How to Buying The Right Free Standing Punch Bag?

For anyone considering going down the route of buying a free standing punch bag, you have more to think about than you might realise. These punch bag options have become a popular pick for those looking for a high quality training experience. Easy to set up and capable of being moved to and from different rooms, these punch bags are very popular with good reason. However, as you might have noticed yourself, there are a great many options out there to choose from when buying a punch bag!

That is why we have put together this simple free standing punch bag buying guide. With this guide, you can quickly understand what to look out for when you are choosing such a training aide. Get this right, and you should find it much easier to buy a punch bag that you can be truly happy using.

There is much to think about when choosing a free standing punch bag. Things like the weight, the size, the materials used, and the cost all come into consideration. However, if you are unsure if this type of bag would be the right pick for you, we recommend you look into this punch bag workout benefits guide. Now, you can understand why using something like a free standing punch bag could be beneficial down the line.

The Key Factors in Buying a Free Standing Punch Bag

The Punching Bag

The Size

The first thing that we recommend you look into when choosing a free standing punch bag is the size. Sizes are a big deciding factor for any punch bag, as you need something that you are tall enough to hit without stooping.

As you will know, crouching or stooping down to hit a punch bag can be tough work purely on the physical exertion side of things. You use more energy to hit from a crouched or cowed position than you would from a normal height. Your punches are also going to be less powerful as you are throwing from a position that limits how much power you can get behind your punches. So, make sure that you look for something that is a good size for you.

Most adults will find something in the 6ft range is the best balance for them. Taller boxers, though, might wish to look to get a free standing punch bag in the 6ft-plus range.

The Weight

Another big deciding factor is the free standing punch bag weight. Weight matters for three key reasons:

  • The weight determines how heavy the bag is going to be when you are moving it around
  • The weight decides how much the bag will react when you land a good punch on it
  • The weight also plays a role in determining how ‘heavy’ the bag is compared to other options

You want something that you can move around so that it recoils and rebounds from a haymaker. If you land a strong punch on a free standing punch bag, it should move around a lot. If you hit a punch bag that is too light for you, it will spring around the place without any meaningful control. If you hit a free standing punch bag that is too heavy for you, though, it will barely budge.

So, keep that in mind as you try and work out the right weight. Typically, your free standing punch bag should weigh around half of your own body weight, so try and make the judgement based on that.

The Materials

Another factor to look into for any free standing punch bag would be the materials. As noted in our punch bag buying guide, the materials should be something that is suited to the environment. If you are using a free standing punch bag outside, it should be covered with a weatherproof material. If you are going to be using it indoors, it should be something that does not swell or expand with indoor humidity.

Typically, the best options when evaluating the materials for a free standing punch bag will include canvas, rubber, or leather. Leather is the best option but is always the most expensive, while canvas is usually the cheapest but the least durable option. Think about what you would like to be hitting into, as well; what would you like to feel your knuckles rubbing against?

The Price

Lastly, we think you should take a closer look at the price of any free standing punch bag before committing. Think about the size, the materials, the weight, and the ease of setup. Some of the more expensive options for a free standing punch bag will come with a more high-quality filling. The cheaper bags are very much likely to need filled on your own, or will use a cheaper filling that feels less enjoyable to hit.

The price will always be determined by what you get, though. Smaller canvas bags that come without filling will typically be much cheaper than a filled leather free standing punch bag. With so many different types of punching bags out there, though, you simply need to determine what price you are happy to pay for your training tools. Normally, though, a higher price will mean that the bag is likely of a higher quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a freestanding punch bag?

Use the above information to help you understand what you are buying, so that you can make an investment that you can be happy with.

Are there different size punch bags?

Yes, you get numerous sizes ranging from tiny 2-3ft options up to larger 4-6ft+ options.

What height free standing punch bag do I need?

The height you want should be akin to your own personal height. Those who are around the 6ft mark should probably find that they want something in the 6ft-plus range; you should be able to hit the top and mid-section of the bag without having to crouch.

Is a 4ft punch bag big enough?

It is big enough for a smaller child or a teenager, yes, but anyone above the 4-5ft range will probably find that this is too small to train with reliably.

Where to buy a Free Standing Punch Bag?

You could choose to buy from a local store, but we recommend you buy a recommended free standing punch bag online. Check out our buying guide for free standing punch bags to find the best deals.

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