13 Benefits of Punch Bag Workout

For anyone new to the idea of boxing training, it is important that you understand how useful a punch bag can be. There are many ways to train for boxing, but using a punch bag is going to be among the very most important training styles you take on.

Of course, there are various types of punching bags out there. From the standard heavy bag to more specific options like the reflex bag, speed bag, or specialist configurations like a free standing punch bag, you have a great many choices to look through. Regardless of the style of punch bag you choose, though, there are various punch bag benefits that you should keep an eye out for.

In this guide, we will try and break down the main punch bag workout benefits so that you know what to look out for. Of course, if you do decide to train using a bag, it pays to buy the right type of bag. With that in mind, we recommend looking at the best free standing punch bags as well as this general punch bag buying guide.

These two guides will give you a good starting place to learn more about this all-important part of your boxing training. Of course, there are other bag types to look into, and we will look to provide you with some suggestions as you read this guide.

Does The Type of Boxing Bag you Train with Matter?

The simple answer is yes. If you were to train on a standard heavy bag – a large cylinder-like bag with added weight – you would notice some specific benefits. For one, your stamina should improve and you should become more adept at hitting accurate, powerful punches. The heavy bag benefits that you can receive are quite specific. They most focus on power and boosting your stamina.

At the same time, you could train with something similar in a free standing punch bag. These give you more room to manoeuvre around the bag, and they tend to react to your hits more than a typical heavy bag. In terms of benefits, though, the end results are quite similar. However, what if you were to train using something like a speed bag instead?

By contrast, the speed bag benefits you might receive will be totally different. These sessions will not make you more powerful, but they will make you more agile. They will make you quicker on your feet and ensure that your punches can be unloaded quicker – and with greater accuracy. By the same token, a reflex ball will provide you with something similar. The general reflex ball benefits will see you throwing punches with a greater understanding of not where your opponent is, but where they will be when the punch connects.

In short, the type of bag you are training with will adjust the benefits you receive. That is why understanding each of the bag types is very important. For more information about the bag types you can and should choose from, be sure to look at our punch bag buying guide.

The Direct Benefits of a Punch Bag Explained

Punching Bag Benefits

So, with this in mind, what are some of the main benefits punch bag sessions can provide?

1. Get a Better Technique

A key boxing bag benefit is that you can start to notice a visible improvement to your boxing technique. Over time, this will make you a much more robust fighter. Every boxer needs to be able to rely upon their technique to get things done when they are in the ring – it is simply a fact.

Hitting a punch bag all day, though, is going to improve your technique. Your punches will be stronger, more targeted, more accurate, and thrown with a form that is far less likely to result in some form of physical injury.

2. You Will Miss Less

A common mistake for many boxers who are new to boxing is that they spend more time missing than they should. The punch bag is a large object, so missing it can seem hard to do. However, when the bag starts moving around with the force of your hits you will soon understand how easy it is to miss the bag – or at least not connect as flush as you wanted.

Regular sessions, though, will deliver the clear benefit of making sure that your punches land on a more regular basis. This is very important for your foundational training.

3. Reacting to Impact Becomes Easier

Another big benefit of using a punch bag for training is that you can start to get used to moving with your opponent. At the start, many non-boxers simply throw reactionary strikes from a very planted base. Reacting means that you start to move with the punch, meaning that you get used to following up with a more accurate strike.

One of the main punch bag benefits is that you start getting used to moving with your opponent. Now, your second punch lands where the bag is going, not where it was previously. This is especially true when working out using something like a reflex ball, a particular kind of punch bag. Be sure to look into the reflex ball benefits as a reason why so many people take up boxing training with this particular kind of object.

4. Become More Powerful

While this might seem obvious, training with a heavy bag is simply more likely to make you stronger. You are going to become more physically powerful because you are punching a bag with so much force. Over time, your body will build up more muscle in your upper body and in your legs. Your core will also get a good boost from regular boxing training.

This makes using the punch bag a fine all-body workout. You can even throw in some kicks to help build up leg power, too, making this a great way to become stronger.

5. Last Longer in The Ring

One of the most effective benefits of punch bag sessions is the ability to improve your stamina. Many people find they can handle throwing at full intensity for a few minutes – after that, they feel absolutely shattered. By using the punch bag on a regular basis, though, you will make sure that you can start to last much longer in the ring than you would have previously.

This is good for general cardio, but it will also improve your general endurance when boxing. Over a period of time, you will notice you can get around much easier without being out of breath.

