Teardrop Bag vs Heavy Bag: What Bag Suits You Best?

If you want to buy a punch bag, then the various options on the market can make choosing difficult. To help you come up with a more consistent choice, we highly recommend you look at the different types of punching bags out there. For example, not everyone will look into the different types of bag shapes. Most stick to the cylinder shapes. You could, though, find that using a teardrop punch bag is a good choice for you personally.

You might even want something a bit more all-purpose and go for a heavy punch bag. There is no right or wrong answer. What does exist, though, is a reason for using each bag. In this guide, we will break down the differences between a teardrop bag vs heavy bag.

Both are useful to you – which is most useful?

The Heavy Punch Bag

The Heavy Bag

The first place that most boxers looking to add more stopping power will turn to is the heavy punch bag. When comparing the teardrop punch bag vs heavy bag, the main difference is within the shape. A heavy bag is typically a cylinder shape. Keep that in mind, as this shape is the most common training tool. While it does not allow for things like accurate uppercuts, it allows for a good set of body and head combinations.

The heavy bag is mostly aimed at those looking to add a bit more stopping power to their boxing routine. If you are feeling like you are hitting opponents without seeing a reaction, you need more strength. These bags are great for building both staying power and physical strength. Now, your punches are more likely to stop an opponent in their tracks. Compare this to the best free standing punch bag, and the difference in weight, setup, and style can be pretty stark.

The main thing to think about when looking at the tear drop bag vs heavy bag is the difference in how they actually move. The standard heavy bag is designed to move around a lot less; you really need to build up your power to make one of these things dance around the room.

With a heavy punch bag, though, you get used to throwing good body-head-body combinations that come with a crunch. If you feel like you are lacking in any kind of meaningful staying power, then you absolutely need a heavy punch bag.

The Teardrop Punch Bag

The Teardrop Punching Bag

Another option for many boxers is the teardrop punch bag. When compared to other options, you might want to think about this as your more specific choice. The main reason to go for a teardrop bag is to improve your accuracy. Many boxers are throw-merchants who miss more often than they should. While very few boxers hit with even most of their punches, you can always become more accurate.

The shape and the style of a teardrop bag means that it is harder to hit. Yet they are often as strong and as heavy as the above. This means you get used to fighting with a smaller bag that is harder to land punches on. If you lack quality when it comes to close-in punches, hooks and/or uppercuts, then you need to try out one of these efforts.

They are a tremendous choice for various reasons, not least for those who want to try and work on their defending. If you need a bag that can move around a little more than the above heavy bags, forcing you to work on your footwork and your head movement, we highly recommend that you look to invest in one of these bags ASAP.

Thanks to a more varied shape than the above, they are harder to hit but therefore more rewarding. And while not often as heavy as a standard heavy bag, the teardrop bag can still weigh a fair amount. This means that you still need a fair amount of stopping power to knock one of these bags around.

What is The Best Choice for you? The Teardrop Bag vs Heavy Bag

Boxers can benefit from using both bag types, to be honest. If you compare the above with say a wrecking ball vs heavy bag, you can soon notice a big difference. The teardrop bags are lighter (though still weighted) and thus they move around more. The unique shape offers a harder object to hit, and their improved swing means getting use to the bag swinging around and thus having to defend against how it moves.

So, the main thing to focus on for most people would be to look at the way that you are trying to improve. If you feel like you lack punching power but have good accuracy, use a heavy punch bag more. if you feel like you are lacking in accuracy but can land a good haymaker, try out the teardrop punch bag.

Really, though, the main thing to remember is that you should always try to use both. A good variety of bag options means you can train different aspects of your game. A boxer with versatility is a much more challenging fight, so keep that in mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tear drop bag used for?

Most use a teardrop boxing bag to help them improve their physical accuracy and punching power. They allow for a more varied style of boxing, so you can focus on things like uppercuts and defensive movements.

How do you use a teardrop bag?

The teardrop bag is used like any other bag; you will hang it from a wall strap or ceiling strap, and you punch into the bag. The bag will move with your hits, and your job is to react to its movements and to keep landing hits with accuracy.

How do you fill a teardrop bag?

Each bag is different; you should usually find, though, they are either opened from the top or from a zip enclosure on the side. It just depends on the bag, so be sure to read the instructions closely beforehand.

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