Double End Bag VS Heavy Bag: What Can Each Offer In Training?

If you are someone who believes that boxing is part of your future, then it is absolutely essential that you take training seriously. A good boxer knows the importance of using the different types of punching bags out there.

That being said, the sheer quantity of boxing bags that you can choose from can make your choice tough. One of the best options for a boxer today is the double end bag, but another great choice is the heavy punch bag. These do very different things, though!

If you want to compare the differences of the double end bag vs heavy bag, this guide will break down what you need to understand.

What is a Double End Bag?

The Double End Bag

The double end bag is, as the suggests, a punch bag that is held up at both the bottom and the top. These straps or chains tend to add more balance to the bag, allowing you to hit the bag from different angles that you otherwise could not. Many choose these bags as they are small-ish, harder to hit, and improve a boxers punching accuracy.

A main problem for many combat trainers is putting too much energy into every punch. No matter how good you are, you are going to miss. It is a simple fact of boxing. If you throw a punch, you will not always connect. Many boxers, though, find they put too much energy and power into punches which will miss. The double end bag, then, makes it much easier for you to get out of that habit.

They ensure that you match the rhythm and movement of your opponent, landing snapping punches that are accurate. If you are boxing and want to improve how well you miss, and how well you keep your balance after a miss, then this is a must-try.

  • These punch bags work great for boxers trying to add more balance to their boxing style.
  • By learning how to miss properly, you conserve energy and being caught off-balance regularly.
  • You also become more likely to land a punch that follows the movement of your opponent instead.
  • This develops better power as you learn how to properly throw your punch with accuracy every time.

What is a Heavy Punch Bag?

The Heavy Bag

The other option for a boxer is the heavy punch bag. These bags are a tremendous training tool for boxers of all skill levels. Hanging up using chains/straps or free standing, these tend to weigh far in excess of 30lbs. These bags are designed to help you develop more physical power and consistency.

Many boxers can suffer from lacking the ‘killer blow’ in that they pull their haymakers back. Heavy bags, though, make sure you are throwing with aggression. While the above teaches you to throw with more accuracy and less energy wastage, the heavy bag makes sure that when you do connect that it does considerable damaged.

These are great for just about anyone looking to improve their stamina, too. You get used to having to put so much into your actions that you can only become fitter through the sheer endurance required. This also is a good choice for those who need to get used to fighting in tighter spaces, as heavy bags are much harder to knock flying around.

  • The heavy bag is great for boxers looking to add more finishing power to their combinations.
  • They also make a great choice for those looking to improve their strength overall.
  • The intensity needed is useful for building up more stamina and staying power, as well.
  • Boxers will improve fat loss, too, thanks to the intensity needed in using a heavy bag.

What is Better? The Double End Bag or Heavy Bag?

There is not really a ‘better’ option, it more comes down to how you intend to try and improve your own game as a boxer.

For example, just about any boxer can benefit from both the double end bag or heavy bag. Why? Because they both change your fighting style. While a double end bag teaches you to get used to missing and to conserve energy in your hits, a heavy bag makes you more of a knockout machine.

Boxers need to be able to balance out their power with their accuracy, though. This type of punch bag does a fine job of making sure that this is the case. If you are trying to improve how you fight, you should definitely be looking to use both.

You should therefore look into the various other options out there, too. For example, you might wish to compare a Muay Thai bag vs heavy bag to see the difference. You might also wish to compare a speed bag vs double end bag. You have many options; consider them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hit a double ended bag?

You simple need to follow the bag as it is punched, as it will move and rebound around the place. Your aim is to get more accurate with how you throw, meaning your punches are more consistently following the movement of your target as opposed to targeting a static object.

How can I make my double end bag better?

The main way to add extra value to a double end bag is to make it even more likely to rebound around. This could mean changing the length of the straps that are attached, or changing the inside material to something even more rebound-friendly.

What kind of gloves do you use for a double end bag?

Most use light boxing gloves, but you can technically use a double end bag without any gloves. However, standard boxing gloves should be more than enough. For some fighters, using MMA gloves might be more preferable.

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