6. Strengthen Your Balance

It is not just the physical aspect of lasting power and physical strength, though; punch bag training improves balance. You become much more in control when it comes to throwing punches – you will no longer become so off-balance when you throw a haymaker. Over time, this will make sure you become more in control of your hands and legs moving together.

This vastly reduces the chance of losing your balance. It will also make you more co-ordinated not just in boxing training, but in your day-to-day life in general.

7. Boost Your Co-Ordination

Those who spend a lot of time training with a punch bag start to find they can more easily co-ordinate their hands and eyes together. This means that when you want to hit a pinpoint area of the opponent, you can. When you want to make sure that your hands land the blow exactly where you wanted, you need to keep on training.

Regular punch bag sessions will ensure you can easily co-ordinate body movement, hand movement, and leg movement all at once. From improved footwork without losing balance to accurate punching, every aspect of co-ordination will improve.

This is especially true when using punch bag types such as a double end punch bag. Check out the double end bag benefits and see for yourself why so many turn to double end bags to improve their overall co-ordination.

The Indirect Benefits of Punch Bag Training

Punching Bag Workout Benefits

Of course, not every benefit that you get from punch bag training is going to come down to making you a better boxer. What other benefits can this training style provide?

8. Reduce The Risk of Ailments

Since you are going to become fitter and generally healthier, punch bag training benefits extend to your general health. Over time, one can find that boxing training helps them to become healthier as they reduce the physical and mental strain on their bodies. This makes you less likely to suffer from health issues down the line.

9. Keep Your Weight in Check

Another big impact and benefit of boxing training is that you can easily keep yourself in good physical condition. For many of us, staying on good physical condition and avoiding needless weight gain is a constant battle. That is why boxing is such a useful training exercise – it can play a massive role in helping you to keep your weight in proper check down the line.

The regular sessions and the all-body nature of this workout style means you benefit from reduced weight gain. This helps with the above, too, for your general health.

10. Reduce Stress and Irritation

Had a tough day at the office? Had to bite your lip one time too many with rude customers? Then get on the bag once you get home or to the gym. One of the best indirect punch bag benefits stems from reducing stress.

You have no idea how useful it can be to quite literally punch your stress and frustration out of your system. Removing that pent-up anger is a great way to avoid physical ailments, too. On top of that, you are less likely to ‘explode’ one day due to all of that pent-up frustration.

This is especially useful if you invest in various bag types that feel less physically demanding to hit. For example, water punch bags are good for this. The water punch bag benefits include the fact that you do not feel the physical impact on your hands anywhere near as much.

11. Find The Power to Fight Back

A common problem with those who do not exercise is they tend to be quick to back down in a confrontation. We do not mean a physical confrontation – boxing should never be used to make you feel antagonistic towards someone else. Instead, we mean being able to find the inner spirit and confidence to say no when you do not want to do something.

Boxing training builds up your own personal belief and your own inner strength. This makes you much more likely to always be ready to stand your ground when required.

12. Defend Yourself When it Matters

Of course, one benefit of regular punch training sessions is you understand the art of self-defence a little more. Almost any situation we find ourselves in can be resolved with an amicable and fair end result. However, sometimes, you must defend yourself when it counts. Regular punch bag training will make sure that you feel confident that should a worst-case scenario unfold that you can defend yourself from being attacked.

Keep that in mind – self-defence and knowing that you can stand up for yourself and those you care about is a very good feeling indeed.

13. Have fun, Release Stress

You might not associate the idea of punching something with the concept of entertainment, but one of the best benefits of a punch bag is that you can have plenty of fun whilst you do so. Boxing is a fun and satisfying sport to take part in. Being able to find all of the benefits above, and work out all of those stressful feelings you have, is fun.

If you can find someone to pair-up with and box alongside, then your boxing training can become even more satisfying and enjoyable. Keep that in mind during training!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Buy a Punch Bag for The Benefits?

As you can see, then, there are quite a few benefits to getting on the punch bag and working out. Punch bag training goes a long way to giving you extra physical training, improved physique, and heightened self-belief. Add in the stress relief, the physical benefits, the improvement to your co-ordination, and the de-stressing effect, and it is easy to see why so many people turn to using a punch bag training regime.

So, should you get into training for the punch bag benefits? It definitely is a reason to consider taking up boxing!

Is a punch bag a good workout?

It most definitely is, so long as you take the training seriously and you put in the requisite time and effort. It can provide you with all of the benefits that we have listed above.

How does a punch bag help your body?

For one, it improves your physique by working out your upper body, lower body, and core. It also plays a role in improving your stamina, your staying power, your balance, your power, and your co-ordination. All of these benefits can impact you both in a boxing environment and in a more day-to-day experience.  

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