Top 14 Benefits of Speed Bag Workouts

Boxing training comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles. Boxers of different skill levels, weight levels, and training experience will use varied training approaches. For boxers who feel like they struggle when it comes to landing accurate and consistent punches, though, the speed bag is one of the best places to start. Why, though? What are the various speed bag benefits that can take a boxer to the next level?

In this article, we will break down the key factors behind the benefits of speed bag training. Given there are so many different types of boxing bags, you might not be sure why this is worthwhile. So, let us investigate!

Why Would I Use a Speed Bag?

Compare the speed bag to a normal punch bag, and there is a clear difference. They are smaller, they are a different shape, and they tend to be wall or ceiling mounted. For the most part, speed bags are built to be smaller moving targets that react with each punch. This means that if you hit a speed bag with any kind of force, it should rebound into a position where you need to follow up and hit again.

The aim with this particular kind of training is that you get many of the punch bag benefits that you get with other bag types. You get to really work on your physical condition and your ability to throw punches. Instead of working on knockout power, though, the purpose of speed bag training is to work on your speed and accuracy.

Good boxers turn into great boxers when they can hit with pace and power at once. Accurate, regular unloading of punch combinations is the secret to overwhelming your foe. That is why so many choose to invest in a speed bag. They allow you to quickly and easily work on your ability to land rapid punches without much effort or stress.

The purpose of using this bag is that it will make you a more accurate puncher. It will also make you more likely to catch your opponent with faster punches they are unable to predict. This is the next step in improving as a boxer. The speed bag benefits that you get are not built around power, but consistency in accuracy and in punching flow. Keep that in mind, then, as you begin to work towards using a speed bag regularly.

Compare these benefits to the standard punch bag benefits, and you can see why so many boxers look to properly vary up their training today. Also, be sure to look at our speed bag buying guide to get a better handle on what option would be the most suitable choice for you.

14 Benefits of Using a Speed Bag

Speed Bag Benefits

As you might imagine, then, speed bags give you quite a few benefits. So long as you train with the best boxing speed bags, you should be able to improve your own skills thanks to the following benefits. So, what can a speed bag offer that other punch bag types do not?

1. Get Into Better Shape

The first main benefit of taking part in speed bag training is that you will begin to get into better shape physically. This is one of the main speed bag benefits. You start to notice that you can burn lots of body fat thanks to the intensive nature of the workout. This is a proper cardio workout that should really force you to work hard. On top of that, you will still develop upper-body muscle!

2. Become Quicker and Lighter

Thanks to the weight loss and muscle building you will become quicker and lighter than you were more. This means that you can move around a punch bag – or an opponent – with greater ease than before. Even in day to day life you will begin to notice that you use a fraction of the energy that you once did. This makes speed bag training great for those who want to improve their overall speed and agility.

3. Improve Your Stamina

One of the biggest problems for most boxers is lacking stamina and staying power. With the help of a speed bag, you get to work on your stamina. As you might have noticed, throwing punches is a draining activity. Well, this helps you to easily get the most out of your body. You will be able to throw more punches for a longer period of time without your arms and body beginning to feel that awful, fatigued way!

4. Less Stamina Drain on The Body

However, one big benefit of using a speed bag is that you can punch it for much longer without tiring out. Many boxers find they begin to lose their overall punching power purely on the basis that their stamina is running out or their hands are sore. By hitting this, you use less stamina per punch than you likely would if you were throwing punches against a heavier punch bag. This is a similar to what you get from water punch bag benefits – your hands will do more work but feel less effort-heavy.

5. Find Your Balance

A common problem for many boxers is that they tend to find they lose balance when throwing. Speed bag sessions, though, will ensure that you start to find a more consistent level of balance. You can now stand on your own two feet and throw without feeling like you are losing your shape as you box.

That is very important, as being able to avoid falling over after you throw is crucial for improving your form.

6. Land More Punches with Consistency

Of course, a big problem for many boxers is not enough swings and too many misses. This helps you to improve upon that problem quite quickly. You will begin to find that you can land more punches and that you can make sure that your hits are accurate. Instead of just grazing the opponent, you get used to landing your hits when the point of contact is at its most accurate, dangerous, and consistent overall.

