15 Best Kids Boxing Gloves and Pads in UK for 2022

Got kids at home and want to help them understand the benefits of getting into a sport like boxing? Then you are in the right place. Parenting means making smart decisions based on what you think your children will benefit from most. For example, if your kids do want to start boxing, what do you buy them?

To begin with, you want to try and buy them some basic kids boxing gloves and pads. Buying gloves and pads means that one child can throw down, the other can soak up the punches with comfortable pads. You could even throw on the pads yourself (assuming they fit) and give the kids a larger target to aim for!

Whatever you choose to do, though, you should commit to buying them the best equipment. Because as a parent, your job is to help your children find the things in life that makes them happiest. This means making sacrifices and investments that could pay off in future.

It means making big decisions on their lifestyle and their health. It also means investing in the right tools to help – and this means buying good quality. So, where do you start when it comes to buying quality boxing tools and equipment?

If you wish to find out specifically what kids boxing gloves and pads to buy, then take a look at our section titled ‘Finding the best boxing gloves and pads for kids’ for a recommendation of 10+ quality gloves, pads, and glove/pad sets that you could go out and buy today.

Otherwise, read the rest of the guide for some very useful information and insight.

Why Should my Child use Boxing Gloves?

Kids Boxing Gloves

You might wonder why you should buy your child boxing gloves – after all, they have hands as it is. Why not just punch bare knuckle?

The main reason is quite simple – your children’s hands are precious items. They need them for everything they do in life, in school, and in social settings. From playing other sports to writing to gesticulating, your children need their hands. By boxing bare knuckle, they run the risk of having their hands hurt, staved, or sprained. All it takes is one half-missed punch and they could be staving a finger, a thumb, or other parts of the hand.

For that reason, you want to keep your kids boxing with confidence in their own ability. This means giving them the protective covers they need to ensure their hands are never needlessly exposed. You might think that boxing ‘old school’ is a wise idea – leave that until they age a fair bit, though, as their development could be hampered.

If nothing else, children’s hands are simply not as durable as an adult. This means that they are less likely to be able to suffer a mishit. On top of that, their bodies are still developing. Damaged hands in this key phase of their life could cause problems later on down the line that could be avoided with a little bit of diligence.

The whole thing can be a hard investment to make without knowledge. Thankfully, we have put together a range of quality kids boxing gloves that you could easily pick up for a good price. Buy them the right gloves, and you massively reduce the risk of your children hurting their hands during a boxing sparring session thanks to the added protection.

What About Kids Boxing Pads? Why do They Need Pads?

Kids Boxing Pads

The best boxing sessions are dealt with during sparring – punching a bag is fun, but it teaches you less than a live human reaction. You get used to things like your target moving, jutting out the way, and generally making it harder for you to land punching combinations.

That can have numerous negative consequences on you as time goes on, as children who get too used to hitting a stationary bag can find confidence draining when fighting with a live opponent. By using kids boxing pads, you give your kids a much easier target to aim for and to look at.

This is very important for anyone who is serious about their children becoming a more successful and refined boxer. It might take some time and a little bit of planning to get the sparring done as intended, but it is by no means impossible. Once your kids get used to the process of working with pads, they will find it hard to train without them.

The challenge that stems from hitting a moving target and a smaller target is essential to building up their skills as fledgling boxers long-term.

What to Look Out for When Buying Boxing Pads and Gloves?

Kids Boxing Pads and Gloves

Before you go ahead and make any kind of order, though, we highly recommend that you look to ensure that what you are buying is of the correct standard. For example, do you know what to look out for when it comes to buying boxing pads and boxing gloves?

It can be tough to find out, but it is by no means impossible. If you wish to find some boxing pads and gloves that are not on this list, then we recommend you look to keep the criteria based on:

The Size

First off, you need to know what kind of sizing is going to suit your children. They need gloves that fit properly, and this should mean making an investment in the right size. While getting an exact size is often too much trouble, you can often find something they can grow into pretty quickly.

