15 Best Boxing Shoes in UK for 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

As a boxer, you want to do everything that you possibly can to equip yourself for a proper boxing experience. This takes time and effort, and often no shortage of luck to get it right. You need to put in the hours, and you need to be willing to take a hit quite literally in the face to improve. However, one thing that you also need is the right equipment and gear – including wearing the right boxing shoes.

Yet before you go ahead and buy the first pair of cheap boxing shoes that you see, read on to see our guide. We want to help you make a purchase that you will be happy with, and that you can feel gives you a good return back on the money that you have spent. While this can be tough to do, we have made sure that if you are looking for boxing shoes, you can buy a good set of shoes today.

Before we make any recommendations, though, you should read through the below sections. Each one will take a closer look at what matters when wearing boxing shoes, helping to further inform your purchase. Of course, if you want to just see the suggestions, take a look at our section titled ‘Where can I buy the best boxing shoes in 2022? – here, you can find a list of 10+ quality boxing shoes to consider.

So that you know why we recommend the below items, though, you should take a quick read at the rest of our guide before progressing. Take a look through our guide, and we are sure that you’ll find buying the best boxing boots and shoes so much easier!

What are Boxing Shoes?

What are Boxing Shoes?

For many people, the confusion about the need for boxing shoes often stems from a lack of knowledge about what they actually are. You might see people sparring in normal trainers, or even in their bare feet. So, you might wonder ‘what is the point in owning boxing shoes?’

And at first you might not see what the big fascination is. These are typically mid-to-high top shoes that cover the whole foot as well as the ankle area. Some even cover up to parts of the shin. It just depends on what you are looking for.

However, boxing shoes are often made with the clear idea of being used for a combat sport. So, wear a pair of classic tennis shoes for a prolonged period of boxing and you will likely notice clear wear and tear in terms of cracks and damage to the overall shoe. You want to avoid this!

That’s why many people choose to make the right choice and stick on some good old boxing shoes. These are made to be durable, stronger options that are used to being bent and moved around in the way that you would when you are boxing. Since boxing requires us to be as fast with our feet as we are with our fists, you need shoes which allow your feet to move around with the dreaded foot fatigue setting in.

Wear boots or shoes which are too heavy, and you can feel like your feet are lumbering around the ring. Wear shoes without the right mesh and breathability, and your feet will begin to heat up and eventually sweat out. Boxing boots and shoes, then, are designed with the sole intention of avoiding these problems – so, keep that in mind moving forward.

Do Beginners Need to Wear Boxing Shoes?

Do Beginners Need to Wear Boxing Shoes?

A question that is commonly asked is whether or not a beginner has to go about the ring wearing specific boxing shoes. If you are just starting out and training very lightly and casually, you will NOT need to wear boxing shoes.

This is not like football, where you simply cannot play on the surface without the right studs. Instead, boxing shoes are simple a tool that helps you to increase foot comfort, minimise the risk of injury, and add some extra padding to the parts of your feet which will need more protection.

However, good old running shoes will start to wear out quicker than bespoke boxing shoes. You will also find that your feet won’t have the same kind of natural bounce as you get with the sole of an actual pair of boxing shoes. That’s why if you are looking for something that is comfortable for more intensive training you should take a look at some of the more intensive options on the market today.

There are various options that you can look at when you want to buy boxing shoes, but you do want to make sure you buy something suited to your skill level. If you are not sure if you even want to box, you do not have to wear boxing shoes from day one – we would recommend them, though, for anyone taking boxing seriously.

You might simply want to start sparring on a regular basis, or you might be interested in making your boxing experience a bit less likely to result in injury. Whether your ankles need the support, or you simply want to feel the part when sparring, buying boxing shoes is useful when you step up from making it a hobby to a genuine activity you do regularly.

What are The Main Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes?

What are The Main Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes?

If you want to start enjoying boxing a bit more, then you should do so whilst wearing the right kind of shoes. Typically, investing in boxing shoes will mean investing a lot of time into looking at what they can do for you that other shoes cannot.

And while no two pairs of shoes are identical, the main benefits that one can get from wearing boxing shoes when training – even cheap boxing shoes – includes, but is not limited to, the following benefits for the years to come:

1. Improve Ankle Strength

One of the biggest and most common injuries that you can suffer from as a boxer is an ankle injury. By having the right boots on, though, you provide the kind of support that you need to help improve ankle support and reduce the risk of injury.

