your boxing training is going to be much higher.

What is the filling?

This comes down to the bag itself. Some bags use a soft machine filling that feels great to hit. Others use more robust material that gives the bag a more thorough feel, which is more suited to veterans. Some bags are filled with air or even water, though, so they can have a totally different feel that is more akin to punching a human body. Always look for a filling that is going to be challenging to hit, but not too painful on your knuckles.

What is the purpose?

For what are you intending to use this bag? If you want something to improve punch variety and accuracy, look into a smaller speed ball or a two-strap ball. If you want something that gives you an upper body workout and a lot of improvement to your strength, go for a heavy bag. If you are a mixed martial artist, look for something like a Muay Thai heavy bag.

What are The Different Types of Punching Bag you Should Consider?

Before you go ahead and buy a punching bag, you first have to make sure the decision you make is the right one. To help you along with the decision, we have put together a simple list of the different types of boxing bags out there for you to choose from.

So, before you just buy any old boxing bag, we recommend you look through this list. This covers the main boxing bag types out there you can buy.

Punch Bag Materials

One of the first things to focus on, we believe, is the materials of a punching bag. With so many types of punch bags, the materials are very important to focus on. For example, do you want something made with leather or canvas?

Just as important as the punch bag material, though, are the different types of boxing bags in terms of filling. For example, many punch bags today come with a specific form of filling. In our opinion, then, the best place to start looking for such punch bag materials includes:

1. Leather Punch Bag

Best Leather Punch Bag

Without doubt one of the best places to start, the leather punch bag is a common choice for anyone who wants authenticity. You pay more for a true leather bag, but it is one of the best boxing bag types that you can buy today. These are designed to easily take hits, scuffs, and impact without the leather cracking, snapping, or failing. They also can be a good choice for the outdoors, so if you are setting up an exterior gym you might like a leather punch bag.

Of course, you can also get leather punch bags made with PU leather and synthetic leathers. These types of boxing bags are less durable than real leather, but can obviously help to keep the price down a touch on your purchase.

They are easy to move around as they dance to your tune, while the leather material can give you just what you are looking for in terms of longevity. Like most punch bags, they come in both free-stand and chained versions, so you just need to decide what style you would be looking for.

  • Can come in both free-standing and wall/ceiling mounted forms.
  • Leather material is durable, strong, and resistant to weather damage.
  • Perfect for anyone looking for a classic, realistic boxing bag experience.
  • Designed to be sturdy and to last for as long as you might need.
  • The perfect starting place for most boxers.

2. Water Punch Bag

Water Bags

Next on the list is the water punch bag. These are quite common today as they are so easily filled. However, since this is filled up with water to add the balance and the weight, you need to make sure it is durable. Buying a good water punch bag means that it is not likely to split or leak onto the floor, avoiding any potential damage or slips during training. These normally use a rubber or PU leather exterior, with the water filling making up much of the fun here.

These are absolutely one of the most interesting options when evaluating the types of punch bags with which you might work.

At the same time, a water punch bag is good because it can be filled up within seconds, giving you a highly cushioned and overall enjoyable boxing experience. Hitting into a water punch bag is great for the hands, and the water helps to create a more body-like punching texture. It feels great to work with as they are comfortable and hand-friendly, but they also provide easy setup and fast portability which is another big benefit. This makes one of the most intriguing options when reviewing the different types of boxing bags because the water allows for such a natural, calming experience to fight on.

  • Very easy to work with for anyone looking for a mobile punch bag.
  • Filled with water, so very easy to fill-up and dismantle when needed.
  • Come in all shapes and sizes to suit any kind of boxing training you take-on.
  • Feels excellent to hit, offering minimal resistance to knuckles.

3. Inflatable Punch Bag

Inflatable Punching Bags

If you need a punch bag that can be easily moved around and put away if needed, the inflatable punch bag is a wise investment. This works well because you can hit it with such ferocity whilst knowing that it can take the hits without much effort. Inflatable punch bags are an ideal choice when looking at the types of boxing bags you can work with on a daily basis; they are great for those who want plenty of resistance training.

You can also use the inflatable punch bag because you know it is designed to take a lot of hits thanks to the air pressure. Add in as much/little as you need, and you have an easy way to enjoy some boxing from the comfort of wherever you choose.

