What Is The Difference Between Heavy Bag and Muay Thai Bag

Training to become a boxer is a tough discipline, and it requires plenty of investment of time. it also requires investment in the right training tools. One of your most vital tools is your punch bag. And with so many different types of punching bags to choose from, working out what is the ‘best’ bag can be tough. Today, though, some of the most common options include the heavy punch bag and the Muay Thai heavy bag.

Both are great options, but working out which is the right choice for you can be surprisingly tough. Need a hand in deciding? This guide will break down the major difference between heavy bag and Muay Thai bag training objects.

So, what are the main differences you can find when it comes to using these bag types?

The Heavy Punch Bag

The Heavy Bag

For any boxer looking to add a bit more stopping power to their hits, the heavy punch bag is a common starting place. when compared to other types of bag, these are among the most weighted. They should weigh around half of your own body weight at least, and they should be able to take a real punching and pounding. If you hit a heavy punch bag, it should not swing around and move about the same way a normal bag would. Well, not until you build up immense physical power!

Heavy bags are weighted so that they do not dangle and move around the place quite so much. They are designed, too, for boxers who need to improve stamina. Many boxers can throw down for a few rounds, but they run out of gas as soon as they go above the quarter-round mark. So, you should be trying to improve your own knockout power and staying power at once.

The heavy punch bag allows that. If you compare the Muay Thai bag vs heavy bag, the main difference comes down to the usage. Heavy bags are typically aimed at those looking for an object designed for head hits, body blows, and defensive movements.

Compared to a Muay Thai bag, the difference often is built around the shape, too. Heavy bags retain that cylinder shape; not all Muay Thai bags retain that shape. Another decisive factor to focus on would be the teardrop bag vs heavy bag; these often require you to land blows from different angles due to the changed shape.

The Muay Thai Heavy Bag

The Muay Thai Heavy Bag

A Muay Thai heavy bag is among the most impressive choices out there for those who want to vary up their training. These bags often ask you to fight against something much larger. Usually at least 6ft in size, the Muay Thai bag is ideal if you want to add in some extra combat options such as grappling, locking, and a combination of knee/kick options.

The main difference between the two bags, then, is length. A Muay Thai bag is often much longer than a heavy bag, and they are often aimed at those who tend to vary up their combat training. This allows for easier control of things like grappling, punching, and kicking. By contrast, heavy bags are often aimed at those who focus all of their training purely on hand-to-hand boxing.

Most only use this particular type of bag if they are looking to work on things like their leg kicks and the like. If you feel like your main weakness when boxing is your inability to use your legs, then this is a good choice. They move around more than the normal heavy bags, so you can get used to things like footwork, moving around your opponent, and being more typically balanced physically.

This is a big reason why some who find they are landing a strong enough punch can move on to the Muay Thai heavy bag. Though still weighted, they move around easier and thus can be more suitable for those looking to become more explosive overall.

What is The Right Option for you?

When comparing the various differences between heavy bags and Muay Thai bags, the main thing to focus on is the height. Heavy bags are typically smaller and are more built for the idea of body and head punches. If you go for a Muay Thai bag, you are buying a bag that should move around much easier and can be easily kicked, grappled etc. as well.

Keep that in mind, as not every boxer is aware of the difference. You should, though, look to try and use both. Even if you are strictly into boxing and thus cannot use your feet in a fight, you want to get better at moving around, at using your footwork, and controlling your body shape when fighting.

By using a blend of both bags, though, you do make it much easier to find your own physical form. Heavy bags make you stronger and your punches deadlier; Muay Thai bags make you more versatile and agile whilst still offering the benefits of offering a heavy, weighed bag to hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Muay Thai bag for boxing?

Yes, you could – though you should remember that the shape and size of the bag does make it tempting to grapple and kick. Think about the sport you are going to be engaging in to avoid picking up nasty habits that could penalise you in a boxing match.

How heavy should a Muay Thai bag be?

Typically, you want the bag to be around half of your own body weight. This offers enough balance between being able to knock the bag around and still offering enough resistance that it is not too easy for you.

Is it OK to hit a heavy bag without gloves?

We recommend you avoid doing this as much as you can. It is easier to hurt your hands if you fight without gloves; though heavy bags are designed for bare knuckle impact, it is not a good idea for prolonged training.

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