You will most likely get injured in the ankle at some stage, but you will find that a pair of quality boxing boots can go a long way to avoiding at least having a severe injury. That extra support helps to give you the safety you need; typically, the higher the cut, the better.

2. Reduce Foot Weight

Wearing the wrong kind of shoes can add needless amounts of weight around your feet, which can have a detrimental impact in how you actually box in the first place. That is why you should aim to reduce foot weight as much as you can. By buying boxing shoes which are lightweight, you get to avoid foot fatigue in the early rounds of a foot.

Remember that you are changing direction, weight, and angles constantly during a boxing match. This puts a huge amount of pressure and risk on your foot, and absolutely increases the risk, of injury moving forward. The lighter the boot, the lighter the threat.

3. Better Balance

A great benefit of wearing classic boxing boots, though, is that you can improve your balance. If you miss with a haymaker in the wrong shoes, you will leave yourself totally off-centre and off-balance. This opens you up for a counter-punch that could end the fight. So, you should look to wear boxing shoes as they help to support bigger feet and make sure you can retain better balance.

This is very useful for making sure you can box with confidence and consistency.

4. Made to Last

The vast majority of boxing shoes are high quality products which are made to last for a long time to come. This ensures that you get more bang for your buck, and also allows for you to get a better sense of overall value than you get with most other shoes. Also, since most are made with either leather or a sturdy synthetic material, you can find that these really improve your sense of comfort.

Also, it means that you won’t need to worry about shoes splitting or becoming otherwise damaged due to their longevity in design.

5. Retain Your Grip

A common mistake for many boxers is having shoes that cannot stay strong on the canvas. If you are slipping around the place, it is inevitably going to weaken the way that you are boxing. If you are also struggling to stay in position, it is likely to make it harder for you to keep on boxing with total confidence – your grip is as vital as the ability to take a hit in the first place.

With boxing shoes, you make it easier to keep your grip after landing a blow, missing a hit, dogging a counter, or being hit.

6. Pivot Without Injury

Lastly, you will find that boxing shoes make it much easier to pivot from one angle to the next. If your opponent makes a swift move to the side, you need to be able to move with them without putting pressure on your feet or ankles. Good quality boxing shoes will ensure that you are having nothing to worry about with regards to your ability to move and pivot in a new direction quickly.

You need to be able to adjust and move to the demands of the fight; boxing shoes make that much easier overall.

Where Can I Buy The Best Boxing Shoes in 2022?

So, ready to make a wise investment in some new shoes? Then you have made a very smart decision indeed!

However, with so many shoes on the market, you might not be sure where to begin that search. And that’s fine – finding quality boxing shoes isn’t easy. Here, though, are some brilliant selections to consider.

1. Adidas Box Hog 2

Adidas Box Hog 2
amazon uk

If your aim is to buy some 100% leather shoes, then look elsewhere. These shoes made use of synthetic material on the outer and inner layers, creating something that feels good but is not true leather. For the price you pay, which can be quite high for a first pair of boxing shoes, you do get a solid return on the investment you have made. At the same time, though, the one-piece gum rubber outsole helps to increase grip and traction – something that other fully leather shoes cannot provide.

Comfortable and professional, these are also great for those who are sick of playing guessing games when it comes to finding the right sizing for your chosen boxing shoes. These look good, feel great, and fit snuggly so long as you buy the size that you would normally go for. Add in the fact that the lace-up closure is so easy to work with without making your feet feel suffocated, and you can see why so many people tend to turn to the Box Hog 2 as their ideal boxing shoe.

Excellent quality made to last.Uses synthetic materials.
Sizes are snug, comfortable.Pretty expensive for starter shoes.
Design quality is outstanding. 

2. Viper Boxing Boots

Viper Boxing Boots
amazon uk

For the price that you pay, these Viper boxing boots might just be the most ideal investment on the market for you today. They feel great to wear as they should just fit your feet excellently thanks to the robust approach taken when it comes to the boxing shoes themselves.

On top of that, the viper boxing boots that we have tend to be great for anyone who is on the lookout for a cheap pair of training boots. Though they do use synthetic materials, it also doe use a suede overlay for added comfort and durability. The breathable meshing allows for easier breathing around the feet, too, which can only be a good thing moving forward.

Added to this is the fact that this lace-up material is designed to give you all of the comfort that you could reasonably need from a pair of boxing boots. Consistency, quality, and comfort; these are the reasons that so many people look to use Viper as their choice of boxing boot. These boots, for the price, make a very wise suggestion indeed.

Designed for long-term usage.Synthetic outer material.
Rubber sole adds extra bounce. 
Suede adds comfort and style appeal. 

