Punch Bag vs Punching Dummy: What is The Right Training Tool for you?

As a boxer, or would-be boxer, it is imperative that you get a training regimen that suits your personal needs. The main thing to look for when it comes to punch bags is choosing the right type and style. with so many different types to choose from, you might not be wholly aware of where to begin. For example, have you ever thought comparing a punch bag vs punching dummy?

The difference between a punch bag vs dummy can be best explained by the type of punches you will be throwing. In this simple guide, we will try to break down the main information that you need to know so that you can buy the best punch bag for your own personal needs.

Punch Bags

The Punching Bag

So, the most common type of punch bags are the standard punch bags. These are typically free-standing punch bags, the type which are filled at the bottom to give them extra balance and weight. You then punch into this object, typically a long cylinder in terms of shape. You focus your punches on that, and you hit the shape as it moves around on the chain/straps that it hangs from.

Given there are so many different types of punching bags, you want to buy something that is right for you. So, standard punch bags are mainly aimed at boxers who:

  • Need an all-purpose workout and can give them something easy to work with.
  • Require a punch bag that can be free-standing and does not mount to the wall/ceiling.
  • Wish to have a punch bag that moves with them as they land blows, improving reactions.
  • Desire a punch bag that offers both head and body areas to target, improving the results.
  • Want a punch bag that can be used for both boxing training and other wider combat training.

If you want to make sure you buy the best free standing punch bag, be sure to check out this list to see what the best option for you is when making your purchase.

Punching Dummy

Punching Dummy

Punching dummies are various in their shapes and style. Typically, they are shaped like a human torso, giving you something that has a human-shaped body, arms, neck, and head. It means that the object you punch looks, feels, and reacts more like a real body.

Many boxers find it hard to improve their combination boxing when fighting a normal punch bag. Comparing a punch bag vs punching dummy means looking at where you land the punches. If you find it hard to properly visualise hitting someone on a normal punch bag, then the punching dummy can be the better choice.

These are very popular with boxers today as they can be so much fun to work with, and can improve your combination accuracy. Instead of getting used to just throwing random punches at a cylinder, you get used to targeting an area that is akin to a human head, face, torso etc.

Some people refer to a punching dummy as a BOB, as this is one of the most popular brand types out there. Comparing a bob vs punch bag, then, means focusing on the major differences which are:

  • BOBs tend to be better for those who need a more lifelike dummy to hit/spar with.
  • Punching dummies are free standing, too, but tend to be even more spring-loaded.
  • The reactions often mean that these dummies will bounce almost perfectly back into position.
  • This means that boxers who want to improve their combination accuracy will benefit from this.
  • On top of that, a punch bag vs bob is different due to the materials; BOBs are more durable.

If you want to make sure you buy the right kind of punching dummies, then be sure to look at the best punching dummy bag options out there for you to choose from today.

Heavy Bag

The Heavy Bag

Another option would be to consider buying a heavy bag. Heavy bags are, as the name implies, much heavier. They tend to weigh at least half of your body weight, and can start at anything from 30lbs upwards depending on your current power.

Much harder to move around and rock, heavy bags are good for anyone building up a bit of extra stopping power in their boxing. Compare a heavy bag vs bob, and the main differences tend to include:

  • Heavy bags are much harder to move around, whereas punching dummies rebound from your hits.
  • Normally heavy bags are much heavier and thus take a lot more stopping power to move from position.
  • Heavy bag designs are usually going to be held up on the wall or ceiling using a strap or a chain.
  • A bob vs heavy bag will always give you a more specific target; heavy bags are just one shape overall.

If you want to make sure you buy a heavy bag that feels safe to use and is suited to your boxing style, then be sure to look at buying a heavy punch bag from this list.

Reflex Bags

Reflex Bags

Lastly, we want to make sure you can also look into buying a reflex bag. Reflex bags are typically much smaller and are designed to make your punches fly faster and hit more often. Many boxers suffer from inaccuracy when throwing, and reflex bags move around so much that you need to get used to following their movement and motion perfectly.

Comparing a punch bag vs reflex bag means looking at the size, the way it moves, and its reactions to each punch. Even a light jab can send the reflex bag careering around in various directions!

The end result is that you get used to hitting the bag and seeing it move around with consummate ease. The bag moves around with a huge amount of rebounding with every punch. They are also usually mounted to the wall and/or ceiling, and take up around the space of a human head. This makes the target much smaller, ensuring that reflex/speed bags are useful for:

  • Improving your punching accuracy when you want to unload in short, sharp bursts of power.
  • Strengthening your punching flow, ensuring you can land more punches with less effort.
  • Adding more snap to each punch, making sure you can throw quick punches with rapidity.

If you want to make sure you buy the best reflex bag, then be sure to look at the various options out there from this list.

Making The Right Choice on The Different Types of Punch Bags

Trying to decide what would be the right choice for you? Then you should always look into how you wish to train:

  • A punch bag is useful for all-around training that can be used for just about any boxing purpose.
  • A punching dummy offers a more lifelike training experience that is sure to result in accurate combos.
  • A heavy bag makes you a more powerful puncher, and ensures you can increase knockout power.
  • A reflex bag moves and rebounds with every hit, improving punching accuracy and reaction times.

What is the right choice for you? There is no right or wrong answer. Every boxer trains differently. If you have the space, though, we highly recommend that you look to get one of each punch bag. For the best all-around combination improvement, though, try to compare a punch bag vs punching dummy. One of each should give you the best training experience with the most consistent improvement on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do punch bags make you hit harder?

It depends on how you use the bag. Yes, you will get used to landing more powerful, more accurate punches. However, you would need a heavy bag if you wanted to learn how to properly improve punching power, as these need more strength to move.

Is a punch bag a good idea for kids?

Yes, if a child shows an interest in boxing then buying them a kids boxing bag is a good idea. They can learn a lot from boxing, from improving their own self-defence instincts to perhaps finding a career in the sport appealing.

Is Bob punch bag worth it?

We would say so, yes. The Bob is a great punching dummy, offering a great training tool with a lifelike shape and style. This makes it an excellent training aide for boxers who have already reached an intermediate to advanced level.

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