  • Designed with tough exterior layers, capable of taking plenty of punishment.
  • Inflatability means that you can choose how much air is included and used.
  • Perfect for improving your day-to-day training with a low-resistance punch bag.
  • Portable and easy to put away thanks to the use of air-pumps.

4. Canvas Punch Bag

Canvas Punch Bag

Another place to start for most boxers would be a canvas punch bag. As one of the types of boxing bags out there, canvas bags are popular for those who are looking for something a bit more comfortable to hit into day-in, day-out.

Canvas materials make up a smaller selection of the different types of boxing bags, but they are available if you look around. It offers a more comfortable punching material than some PU leathers, but canvas is both not suitable for outdoor use due to weather impact and also tends to be less durable than leathers and synthetic options.

  • Good choice for those who want a more comfortable material to punch into.
  • A fine option if you are looking for a non-leather interior punch bag.

5. Outdoor Punch Bag

Best Outdoor Punch Bag

Limited to working with a punch bag outdoors? Then you absolutely should look to get an outdoor punch bag. These are made using materials like leather or weather-resistant canvas, and can take no shortage of punishment. They are very popular options for those who want to buy a punch bag that can take a lot of hits without snapping. Out of all of the types of boxing bags out there, this is one most suitable to those with limited interior space.

They are typically held up outside using weather-resistant, chains, which makes them very durable. These are rust and wear resistant, as well as designed to take the sun all day without washing out. So, an outdoor boxing bag is a great choice for anyone with ambitions to improving their skills with an outdoor gym.

  • Suitable for those who want/need to do their boxing outside.
  • Strong and durable punch bag that is designed to last long-term.
  • Available in numerous sizes and placement styles for every outdoor experience.

Heavy Bags

A good place to begin for anyone looking at different punch bag types is to look at the heavy bag range. Heavy bags have become very popular with boxers looking to change it up, giving them something very strong and durable. A heavy bag is typically what you will find in a boxing gym or a fitness facility. They are usually chained to the wall or ceiling, making them excellent for improving boxing form whilst working around something that takes a lot of hitting power to move.

There are a few forms of heavy bag to pick from, such as:

6. Free Standing Punch Bag

The Punching Bag

To start off, let us look at one of the most effective options on the market – the free standing punch bag. This is a tremendous option for anyone who is looking to take their training to the next level in terms of overall difficulty. They are great because they dance around the room meaning that you need to react to the way that the bag moves after being hit – just like a real person.

Out of all of the different types of punching bags, these might be the most versatile. They come in everything from very lightweight profiles to true heavy bag styles weighing in excess of 100lbs. So, this can technically be a specialist bag or a standard heavy bag – it just depends what model you buy!

They are typically weighted down using water or sand, and make a tremendous choice for those who want a less space-conscious boxing option. These are one of the best punch bag types if you ever need to find a way to get a punch bag set-up without drilling anything into the wall or the ceiling.

It is a good choice for newbies, though you will never find that this kind of punch bag is as durable or as heavy as something like a heavy bag. They are, though, great for more mobile sessions and varied combat training.

  • Allows for more spacious workouts that can improve your cardio and stamina.
  • Ideal for home workouts where you cannot find a hanging spot.

Similar to the above, the kids free standing punch bags are naturally much smaller in height, typically maxing out at around 5-5.5ft in size. they are a good choice for anyone who is quite new to boxing, especially if you have a young child who is trying to find out if they like boxing or not.

If you are looking to buy a free standing punch bag for a smaller child, this is probably one of the best places to start. Some consider a free standing punch bag to be among the best different types of heavy bags. Of course, you can also buy lighter weight equivalents, so it is always good to read into the best type for your own skill level, age, and power.

7. Traditional/Standard Heavy Punch Bag

Heavy Punch Bag

The heavy punch bag is a popular choice for boxers who want to add a bit more knockout power to their boxing form. The traditional bag is a good choice for anyone trying to get used to hitting something with a bit more ‘oomph’ behind it. Hit this as you would one of the lighter punch bag types, and you will probably feel that it barely moves upon contact. Out of all of the different types of heavy bags, this is the most effective place to start. They are standard, but they are highly effective and versatile.

This is the purpose – these bags can weigh as much as 70 to 150lbs and can give you a lot of punching practice. You will need to power up your physical shape if you want to knock one of these around, though!

For most boxers, they make the ideal starting point and can ensure you get a lot of training on improving your power. They also require a lot of stamina to move around, so your cardio improves using this bag-type. If you want to find something that can make you stronger and can also improve your combinations, invest in heavy bags.