The rule of thumb would be to always buy a size up as opposed to a size down. Particularly in younger children who are starting out, a larger size can be useful as it might mean getting three years out of one pair of gloves as opposed to one when their hands grow!

The Material

You also want to know that you are buying a good quality pair of boxing gloves and pads for kids. This comes down to material. Although faux leather is totally fine and is often the choice, buying real leather is the right pick for any youngster who is serious about making it.

The more you spend, the better the investment will be in terms of material. This will allow for you to enjoy a much simpler and easier boxing experience overall, as the gloves and pads will last.

The Thickness

Another thing to look into for most young boxers is the thickness of the gloves themselves. Some gloves are too thin and can be like wearing nothing; others can be too thick and make boxing hard to judge. You want to try and find a happy balance; something that feels good to work with but is never too thick to remove the feeling of landing a punch.

Typically, you should be looking to find a solution that allows for thicker gloves that stay on the hands, protect the bones and joints, but does not remove the feeling of landing a hit.

The Combination

Make sure that you look at what you are getting in the deal itself, too. Many deals are simply the boxing gloves or the boxing pads; others come with both included. Others again can include other items including a punch bag. You need to decide what you think your child would benefit from the most.

If you already have most of the other items, you can buy just the gloves or the pads. If you are just starting out, though, buying a full set could be a wise idea to help you keep moving forward.

The Price

While price always matters, we highly recommend that you take the time to look at the price in relation to what you are buying. Set a budget and take a look at what is on the market; you will quickly realise if your budget is too low.

Typically, we always recommend that you look to buy a boxing set that is going to last. It is better to save up a little and buy a higher end product as opposed to buying the cheapest options on the market as it might mean having to buy twice due to lack of quality.

Finding The Best Boxing Gloves and Pads for Kids

Thinking about buying the best kids boxing gloves and pads, then? Take a look at some of the best options we have found to choose from. Each set offers a decent return on your investment and should make it easy for you to get involved with training easily and effectively.

1. ONEX Boxing Gloves and Pads

ONEX Boxing Gloves and Pads
amazon uk

If you intend to buy a boxing gloves and pads for the kids, this is a good place to begin. It’s a solid enough little set that offers all of the functions that you would have normally been looking for. They are a solid enough design that should feel good to punch for the kids, but also should be ideal for those looking to engage in a bit of training together.

The main benefit that you receive with this product is that it is made using an impressive synthetic leather. Unlike other synthetic leathers, this is more than strong enough for younger boxers. It absorbs the physical impact well, and should be strong enough to keep good condition for a long time to come.

Also, please note that these are suitable for kids aged from 5-13 years of age, so you could get plenty of years of usage out of these boxing pads and gloves. An ideal place to start for most young fighters.

Suitable for both boys and girls, too, the only real downside with these can be that the size is a touch too large for some kids to use comfortably. That aside, though, you should find that these fit most average sized children’s hands with consummate ease.

They make a good choice for most young boxers and should be a suitable pick-up for most parents who want to help their kids get started. Given the affordable price, too, they should make a pretty good investment – especially if you are looking for boxing gloves and focus pads that the kids can use for the first time, helping them to get introduced to the sport.

Sturdy, strong, comfortable.Slightly large for some kids.
Gives both pads and gloves. 
Ideal for boys and girls. 

2. RDX Gloves & Pads Set

RDX Gloves & Pads Set
amazon uk

If you don’t mind spending a little on the glove and pad combination, then this model from RDX is a good investment. They are strong, secure, and sturdy glove and pad sets that feel good to hold in your hands.

On top of that, they also produce a strong enough bounce that every punch thrown into the pads itself shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable on the hands. Generally, this should make a good glove and pads set for most kids who are trying to get started.

Something you will notice about these gloves is the use of Quadro Dome PU-leather. This is great for limiting the physical impact when two young boxers are sparring together. It absorbs shock, minimises the risk of injury, and can be great for avoiding things like scuffs, sprains, and hand injuries. It also uses an EVA-lution form that helps to further absorb shock, allowing both boxers to train with suitable intensity.