3. Adidas Box Hog x Special

Adidas Box Hog x Special
amazon uk

When you are buying boxing shoes you want a look that is stylish and a design that is made to last. These might look really cool, but you have nothing to worry about with regards to their build quality. Though they use a leather upper layer for added comfort and durability, they use a synthetic outer material which can be disappointing. The expense that you pay might make you doubt if it should be using synthetics; but as far as man-made substances go, these are pretty darn impressive.

Overall, they should fit your feet really well and offer the kind of extra comfort that you need to really improve comfort. The outstanding rubber outsole is a good choice, too, as it offers brilliant grip and traction when boxing.

If you need something that can help you bounce on the canvas without your feet feeling the reverberation too much, then you should absolutely enjoy wearing these high end boxing shoes. A good investment, even if you are paying a pretty high cost to what you might have expected.

Excellent for all levels of boxer.Pretty expensive boxing shoes.
Leather upper layer for comfort.Synthetic outer layer.
High-end, stylish looking design. 

4. Adidas Mat Wizard 4

Adidas Mat Wizard 4
amazon uk

If your main aim when buying a pair of boxing shoes is to get something that allows your feet to breathe with ease, then look no further than here. The quality of these shoes cannot be disputed, as they offer the ideal blend that you are looking for in terms of comfort and general day-to-day usability.

On top of that, they are made using a high-end 3D mesh upper that a strong synthetic outer layer. Though the synthetic layer is not as good as leather, making the high starting price seem expensive, it’s a great take on synthetic leathers.

On top of that, the outstanding meshing and the excellent underlays allows for all of your foot to breathe comfortably. Move with freedom knowing that your feet are not uncomfortable within the shoe and use the strong underlays to remind yourself that you have the support you need around each of your ankles.

A great investment of your time and money that can really go a long way to improving your comfort regardless of the challenges faced.

Ventilation is outstanding.Starting price is high.
Proper professional boxing gear.Synthetic outer layer.
Greater underlay for support. 

5. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes
amazon uk

If you are looking for help when it comes to boxing professionally, then investing in the right quality of garments matter. That is why these Venum unisex ‘Elite’ boxing shoes are a great choice to consider.

Designed to give you a professional feel through their mixture of PU flex and mesh honeycomb, you get a much better standard of shoe build than you might get from other brands. However, the real cost comes in the actual price: starting at well over £100, they are pretty expensive shoes to wear into the ring.

However, you do get back some pretty spectacular value in the fact that these can last for so many years to come. They are a good choice with a strong lace-up closure to ensure they never move around when you get into the middle of the fight. At the same time, they also come with a very impressive build standard that allows them to be your go-to competitive fighting botos long-term.

If you are prepared to pay, these make a great choice.

Made for proper professional usage.Among the most expensive options.
Great quality blend of materials.Shoe width can be hard to judge.
Rubber outsole for extra grip. 

6. Lonsdale Contender Lightweight Boxing Shoes

Lonsdale Contender Lightweight Boxing Shoes
amazon uk

If you want a pair of training shoes that are extremely lightweight, then you might wish to look at these Lonsdale efforts. They feel good and give you a lot of movement, and also should never weigh you down or make you feel like your legs are heavier. The only real gripe is that with continuous wear you will notice signs of wear and tear, and you might even find some splits begin to form that can make wearing these for outdoor training a little bit tougher.

Overall, though? These are some of the best value for money training shoes for boxing we have seen. The longevity is not an issue so long as you care for the shoes over time and properly store them after usage. On top of that, the overall comfort factor that comes from how light they are is a common benefit that many boxers love to feel during sparring and training sessions.

The leather and the suede is a nice combination, too, and it feels great to wear even for prolonged sparring.

Extremely lightweight and comfortable.Might not last forever.
Made with leather and suede combo. 
Excellent value for money overall. 

7. Adidas Havoc AQ3325 Shoes

Adidas Havoc AQ3325 Shoes
amazon uk

If you are looking for a pair of shoes for boxing that you know can last, then start here. These are a multi-purpose style of shoe which his designed to last for a pretty long time. On top of that, the mixture of gum rubber soles and synthetic material helps to create a durable blend that should last for years to come. However, make no mistake when we say that this synthetic material is not designed to last as long as real leather; it does come with a limitation in that way.