  • Great for improving your punching power.          
  • Improves upper body strength in time.   
  • Great alternative to weight training.        
  • Adds extra power to your muscles over time.

8. Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Muay Thai Heavy Bag

An alternative to the above, the Muay Thai heavy bag is a popular combination bag for many boxers. Some know them as a ‘banana bag,’ but these are one of the best types of punch bags out there for you to invest in. The big difference in a Muay Thai heavy bag and a normal heavy bag is the length – these are normally far longer in shape. This is one of the different types of heavy bags we recommend you evaluate. Some refer to a Muay Thai heavy bag as a ‘banana bag’ thanks to the shape of these bags.

That can be quite strange for a new boxer, but it is something you should soon get used to. It is good if you like to mix up your combat sports, too, as you can then throw in some kicks and the like without worrying about hurting your foot on the solid bottom base section.

This allows you to work on your rhythm and your combination movement whilst still hitting into a boxing bag weighing a minimum of 100lbs. This makes them perfect for most boxers who want a more varied training routine overall.

  • Great for any boxers looking to try out other combat sports such as Muay Thai and kickboxing.
  • Length allows for you to try out head-body combinations and throw in some kicks as well.
  • Designed using durable materials such as leather and/or double-vinyl.

9. Pole Bags

Pole Bag

Similar to the above, a pole bag is typically even thicker and heavier than the above option. They can weigh as much as 300lbs, or more, making them ideal for real powerhouses who are looking to strengthen their punching style. Out of all of the different types of punching bags, these can be among the most demanding in terms of weight and power.

These bags also cannot be hung, which is quite a difference. They tend to be very popular choices for those who are looking for a bag that is placed on a vertical pole, ensuring that it sticks in place. they are great for those practicing heavy punches who want a bag that isn’t going to spin around the place endlessly.

  • Ideal for boxers of real physical power, like heavyweights, who want to punch further.
  • Requires excellent combinations and physical strength to impact, great for building power.
  • Uses a vertical pole to keep it in the one place at all times.

10. Teardrop Punch Bag

Teardrop Punching Bag

An interesting variety to the different types of punching bags out there is the teardrop punch bag. These feel amazing to hit as they have such an interesting angle to them. This gives you a different level of width from top to bottom, which can be great for making the bag feel lighter but also to make it swing around more. If you want to make sure that you get a lot of training hitting a moving target, teardrop boxing bags are a very popular choice.

They feel great for various reasons, not least the fact that as the bag swings around that you need to improve your timing to land accurate shots. This will make you a stronger puncher, but a more determined presser in the ring as you look to force your hits to hit accurately on the key parts of the body.

For that reason, then, you might wish to think about investing in a teardrop punch bag that can make a huge difference.

  • Improve your timing with an accuracy-aimed boxing session.
  • Bag angle allows for more authentic movement of the bag.
  • Also great for other martial arts, including throwing in elbows and knees.

11. Wrecking Ball Punch Bag

Wrecking Ball Punching Bag

When you need to really improve your variety in boxing, investing in a wrecking ball punch bag is highly recommended. These are one of the most interesting different types of heavy bag out there. This profile and design is a great starting place for anyone looking for something a touch different. You need to work in everything from uppercuts to hooks, haymakers, and jab combinations. Why? Because a wrecking ball boxing bag does not move unless you force it!

These are great for anyone looking for a really demanding upper-body workout that forces you to get stronger as you throw punches. It does, though, make sure that you get excellent upper-body support. If you feel like you are lacking the power in your arms to really force a punch bag – and thus an opponent t – around then you must take a look at this kind of punch bag.

It is a great choice for improving your conditioning and also for making sure you know that each punch you throw should take the opponent off-balance.

  • Ideal for improving your punching variety as you need to get creative to move this bag.
  • Perfect for improving your punching power due to the weight and the weight-balance on offer.
  • Ideal for stronger, more heavyweight boxers.

12. Specialist Heavy Bags

Maize Boxing Ball

Of course, there are various different types of heavy bag to look out for today. Other options you might wish to investigate include the bowling pin heavy bag, a very effective bag that forces you to work on the body as opposed to the head, and can be tremendous for adding to your power in body punches. Heavier boxers need to be able to gas their opponent with body blows, and this makes that a far simpler experience overall.

