Difference Between Wrecking Ball Punch Bag and Heavy Bag

When you are engaged in any kind of meaningful boxing training, one of the most important aspects of training is variety. No boxer reaches the very top just by training on the one type of punch bag all day. No, the best boxers are able to improve their abilities and their class by using the different types of punching bags out there.

If you want to improve your own fighting form, then one of the best options to look at would be a wrecking ball punch bag. Another option would be the standard heavy punch bag. Not sure what would be the best choice for you? Then let this guide easily break down the details that you need to know about each bag type. Then, you can make an investment that you know is going to pay off.

The Heavy Punch Bag

The Heavy Bag

When comparing a wrecking ball vs heavy bag, the best place to start with is with the more ‘basic’ option. The heavy punch bag is highly popularised for fighters as they require so much physical power to move. If you have ever punched a bag like this, you will soon realise why they are called heavy bags. Weighing at least half of your body weight, a heavy bag should be something that you can hit with 100% full power without it swinging around the place.

Compare a punch bag vs heavy bag and the main difference is almost certainly within the weight. Most heavy punch bags are going to be attached to the ceiling or the wall. They are usually weighed down using extra strong materials, and weigh a lot in terms of kilograms. Usually, you will find that you can hit a heavy bag with your maximum available force and only see it move around slightly. They are designed for three main reasons:

  1. Giving a boxer more opportunity to train to add more stopping power to their punches.
  2. Getting used to an object being punched at full force without it recoiling/moving around.
  3. Preparing you for making sure you do not over-use your power and energy with each punch.

These three factors are absolutely essential for any boxer to know. Being able to throw a punch means being able to stay balanced and hit with the right kind of power. Well, with a heavy bag, you get used to landing that ferocious snapping punch without seeing yourself come off your feet.

For that reason, the heavy punch bag is a very popular training tool for boxers of all skill levels. When comparing a wrecking ball punch bag vs heavy bag, the main thing to focus on is the weight. Heavy bags do not move without extreme physical force.

The Wrecking Ball Punch Bag

The Wrecking Ball Punching Bag

Next up would be the wrecking ball punch bag. These are different to the above, though there are some clear similarities. If you are compare this to the above, then the main difference tends to be in the shape of the bag. The actual use and purpose, though, remains the same: a high-intensity, highly weighted bag that needs a lot of physical force to move.

The primary difference comes down to the shape of the bag. A rounded shape as opposed to a cylinder, these are better for more varied punching combinations. You can use a wrecking ball for things like uppercuts and for giving you a more targeted object. Some find the more cylinder shaped style of bags to be not very useful for training things like body blows and the like; wrecking balls, though, are more or less built for that exact purpose.

There are several reasons to think about using a wrecking ball punch bag, but the main reasons are:

  1. Improving your ability to throw punches on a different shape of opponent.
  2. Getting a more varied punching style (such as uppercuts) than heavy bags allow.
  3. Forcing yourself to train against an opponent that is larger physically.
  4. Dealing with a rounded shape that might allow for more varied punching options.

Which is Better? The Wrecking Ball Punch Bag or Heavy Bag?

There is no option that is ‘better’ overall, it just depends on what you want. We recommend that any boxer serious about their form and their improvement should focus on using a variety of both. Training on one and then the other can make it much easier to work on your ability to fight against different shaped opponents.

Sometimes, an opponent (especially in heavier weight classes) might be more rounded than tall. This means you need to get used to hitting an opponent with that girth, and finding the right combinations that can still hurt them. By making sure you use a blend of both bags in your training, then, you are bound to become a more rounded boxer overall.

So, if you compare the heavy bag or wrecking ball you should find that they both have their strengths. Both are great for boxers looking to really hone and add to their skills. So, you should not have to choose one or the other; you could use both!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a wrecking ball punch bag?

You use a wrecking ball the same as you would a normal heavy bag. You have it attached to the ceiling/wall, and you hit into the bag as often as you can. This forces you to be very consistent with your hits, as the shape of the bag makes it easy to miss punches and scuff your assaults.

What weight of heavy bag should I buy?

The weight depends on you personally. Typically, it is recommended that you look to pick up a heavy bag that can be around half of your own body weight. Still, though, you might wish to get a heavy bag that can be refilled so you can adjust the weight on the fly.

Is it bad to hit the heavy bag everyday?

Not really, no. So long as you do not overdo it and you protect your hands, there is no reason why you cannot train each day. Still, for repetitive strain and for physical tiredness, we recommend you try to use a heavy bag maybe 3-5 times per week as opposed to 7 days per week.

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