The use of impressive Maya Hide leather also helps to make sure that these can take an almighty beating. These should stay in good condition for years, free from splits, cracks, and other snaps that might impact other models.

They also work well for those who are running youth gyms and want to find some high quality boxing gloves and boxing pads to utilise. They aren’t just for boxing, though; you could also use them for things like Muay Thai, kickboxing, and other combat sports like karate and MMA. So, for an all-purpose set of gloves and pads that you could easily work with each day, these would make a pretty sensible investment for you.

They aren’t perfect, and the price can be off-putting, but there is enough value to consider buying.

Offers both pads and gloves.Can be a touch more expensive.
Great quality; sturdy and thick. 
Available in numerous designs. 

3. Tapout Gloves & Pads Set

Tapout Gloves & Pads Set
amazon uk

Trying to buy a boxing set that comes from a proven brand name? Then be sure to take a look at this option from Tapout. Tapout is a boxing and MMA brand that is hugely respected today and are known for the quality of their goods.

This order would be no different; high quality, durable, sturdy boxing gloves and pads for kids that make a wise investment. Though they can be a tough act to fit onto for especially small children, most average height boxers should find these fit on the hands without any discomfort or lack of fit at all.

Given Tapout are a well-rated name within the combat world, their products come with high expectations. The use of an elasticated cuff ensures that these should go on the hands without any issue at all. The introduction of 2-layer of injected foam helps to also protect the hands from impact damage, too. With a padded palm area, too, you should have no problem in soaking up the force from a punch.

Thanks to the Dura Hide material used, too, these aren’t likely to split, snap, or crack anytime soon either.

Another thing to note is the fact that they are so sturdy. Both kids could pound on the gloves and the pads with ease, ensuring that they aren’t going to deflate, degrade, or generally lose any of the quality you would hope to avoid. They are designed to last, and so long as they fit the kids, they could become a part of their fitness regime for a long, long time to come. A very wise option to consider.

Provides both gloves and pads.Fitting can be challenging for smaller kids.
Great quality, comfortable design. 
Available in numerous colour schemes. 

4. Sparta Gloves and Pads Set

Sparta Gloves and Pads Set
amazon uk

Really, the only thing that we could say about this boxing gloves and pads set from Sparta is that it can be hard to actually find in-stock. That, though, is down to popularity and the fact that this is a very high-end, reliable set of boxing gloves and pads. They feel great to work with and give the hands all of the cushioning needed to ensure they can take an almighty pounding with deflating, splitting, or otherwise breaking.

These affordable options are improved further by the use of a high density foam within the gloves themselves. This helps to soak up the impact, while the Velcro enclosure ensures these shouldn’t be slipping off the hands anytime soon.

The air flow mesh technology used also helps to keep the hands from sweating up, too, helping to keep hands accurate and gloves in the one place. It also comes with a pre-curved design that helps to balance out the impact of a punch a bit better, too. With extra wrist support included, too, both sparrers should find these very comfortable.

For that reason, you should definitely look to try and find these in-stock somewhere. We recommend them because they feel good to work with, they come with a very specific nature, and they tend to be great for kids of all sizes. The awesome build quality also ensures that these gloves aren’t going to start fading away and looking rough after a few sessions.

If you can find them in stock, we would highly recommend putting this little set up to the top of the list when it comes to boxing pads and boxing gloves. They make a very suitable investment indeed!

A top seller online and elsewhere.Can be hard to find in-stock.
Available in numerous colours. 
Top quality sparring utensils. 

5. ONEX Unisex Gloves and Pads Set

ONEX Unisex Gloves and Pads Set
amazon uk

Like many sets on the market today, the only thing that really lets down this boxing set is the fact that it can be so hard to fit to the hands. With many options for kids boxing gloves and pads, it can be tough to find a combination that works as intended without some variance in how well they fit from child to child. These suffer from the same problem, but the fact they are unisex and made from such rugged, durable material can make up for this in time.