Another option is the maize ball. Maize balls are great for anyone who wants something that is very hard to move, and is typically kept on a large spring or ceiling-mounted chain, and it swings around a lot. This makes you practice your own head movements, which is something many heavyweight boxers can struggle with. If you are looking for a rhythm-boosting heavy bag, be sure to buy a maize ball.

Finally, be sure to look into an uppercut bag if you are someone who lacks punching power from the uppercut position. These are wall-mounted bags that can take a huge amount of power to shift, but can be great for practicing accurate, devastating uppercuts.

Speed Balls/Bags

If you feel like your boxing style needs to be more high-pace, then you should look into buying a speed ball as soon as possible. Speed balls are one of the best types of punch bags, offering a lightweight and easily fitted style of bag. They can be easily hung from the ceiling or the wall. The job isn’t to break the ball, but to deliver fast, rapid, accurate punching combinations that allows you to build up confidence in unloading punches in bunches.

There are various types of boxing speed balls, though, so choosing one of the punch bag types below would be recommended for someone buying a speed bag/ball.

13. Traditional Speed Bag

The Speed Bag

A good place to begin for a lot of boxers is the speed bag. Out of all of the types of punch bags, this is one of the most satisfying to use. The aim is to make sure you keep your hands up at all times, and that you always shift your weight accordingly during boxing flurries.

You will find that using a speed bag like this can improve hand-to-eye co-ordination, punching accuracy, and stamina. It can make you also develop better muscle memory, remembering when to move your feet and hands so that your punches are always delivered with a meaningful knockout spark.

  • Builds up stamina and can rapidly improve your boxing endurance.
  • Makes your punches more dependable and accurate in general.
  • Improves your ability to land punches in bunches with accurate flow.

14. Reflex Bag

Best Boxing Reflex Ball

Typically standing on a pole as opposed to a ceiling or wall mount, reflex bags make tremendous training tools. They are pole-mounted and move around on a spring-mounted pole that bends back, forth, and sideways as you land hits.

Unlike other forms of punch bags, they are great for making you get used to the movement and reaction of an object as it is punches. Over time, you will notice a big boost to muscle memory, to your reaction time, and your reflexes. This can make sure that punches are not only thrown more consistently, but that they land with more meaningful accuracy and thus can harm your opponent consistently.

  • Great for building up confidence in your punching style.
  • Builds up better punching combinations and styles.
  • Maximises end results for those need to boost reaction times.

15. Aqua Bag

Aqua Bag

If you want to look at types of punch bags, you should always look to focus on buying an aqua bag. They are tremendous training tools made from a durable plastic-like substance and with a rubbery outer texture. These are brilliant for building plenty of endurance training, as your punches and hits build up kinetic energy that allows you to better use your strength every time you land a blow.

By filling this bag with water, you can create a more authentic feel that can feel excellent to hit and punch. This typically gives you something that comes in various sizes, too, ranging from lightweight 30lbs options to far more heavyweight 200lb options. Aqua bags are great for building up the feeling of hitting a real person.

  • Great for developing a sense of what it likes to hit a body as opposed to a bag.
  • Heavyweight, avoiding swinging to excess, improving punching accuracy.
  • Ideal for longer sessions thanks to the kinetic nature of the design.

16. Double End Bag

Double End Bag

Some know this as a Mexican punch bag, but the double end bag is hugely popular today with good reason. They feel great to work with for various reasons, not least the fact that you get to improve the speed and the variety of your punches. Since this bag uses a pair of straps to keep it in place, you will find that it bounces around far less than other types of speed ball.

This is a good choice for anyone who wants to get into the habit of having a smaller target with a rapid flurry of accurate punches. The lack of bouncing around gives you more time to throw in authentic combinations that you would actually use in a ring. The lack of bounce also allows for you to focus on hitting the same areas consistently as opposed to simply making sure you hit the target.

  • An excellent training tool if you feel like you lack accuracy in your boxing combinations.
  • Great for adding in more natural footwork to the way that you tend to fight in the ring.
  • Improves your ability to hit numerous areas of a smaller target with precision and power.

Specific Punch Bags

Of course, not every punch bag is made with an all-purpose training module in mind. Indeed, many boxers today will look at different types of punching bags and decide they want something very specific. From a boxing bag you can use at your desk to one that looks like a person, you can find that these specific boxing bags offer something a little bit different.

