What to Look For When Purchasing Speed Bags? | Buying Guide

If you are someone who wants to take their boxing training more seriously, then you need a good variety of training tools. There are many forms of a punch bag, and owning a little mixture of the various different types of punching bags is very important. Among the most useful for any boxer looking to add to their agility, though, is to invest in a speed bag.

However, buying a speed bag is more complicated than simply just going online and buying the first offer you see for sale. If you need help in choosing a speed bag, then this guide should give you a good idea of what you are looking for. However, if you simply want to find the best boxing speed bag, you should check out our recommended list.

Otherwise, read through this speed bag buying guide to make sure that the purchase you make is the right one for you moving forward in the future.

Choosing a Speed Bag

The Speed Bag

Of course, the term speed bag alone can mean many different things in this industry. With that in mind, you should try and focus on the fact that a speed bag can come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. The speed bag sizes out there are very important, as is making sure you look at the various types of speed bags.

When choosing a speed bag, then, you should be focused on the following factors.

The Quality of The Bag

One of the first things to look into would be the quality of the speed bag itself. A good quality speed bag will be made from a durable material that feels good to hit. This should typically be leather. Cheaper speed bags tend to be made from faux leather or rubber, and they tend to feel cheap and have an inconsistent, unenjoyable rebound.

One thing to note about speed bags is that you can normally invest in a higher-price speed bag without the cost being too prohibitive. The jump from a cheap speed bag to a more expensive, professional standard speed bag is not as big as it would be for other types of a punch bags. If you can afford it, then, opt for a leather speed bag as they offer the best end results and longevity.

You also want to make sure that the bladder within the speed bag is made from latex rubber. This works better than cheaper, less consistent plastic and butyl rubbers.

The Standing of The Bag

Another factor to look into would be the way that the bag is set-up. Some speed bags are set-up using a free standing pole that can be easily moved around. This is more useful for those who maybe cannot find the wall or ceiling space, or do not want to either mark their walls/ceiling and/or would rather have something they can move around and relocate.

You also have the choice of a wall and/or ceiling-mounted speed bag. These are very useful and they tend to be good for those who want something that can stay in place and not bounce around. If you are limited in terms of space then going for a free standing option is best; if you have the space, though, wall-mounted bags are generally more stable, and rebound more naturally.

The Size of The Speed Bag

As mentioned above, the speed bag sizes that exist are quite specific. The size of a speed bag can be a vital consideration as it can play a huge role in the overall comfort you get. We recommend that you look to buy various sizes, as not every session will work with just one bag.

You should maybe look to pick from a small, medium, and/or large bag – buy at least two of the three. If you are coaching a young child, going for an extra-small speed bag makes sense. For larger boxers who are generally very powerful, going for an extra-large option might make sense.

Medium speed bags are the ideal ‘all-around’ size, but we do recommend a blend of S, M, and L sizes. This allows you to vary up your training, as smaller bags are naturally harder to hit. For days where you want to focus on unloading quickly, go for larger bags. For days where you want to focus on accuracy, go for something smaller.

Other Things to Consider

Of course, if you want to know more about the benefits of speed bag training then you should take a look at this guide. It will help you to better understand why so many people are turning to these excellent training tools.

Speed bags make you faster, stronger, and generally smarter in a boxing situation. Investing in a speed bag is a great idea – but you need more than just fast punching combinations if you want to win in a boxing match.

Other bag types, too, should be looked at as well. Another good alternative to a speed bag is the double end bag. If you want to know more about these reflex-building boxing bags, then check out our double end bag buying guide.

By the same token, though, if you want to keep things simple then you should check out our punch bag buying guide to help you see what a normal punch bag can do for you today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size speed bag should I get?

The speed is dependent on your size, age, and your general boxing skill level. Newbies can hit a larger bag easier, but more adept boxers will benefit from the increased accuracy needed to hit a smaller speed bag. As above, we recommend having a selection to choose from.

What is a speed bag good for?

Speed bags are positively tremendous for anyone looking to improve their speed of punch, their punches per minute, and their ability to hit with accuracy. They also improve hand-to-eye co-ordination and reaction times as you get used to landing the hits with consistency, as well as following rebounds.

Where to buy a speed bag?

You can buy speed bags locally or online, but you will normally find the best selection and deals online. We recommend, then, that you look at this speed bag buying guide to help you make sure you can get the best investment for your money.

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