Suitable for boxing and MMA training, these are designed for newbies who are just getting started. The use of synthetic leather helps to add an extra longevity, as they shouldn’t wear out or lose their efficacy anytime soon. On top of that, they are designed to be extremely durable, ensuring that splits, snaps, and cracks in the material isn’t likely whatsoever.

If you intend to buy quality boxing gloves that make a wise investment, then you want something that should last. Size issues aside, these should absolutely stay in good condition for years to come, ensuring you get excellent value. Suitable, then, for gyms as well as for at-home sparring.

Don’t allow yourself to buy a boxing set that is going to be low quality just because it fits a little bit better. In time, just about any child should find that these will be something they can grow into.

And given the massive padding and improved comfort, these really should fit on any hands well enough to negate any worries about them flying off or getting in the way of the boxer being able to actually fight in the first place. Overall, a good choice for a unisex boxing set for kids boxing gloves and pads.

Suitable for both boys and girls.Specific fitting can be challenging.
Durable material used in design. 
Should be suitable for gym usage. 

6. Lions Amateur Fitness Boxing Set

Lions Amateur Fitness Boxing Set
amazon uk

While you might need to order these twice to get the perfect size due to the massive jump from one size to the next, this boxing gloves and pads set from Lions make a good investment overall. They should be a good value investment for anyone looking to help their kids get into the spirit of boxing and to enjoy the feeling of sparring. The pads are extremely thick and durable, while the mitts can easily fi on most hands (once you buy the right size).

One thing to note about this package is that the 10oz weight. Some might find that a touch too heavy for a youngster, but it should be ideal for any amateurs with ambitions of going to the next level. The injection moulded design of the gloves helps to keep them puffed up and strong, while the Velcro support helps to keep them in perfect position on your hands.

The padding is impressive, while the Maya Rex leather pairs with mesh to help keep your hands breathing, avoiding that clammy build-up that can ruin your flow.

Some complain that the jump from one size to the next can be too large, but overall, it is a good investment for most young boxers. The fact it comes in so many colour schemes means you can easily find something in the scheme that your young boxers will find the most impressive.

If you intend on buying a good quality boxing set that can be used on a regular basis, look at this amateur set as a meaningful investment your kids can get use from.

Available in numerous colour schemes.Sizing can be hard to master.
Strong, comfortable, durable pads. 
Mitts should fit with ease. 

7. RDX 4-6Oz Boxing Set

RDX 4-6Oz Boxing Set
amazon uk

If you would like to go ahead and buy a boxing set for kids that comes with pads and mitts, you should definitely take a look at this boxing set. It’s a wise investment because it gives you strong, durable gloves which are a touch heavier than other options on this list.

If your kids have reached a level where they think they could use a heavier and more sturdy boxing gloves and pads set, then try out this model from RDX. The weight of around 4 to 6oz can be a bit too heavy for some kids, but it can be just what you are looking for generally if they want to step it up to the next level.

A big boon for this boxing set is the inclusion of the Quick EZ wrist design. This helps to get the gloves on first time of asking, ensuring that the kid(s) can easily fit these to their hands without needing any help at all. A nice bonus too is the inclusion of latex padding that does a fine job of spreading the impact of any blow landed, avoiding the risk of hand injuries and the like.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of the EVA-Lution foam padding on the outer wrist that can avoid snapbacks and shock around the bone.

Designed to offer comfort alongside the right kind of weighting, most young boxers would find these enjoyable to work with. The design also allows for comfort and confidence that the gloves aren’t going to scuff, crack, or snap anytime soon. In fact, take a little bit of care and you should get a boxing set designed to last until the kids are too big to use them!

Great quality, durable design.Weight can be too much for some.
Designed for long-term usage. 
Design allows for breathability on hands. 

8. Farabi Kids Boxing Gloves

Farabi Kids Boxing Gloves
amazon uk

While Farabi are a well-known brand, the main downside with this is you only get gloves. Still, we wanted to include this for people who are looking for kids boxing gloves specifically. These gloves are worth buying if you already own pads or simply want to find boxing gloves for kids alone.