For a less all-purpose workout and something built on a very specific area or idea, take a look at these specific punch bags, and see where you can make meaningful developments.

17. Desktop Punch Bag

Best Desktop Punch Bag

If you are short on space, then you might wish to use something a bit smaller for your boxing experience. The desktop punch bag is a great choice for that. Small enough to fit on your desk, you can even go a few training rounds at your coffee break in work. Excellent for improving hand to eye co-ordination and giving you an at-desk workout, the desktop boxing bag is a very popular addition to the world of punch bags.

They feel great as you can simply keep on throwing punches, designed to be comfortable to use even at a very short distance away. You might even find that investing in a desktop punch bag can be great for workplace stress, helping you to get in a little workout during lunch break and get over what your irritating colleague said to you!

  • A very wise investment, especially for those without much traditional space for a punch bag.
  • Excellent for anyone who wants to try and maximise their exercise within the workplace.
  • Small enough to use at the desk, large enough to avoid you punching the screen instead.
  • Designed in various materials so you can find your desired punch bag type.

18. Punching Dummy Bags

Best Punching Dummy

Today, one of the most popular options include punching dummy bags. These are very useful as they can take a lot of physical punishment, and can give you a lifelike human body to throw punches at. They typically retain the shape of an actual human body, meaning you are hitting something that looks and feels like a human head and/or torso.

This improves your fighting style massively, as you get used to hitting a body that is more akin to a human shape. While it still cannot dodge and move like a real body could, it can have a big impact on your punching accuracy. Get used to landing sharp jabs to the rip and uppercuts to the jaw area with punch bag dummies.

These retain the humanity of a boxing sparring session without having to find an actual partner. This makes them tremendous training tools for boxers of any level.

  • Gives you an actual lifelike body to punch, making each punch thrown feel more accurate.
  • Improve combination and hitting accuracy by having a humanised body to throw punches at.
  • Durable, strong, and typically free-standing so they never fall over during training.
  • Typically aimed at intermediate-to-veteran boxing trainers.

Punch Bag Sizes

Before you go ahead and buy any of the bag types above, you might wish to look into buying a boxing bag of the right height. When you are buying vertically-standing bags, they tend to come in a few different height configurations. Smaller types of punch bags, though, such as speed balls or desktop boxing bags, are typically much smaller than even a 3ft bag.

Of course, you can get numerous types of boxing bags and they also come in varied sizes. For the most part, though, boxing bags move from a range of 2ft to 6ft in terms of their size. So, a typical punch bag for a child will be in the 2-5ft range. Adults typically max out at 5-6ft, with the chain or the height added by a stand can be enough to ensure even taller boxers can keep on boxing.

What, though, are the main differences between a punch bag that is the smallest typical size, 3ft, and one at 6ft?

2ft Punch Bag

2ft Punch Bag

A highly effective way to enjoy your experience is to start with something simple. When you are limited for space, you might want to look into a 2ft punch bag. This is one of the best types of punch bag for the fact they are mostly wall mounted.

Get this put on the wall, and you can avoid having to find something strong enough to attach to your ceiling. This uses up very little wall space, too. At the same time, the fact it is wall mounted means you can easily adjust the height to suit any kind of boxer.

While mostly aimed at younger boxers, even adult boxers can enjoy a 2ft punch bag if they wish to use it for primarily body punch training.

  • Great for taking up no ceiling or floor space, with only minimal wall space.
  • Easy to adjust to suit just about any typical height.
  • Reliable option for boxers of any age and size.

3ft Punch Bag

Best 3ft Punch Bag in The UK

The alternative, of course, is to go for something much smaller. The 3ft punch bag is a common pick for many boxers who are short and/or for youngsters. This is great for anyone who wants to get used to throwing punches consistently at a smaller target.

Usually, these are going to be floor-mounted so you should have to fill out the base. Some will hang from the ceiling, but the extremely long chain can make them quite hard to follow as they swing around. For the most part, 3ft bags are the ideal kids punch bag as they can easily be reached by even newbie children.

The 3ft punch bag is a fine choice if you are looking for something that allows a child to work upon it, too. These smaller bags are typically made with resistant but comfortable materials, too, as well as very soft padding. This means that your hands should not feel as painful hitting a 3ft punch bag as they would with something more aimed at adults.

  • Ideal for young boxers who want to strengthen their hands prior to moving up.
  • Great for toddlers who want a boxing bag that they can easily reach in training.
  • A fantastic starting place for anyone trying to get a youngster into boxing training.
  • Available in both mounted and free-standing options.