7. Find Your Boxing Flow

A big benefit of speed bag exercise sessions is that you begin to find that the more punches you throw, the more you land. This allows for you to easily and effectively find your boxing flow, ensuring that you can work on your overall fluency. Now, following up with a structured combination is about to become much easier. This should generally make you a more accurate and consistent puncher whilst making it easier to flow into combinations.

8. Ambidextrous Punching

Many boxers who are new to training will find they throw too often with one hand, not enough with the other. This will force you to become more adept at throwing the same amount of punches with both hands. Now, you can more readily land punches without having to worry about finding yourself being thrown off-balance.

Also, it stops you from being too reliant on your left hand or your right hand when it comes to throwing combinations!

9. Strengthen Your Hand-to-Eye Co-Ordination

A big impact of speed bag training is that you start to become more confident when it comes to hand and eye co-ordination. This means that you can easily and effectively throw punches with accuracy. Follow the target with your eyes, and you should have no problem in landing your punches on a regular basis.

It is for this reason that hand-to-eye co-ordination will improve. You get more used to following objects and landing consistent blows overall.

10. Become Less Predictable

By being able to throw faster punches, your regular sparring foes and opponents will no longer be able to predict what you are going to do. This is great for any boxer looking to try and improve their general predictability within the ring.

By having more to your game than simply throwing haymakers, you become harder to fight against. This, in turn, makes you a better fighter due to your improved speed, agility, and punch creation.

11. Very Easy to Learn

Outside of technical benefits, though, using a speed bag is very easy. You will be far more likely to know that you can easily land punches without feeling as if you are having to unlock some secret technique. Even 15-30 minutes on a speed bag can give you a great level of intuition. Regular sessions will make sure that you can keep on throwing without losing energy or feeling as if you are struggling to understand the techniques needed.

12. Ideal For Busy People

A big benefit of using a speed bag is that you can fit in a healthy and beneficial session in just a few minutes. If you have even 15-30 minutes to spare, fit in a few sessions of high intensity 1-3 minute sessions where you just unload with constant energy.

This is great for those who need a quick workout that can improve their arms, legs, and core. All without needing hours of effort!

13. Relieve Stress With Ease

Another reason why so many people turn to using such a punch bag is that it allows them to empty their stress levels without excess. This means that you can get used to just jumping onto the speed bag for a five-ten minute session and work out some of that stress and irritation. You will feel much the better for it, and you are much more likely to be able to find quick stress-relief boxing sessions than other forms of exercise.

14. Develop Your Inner Confidence and Self-Belief

The last main reason that we recommend you go down the route of using a speed bag, though, is the self-belief. As you begin to see yourself getting faster, more reactive, leaner, and generally more agile, you will feel better about yourself. Soon, feelings of self-doubt and irritation will begin to fade. Now, you can focus more on high-quality, consistent punching sessions.; You will be able to use these same skills and see them translate into other styles of boxing, too, which is win-win for you!

The Speed Bag – is it Right for you?

As you can see, then, there are many great benefits to using something like a speed bag. They are easier to set up than other boxing bag types, too, and they need a fraction of the available space and room that other bag types might need. For that reason, you should absolutely look to try out a speed bag that you feel is going to make a big difference.

Speed bags are exciting, they are simple, and they can help you to get into good physical shape with a fraction of the time, commitment, and expenditure of other training regimes. For those who want something that can make their co-ordination and agility improve, too, trying out a speed bag should be an obvious starting place.

So, why not think about trying a speed bag out for yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a speed bag used for?

As mentioned above, the speed bag is most commonly used for fighters looking to add more dexterity and to improve their reaction times. Being able to throw quickly and with accuracy is just as important as having knockout power, after all!

Is a speed bag a good workout?

Absolutely – you need to be constantly on your feet and throwing punches with rapid succession to see success with a speed bag. This therefore offers you all of the opportunity that you need to really maximise your punching style whilst getting a great cardio workout.

What muscles does a speed bag work?

It depends on how intense the workout is, but most will find that speed bags offer great workouts on their arms, shoulders, thighs, and core. You also will find that your legs in general get a good workout if you can incorporate footwork and movement in accordingly.

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