The high quality material ensures that these shouldn’t be splitting anytime soon, while the 4oz weight is a good starting place for most kids who have done the basics.

This particular pick from Farabi is a fine choice thanks to the comfort they offer, too. Suitable for ages 3-8, they make a fine introduction to boxing for most youngsters. The use of a tri-layered mould helps to offer more universal protection for all hands. While the use of a Nano-thread stitching system offers the promise of durability, ensuring these gloves should be staying in perfectly usable condition for the long-term.

Add in the comfortable padding and pair that up with the use of Hard-K synthetic leather, and these feel excellent to spar in consistently.

While the lack of pads is quite annoying, you should also keep in mind these are aimed at kids in the age 3-8 range. For that reason, you should expect that your kids will need to grow into something a bit more specific to their size beyond the age of eight.

Normally, though, these would make a good enough starting place that any young child will want to step up into something a bit more robust in the future. These are comfortable and reliable boxing gloves worth considering.

4oz weight adds comfort and balance.Does not come with pads included.
Good material, made to last.Suitable up to ages of 8.

9. RDX Kids Boxing Pads

RDX Kids Boxing Pads
amazon uk

If your primary aim when buying a boxing gloves and pads set is to find the pads alone, then you should take a look closely at this offer from RDX. While it does not come with both kids boxing gloves and pads, the actual quality of the pads (while expensive) are worth paying for.

The durable nature of the design ensures they won’t be splitting or snapping anytime soon, while the overall build quality means your kids should grow out of these boxing pads before they are no longer suitable for use.

The main thing you want to avoid is pads that allow the shock of the punch to travel up the arm. These come with an EVA-Lution shock absorption system that helps to balance the shock out across more than just the area of impact. On top of that, the use of Maya Hide leather helps to ensure that these aren’t going to be breaking anytime soon.

Training pads need to be designed for longevity, and these are just that. The flat-center design also allows for a more focused, comfortable sparring experience that does a fine job of reducing the risk of injury.

Overall, they make a good investment for most young boxers who are serious about improving their game and becoming a more rounded boxer. The structure of the pads allows for them to give a nice cushion, too, so younger kids should enjoy punching into these pads without feeling the shock themselves.

While they can be quite expensive for just boxing pads, the quality and the design should allow most kids to enjoy the whole experience – the comfort and the spring in each pad makes for a great sparring experience.

Great quality design made to last.Does not include gloves.
Ideal for young boxers in sparring. Expensive for just pads.

10. Farabi Leather Boxing Gloves

Farabi Leather Boxing Gloves
amazon uk

Although this is “only” the boxing gloves again, it’s another offer from Farabi that we felt like we should include. The build quality of these gloves betrays the fact that it is made from faux leather. The quality of the design ensures total comfort and breathability for the hands, meaning gloves never become too uncomfortable for the kids to work with on a daily basis.

At just 4oz, they might not be strong enough for older kids with impressive power for their age. These could be used for any child up to around 7 years of age, after which you probably want a higher weight class. However, the use of a synthetic leather grain texture helps to make these feel the real deal. On top of that, an inner-machine mould is used to help add extra protection and remove the risk of getting hurt as much as is possible.

For youngsters apprehensive about boxing, these leather gloves make a fine place to start.

On top of that, the high quality nature of the faux leather allows you to box without worrying them splitting or snapping. So long as you already have kids boxing pads, these affordable 4oz boxing gloves make a pretty smart investment. The design is impressive, looking very professional and should have your little prize fighter feeling like the real thing when they don these gloves.

However, the fact that you do not get a pad set with them can be a big no-no for some people. Though quality in their design and structure, these leather boxing gloves might not make a very wise investment if you want to have both pads and gloves. If you want only the gloves, though? These are a great purchase!

Great quality faux leather.Only gloves, not both.
Stylish white, professional design. 
4oz gloves offer the ideal starting weight. 