4ft Punch Bag

4ft Punch Bag

Another decent step up from the above is the 4ft punch bag. Very similar in size to the above, these are often aimed at teenagers and younger children. They are either kept on a pole or free-standing for the most part, though you do get 4ft punch bags that hang from the wall/ceiling as above.

This is a good starting place for most boxers who are growing quickly, as it can give you a tall enough option for a toddler but also for a teenager. So long as it is elevated accordingly, even smaller adults could use a 4ft punch bag.

  • Good for everyone from taller children to smaller adults.
  • Does not take up much room, either on the floor or on the wall/ceiling.
  • Versatile and typically useful for those in the midst of growing.

5ft Punch Bag

5ft Punch Bag

Another pick would be to look at buying a 5ft punch bag. These work well because they can be easily adjusted to fit in just about any training regime. Taller teenagers and adults alike can use this size of bag, often best utilised when hung from the wall/ceiling. The height when draped down from the wall/ceiling allows for a good combination of body and head punches.

It’s a tremendous choice, too, for those who are going through a family of boxers. The 5ft size is suitable for anyone taking a growth spurt, and it can still be more than large enough even for the adults in the family.

  • Easy to hand up and/or keep on the floor depending on bag style.
  • Versatile height makes this very useful for any size and/or age of boxer.

6ft Punch Bag

Best 6ft Punch Bag

A common choice for boxers of all heights from average height up is to go for the 6ft punch bag. If you are someone who wants a ceiling-mounted punch bag, they will typically be in the 6ft range. This means that you can then adjust the height accordingly so that you can hit the body and head of the punch bag without any challenge.

The different types of boxing bags means that you might want to look at something that is right for your height range. Typically, even the tallest of adults can use a 6ft boxing bag without any issues.

There are many ways to enjoy the experience of a 6ft punch bag, but they are typically designed to be punch-resistant and to swing naturally. This creates a one-two system where you hit the bag, chase it, and land the follow-up depending on where your previous punch sent the bag. This is great for building hand-eye co-ordination and for having a large target that you can easily hit with combinations.

  • A great choice for boxers of average height to those who are much taller, with adjustable chains.
  • Comes in free-standing versions as well for boxers who want something they can move around.
  • Designed with punch resistance and realistic movement so that the bag swings as it really should.
  • Perfect for improving boxing confidence and skills in just about any adult boxer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of punching bag is best?

There is no ‘right’ answer to this question, as every boxer is different. Read through each of the bag types recommended above, and you can determine where you are on the skill level spectrum. Beginners naturally want something lightweight and easy to build up with, while more veteran and powerful boxers want something like a heavy bag. Mixed martial artists want something that can take a lot of punishment and is suitable for grappling, punching, and kicking.

There are so many different types of boxing bags that the answer really does come down to what you personally prefer. It also depends on your skill level, your training time, and the amount of space you have.

What are the different sizes of punching bags?

The different sizes can be determined by the weight as much as anything. The best place to start for a youth is around the 40-70lb range. Teenagers and newbies should aim for around 70-100lbs. Intermediate to veterans can go from anything from 100-200lbs. Heavyweight boxers will usually find that anything from 200lb is the right choice for them.

Size is determined by height, too; make sure you can accurately punch the bag at head height and in the body without feeling like you are having to move into unnatural positions.

What length punch bag should I get?

As you might imagine, the length of punch bag that you choose will be determined by your own personal height. Most adults can get by using a 4 to 5ft option, but any adult can use a 6ft boxing bag and hit it from top to bottom without any issue. Just make sure it is fitted as it should be.

What weight of punching bag should I get?

The weight should typically be half of your own personal weight. So, someone who weights around 180lbs should be looking for different types of punching bag in the 90lbs range.

Which Types of Boxing Bags will you try out?

As you can see, those looking to buy punch bags have a great many options to think about!

Before you make an investment, though, we highly recommend that you look over this list again. Make sure you are absolutely familiar with the various different types of punch bags available to you as well as their pros and cons.

The sooner you understand this, the easier it is for you to press ahead and buy a punch bag. Read over each section, make sure you understand what you are buying, and press ahead. Boxing is a positively exceptional way to get into good physical shape, and having a good punch bag can make this journey much easier to navigate.

Good luck, and happy boxing!

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