Speed Bag VS Punch Bag: What is Right for you?

As a boxer, it is never easy to pick out the right kind of approach to training. Especially if you are new to the art, then finding the right training tools is quite challenging. A common discussion for most boxers, then, revolves around comparing a speed bag vs punch bag.

In this simple guide, we will break down the differences of a punch bag and speed bag. We will also take a quick look at the choice of a speed bag or heavy bag, so that boxers of all styles can make a wise investment.

Regardless of your current skill level, having the right training tools can only help to elevate your skills.

Speed Bag vs Punch Bag – The Key Things you Need to Know

The Speed Bag

The Speed Bag

The first bag type we wish to look at is the speed bag. If you compare a punch bag and speed bag, you will notice three main differences:

  • The size of the bag is totally different, as speed bags are, at most, the size of your head.
  • The angle of the bag changes, too; most speed bags are ceiling/wall mounted from an angle.
  • The way you punch is different, too; it is not about power, but volume of hits and accuracy.

To move a speed bag, you need only give it a light tap. These are typically filled with air, water, or something similar. They bounce around like a balloon that has just been slapped. Every punch should have a speed ball rocking back and forth, side to side, without any challenge. For that reason, many choose to train using a speed bag for the simple reason that it can be a lot of fun.

They are great for making sure you know how to react to a fast-moving target, too. Comparing a heavy bag vs speed bag will leave you with a different punching style entirely. For a heavy bag, it is all about landing killer punches and finishing blows to combinations to move the bag back and forth.

With a speed bag, though, you are trying to get used to unloading many punches per minute and landing as many of them as you can. If you are a boxer that feels like they lack punching accuracy, use a speed bag. Mix it up with some training on a punch bag and heavy bag, too, and you can become more accurate, more versatile, and more vicious with your hits overall.

For those who lack accuracy and agility on their feet and in their hands, though, a speed bag is absolutely essential to your development as a boxer.

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The Punch Bag

The Punching Bag

The most standard choice for a boxer looking to train is the standard punch bag. These are typically freestanding punch bags that are put on a base and can be punched repeatedly. Filled up with water, air, material, and the like, these bags are typically designed for boxers who want to work on their boxing fluency.

Most boxers use these types of bags if they want to get used to moving around, too. Since you can easily move with and strafe around a punch bag, you can get used to a more realistic fight scenario. This means laying punches on a punch bag that actually responds to your hits, recreating the ducking and diving motions of a real boxer as you land hit after hit.

You might even wish to compare the punch bag vs punching dummy, which is common. Dummies offer a more specific, human-like training style; punch bags are more like a cylinder that reacts to your hits.

For that reason, many boxers choose to train using the punch bag on a daily basis. If you compare a speed bag or punch bag, you will notice the main differences relate to how you hit. With a speed bag, you are hitting rapidly and concentrating fire on a smaller target. This improves accuracy, as noted above. With the punch bag, you are hitting something that moves with agility and can be anything up to 6ft+ in height.

This makes the standard punch bag a better option of you are focused on all-around training. Compare the punch bag vs speed bag and you will find that they are not really in competition with one another. Instead, you should be using them in tandem with one another, varying up training to get the best results.

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The Heavy Bag

The Heavy Bag

Lastly, let us look at the next most common option – the heavy bag. Today, many people compare a heavy bag vs speed bag yet, just like a normal punch bag, this is not recommended. Why? Because their use is so different. It would be like comparing a motorbike to a transit van. In the right hands, both can be incredible, but you cannot use a motorbike to do what you can with a van and vice versa.

Well, the same applies if you look at a speed bag or heavy bag. This means that you can get used to basically throwing punches on a daily basis at a bag that can weigh anything from 60lbs and beyond. Some can even weigh into the 200lbs range. Typically, a boxer wants to use a heavy bag which is around half of their body weight.

The heavy punch bag is a tremendous experience, though, for anyone looking to improve their abilities as a boxer. These are aimed at any boxer trying to add a bit more power and ferocity to their punches. You would never use a speed bag for this; nor would you really use a free standing punch bag. A heavy bag, though, reacts like a human body as you reign down on the punches and blows. It gives you that extra heft that you need to really get used to hitting properly to move.

For boxers who lack killer punching power, the heavy bag is a great training tool. Combine with sessions on a punch bag and speed bag, though, and you will notice a big improvement in both power and accuracy.

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What is The Right Choice for you?

With so many different types of punching bags to pick from, you might not be sure where to start. When comparing all of the above, though – the punch bag vs speed bag, the speed bag vs heavy bag, and various other model types, you should always look to keep an open mind.

As noted above, all punch bag styles tend to have a particular focus in mind:

  • Speed bags are best for those honing their skills in terms of speed and accuracy.
  • Punch bags are great for boxers trying to become more well-rounded and varied.
  • Heavy bags are tremendous for a boxer trying to improve their knockout power.

Typically, though, a good boxer will look to use all of the techniques and tools that they have at their disposal to improve. This means that you should never discount the benefits of using a combination of all three bags. When looking at a speed bag or heavy bag, remember that it is not one or the other. Some days you will need the former, other days the latter.

Keep that in mind, as it can make it much easier for you to come up with a boxing choice that you will be truly happy with moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a punch bag better than a speed bag?

As mentioned above, it really does depend on what kind of training that you intend to do. Most boxers who want to improve their body punches and their punching power prefer the former; those looking to be more free-flowing and accurate with punches will prefer the latter. You should, though, use both!

Are speed bags good for beginners?

They can be useful for any skill level of a boxer. The aim is to get used to throwing rapid amounts of punches in short bursts. For those struggling with stamina and with accuracy, a speed bag can make that much easier to sort out from an early stage.

Is speed bag or double end bag better?

There is no ‘right’ answer here, as every boxer has their own training ideas and needs. We recommend you look at the double end bag, though, as a good place to start if you want something that is more at a head or body height. Speed bags tend to be higher up in the air.

Do you use gloves on a speed bag?

You certainly can, though many boxers choose to get used to throwing their punches without gloves on when using a speed bag. There is, though, no reason why you should or should not wear gloves.

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