11. Farabi Leather Boxing Pads

Farabi Leather Boxing Pads
amazon uk

Though these are typically seen as “adult” boxing pads, many find they would make the ideal alternative for kids boxing pads. If you have a taller child or a young teenager who maybe outgrows most of the kid’s sections, these boxing pads from Farabi would make a solid alternative. For your money, you get a pair of top quality pads that come with a particular curve, making sure that the pads can take a lot of the shock and thus help the youngsters to keep on boxing.

The main thing to note about these gloves is they do a fine job of avoiding shock thanks to the XRX-Dissemination shock absorption. This is backed up with a tri-layer fiber padding that helps to absorb shock further, and also other cushioning via UKL-Micro Fiber that can add years of longevity to these pads compared to alternatives.

The use of proper cow grain leather helps to keep these in quality condition for a much longer timeframe, too. The designers of this have taken the importance of long-lasting leather and shock absorption very seriously, with the end result being very comfortable gloves.

Shock absorption is a big thing in youth sparring, and your young kids should find it a bit easier to go through with their sparring sessions when wearing these boxing pads. The overall design allows for you to feel pretty confident in putting these on their hands. Even if they are probably too large for most young children, older children and younger teens should find these work just as well as anything else.

While it is just the pads and they are quite expensive, they are a good investment.

Great design and structure.Only pads, not gloves.
Curved for extra absorption.A little expensive.
Perfect for larger kids. 

12. ONEX Full Boxing Set

ONEX Full Boxing Set
amazon uk

If your kids are serious about getting into better shape physically, buy them these kids boxing gloves and pads set that comes with a boxing bag, too. Though only 2ft and not always suited for taller and older kids, these are a pretty wise investment for numerous reasons. They make a smart purchase because the design of the pads, gloves, and bag are all of a similar high standard and quality.

We love the bag that you get with this, too, as it comes with a 100% cotton fabric inside. Since you only really want a tougher interior material for younger adults and pros, this is more than good enough for a kid to get a proper feel for boxing itself. Suitable for kids aged as young as 4 and as old as 13, these are designed to be perfectly suitable for training from a young age and beyond.

With everything included in terms of sparring pads and boxing gloves, too, this makes a sensible investment for long-lasting, durable sparring at home.

If you want to make sure you buy a boxing set that is of a high enough standard for the kids to enjoy working on, then you should definitely take a look at this full boxing set. It’s a smart investment to make because it feels so good to work on, and the overall design is just right for boxers looking to refine their skills.

Get the kids sparring together using the gloves and pads, and then get them working on new combinations and moves by using the bag provided. Overall, a great investment for those looking for an all-in-one purchase.

Comes with gloves, pads, and a bag.2ft boxing bag not suited for all kids.
Great value for money, ideal. 
Colours are varied. 

13. RDX Maya Hide Boxing Gloves and Pads

RDX Maya Hide Boxing Gloves and Pads
amazon uk

Money no issue? Then buy your kids the best with the help of this RDX boxing set. Made from quality Maya Hide leather, this can take an almighty amount of punishment once you get started.

The rich quality of the design is highly impressive, and the actual gloves and pads are made from genuine leather. For most juniors, having access to this professional-standard leather is very rare. They will feel a real difference between boxing with these mitts on and boxing with faux leather options instead.

The use of Quadro-Dome 3 PU-mould material helps to add an extra layer of protection, as well. It also uses proper Maya Hide leather as noted above, which adds many more years of value and longevity to the purchase. On top of that, the EZ Hook-and-Loop strapping feature ensures that once on these gloves and pads aren’t going to be shifting around needlessly.

The interior palm ball that is included also improves grip, minimises fatigue, and helps to absorb some of the intensity of the punch being landed. Overall, these boxing gloves and pads offer a sturdy solution for sparring for young boxers.

However, the price can definitely be a contentious point for plenty of kids. If you are looking for an easy way to get things done and to give your kids who want to be boxers a taste of the real thing, these boxing gloves and pads would make a very wise investment. Quality is everything in a pair of boxing gloves and pads as you want them to last for years.

Although the cost is high, what you get back in return is a sublime standard.

Made from high-end Maya Hide leather.Among the most expensive sets listed.
Great curved pads for shock absorption. 
Designed for kids of various ages. 

14. RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Pads

RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Pads
amazon uk

Take a look at this high-end Maya Hide leather boxing pad set, and you can get all of the help that you need to make a quality investment today.

These boxing pads are designed to be easy to work with on a regular basis, giving your kids the comfort and confidence, they need in their own boxing skills and techniques. The curved pads help to eat up some of the shock that comes when someone is raining down punches in bunches.

The use of Maya Hide leather is a big thing, but the curved design also helps to make sure that the intensity of any landed punch is spread out as it should be. On top of that, the outer-hand compartments are super easy to grip and to hold into your hand without losing strength. With the use of popular EVA-Lution foam, too, you get something that can soak up all but the most intense and significant pressure. Distribution of force is very important for young boxers as it can avoid stress, sprains, and impact injuries.

They make a good choice for those who are into things like targeted training and high intensity sparring. The rich quality of the material mixed with their durable longevity means that you can use these pads with ease.

The only downside is that you will need to buy gloves separately; this offer only provides you with RDX boxing pads for kids. The quality, though, is good enough that you should definitely consider these as a wise investment.

Overall? They make a great pair of boxing pads for kids, especially if you want something that is built to last.

Outstanding build quality and style.Just pads, no gloves.
Curved design for better absorption. 
Maya Hide leather for longevity. 

15. Adidas Boxing Gloves and Pads

Adidas Boxing Gloves and Pads
amazon uk

If you intend to buy quality boxing gloves and pads for kids, adidas is a brand that you need to look at closely. These sublime adidas boxing gloves and pads are suitable for men, women, and children. While the 6-10oz weight could be too much for smaller hands, most kids should find that they can get plenty of enjoyment out of wearing this particular style of glove.

If you are trying to get a youngster into boxing, then something like these little gloves might make a fair amount of sense. The 6oz weight in the kid’s edition of these gloves is important to note, as most kids after their initial sparring sessions can find this to be more suitable than the flyweight nature of a 4oz setup. In general, these make an excellent investment because they absorb shock, provide ventilation thanks to meshing, and should fit most kids’ hands with total comfort.

The overall quality of the product is not in dispute; especially for beginners who are serious about trying to compete at a higher level in future.

They make a wise investment on the basis that they fit so well, and the pads are thick enough to absorb shock with total ease. Add in the fact that you get to choose from various sizes, too, and you should be easily able to find a style that fits in with what you are kids are looking for.

Quality is everything, and these gloves and pads make sure you can get all of the quality that you would expect when buying a pair of boxing gloves. The pads, too, are sure to give you a great return on the investment. Just know that, out of all of the options, these rank as among the priciest.

You get what you pay for, though; quality, well-built boxing equipment for kids made from a proven brand name.

Comes in 6-10oz designs.Maybe too heavy for younger kids.
Designed to last for the long-term.Pricier than alternatives.
Trusted and respected brand name. 

It’s time to get your Kids Boxing

With the information above, you should be much more inclined to move forward and give your kids that crucial first taste of boxing on their own. By helping them to see what they get from their training, you can make it much easier for kids to keep on boxing in the future. You just need to give them that starting spot to help them see how much fun boxing can be.

And with some kids boxing gloves and pads? You can show them that the progression they make is absolutely massive. Children love learning and growing as well as taking on new hobbies. By giving your kids access to a unique and enjoyable hobby like boxing, you know they are going to become fitter, stronger, and more self-confident.

By giving your kids the chance to enjoy sparring and sessions together using the gloves and pads, you make sure that your children are never short of confidence or quality. A bit of simple investment can go a long way to ensuring your kids have a long sporting future ahead of them.

So, what boxing gloves and pads for kids do you think you will try out first?

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