However, the suede and synthetic finish helps to blend together with the durable meshing to allow for comfortable, bouncy, breathable boxing footwear. The inner textile fabric also helps your feet to breathe and to avoid excess sweating, which can be useful for avoiding any slip-ups during the right. While you will pay a bit more for these than you might first have expected, they do make a wise investment for a multi-purpose pair of training shoes.

Multi-use, suitable for other sports.Not made with real leather.
Quality layer of breathable mesh.Quite expensive.
Gum rubber sole for comfort. 

8. Lonsdale Contender Boxing Shoes

Lonsdale Contender Boxing Shoes
amazon uk

While these do cost a fair bit compared to some of the alternatives, in this case you absolutely will get what you pay for. These boxing shoes are designed in a way that allows for you to get total comfort as you wear them; robust, comfortable, and highly durable shoes which are made to last for a long time to come. On top of that, they tend to be designed in a way that allows the shoe to take the brunt of the weight that you happen to be carrying.

They make a good choice because they can just be a good overall pick for longevity. Boxers who are stepping up into competitive bouts will find a pair of classic, all-purpose boxing shoes like this can help. The strong, durable, impressive leather helps to add a durability that was otherwise missing. That’s why if you need to find quality shoes, you want to find shoes that you know are going to last through more than a few bouts. Though pricey, these are built to last.

Lace-up is comfortable and easy to use.Width could be better.
Made from genuine leather; high quality.A touch on the expensive side.
Ideal for any boxer looking to step-up. 

9. STARPRO Boxing Shoes

STARPRO Boxing Shoes
amazon uk

Once you pick up a pair of STARPRO boxing shoes, you will soon realise why so many people fight in this brand. Though sizing can definitely be a bit of an issue if you are struggling to find the correct shape, once you do get the right size you will want to wear these for all activities. Suitable for boxing as well as for wrestling and other combat/contact sports, they even make a good choice for hiking and climbing.

The breathable nature paired with a thick and durable rubber sole means that your feet can feel very firm and in place when you start going about your day-to-day duties and intentions. On top of that, you should find that the shoes also do a good job of keeping your feet breathing well and feeling good as you go through the motions.

Definitely a worthwhile product to try out if you are looking for boxing shoes that can really fit the feet with total comfort. Overall, a very considerable deal that should be high-up on your list of options.

Rubber sole provides great bounce.Sizing can be a touch odd.
Mesh is designed for excellent airing. 
Can be used for other sports, too. 

10. Viper Unisex Boxing Shoes

Viper Unisex Boxing Shoes
amazon uk

For a pair of unisex boxing shoes, you often expect something to be quite weak or otherwise generic. Since they are designed as a universal style of shoe, they do often lack the character that you would expect from a boxing shoe. However flat these might appear to look, though, these make a very comfortable boxing shoe. What they lack in design style, and thickness in the sole, they make up for in other ways.

This is a good pair of boxing boots to consider if you want something that goes to above the ankle and offers plenty of protection around the most important parts of your foot. At the same time, they are made using a comfortable, breathable mesh that allows for your feet to keep on breathing normally. Now, you shouldn’t find your feet sweating up or slipping around on the canvas due to a lack of air and flow.

The sole is the big weak point here, but for the price you pay and the quality elsewhere, it’s a very worthwhile trade-off.

Excellent value for money.Sole could be thicker.
Comfortable, cut-free fit. 
Should last for years to come. 

11. Adidas Speedex 18

Adidas Speedex 18
amazon uk

If you want to buy a pair of boxing shoes that you know you could wear for years to come, then these might be a good idea. They feel good to wear, and they feel great to work out within. The comfortable nature of the design around both the ankles and the heels makes sure that you always feel good when it comes to day-to-day boxing. However, you should be aware that out of all the products we have recommended, these are among the most expensive.

What you get for your money, though, is a near guarantee of longevity and quality. These are designed in a way that ensures you always have access to shoes that fit your feet, lace-up comfortably, and allow your feet to breathe. Add in the durable sole and you can bounce up and down all day without your feet becoming fatigued or sore otherwise.

That’s why, if you are serious about wearing quality boxing shoes, you should look to buy a pair that you know will last you for years to come. The Speedex 18, while costly, will prove excellent value for money.

Unisex, suitable for all athletes.One of the most expensive options.
Made with comfortable, breathable material. 
Available in two distinctive designs. 

12. Pro Box Boxing Boots

Pro Box Boxing Boots
amazon uk

Although these can be tough to get on due to the lacing style, once you get these Pro Box shoes on you will easily find them to be worth the money. These are quality boxing boots that come with a lot of comfort included in the design, paired up with the suede construction and the anti-slip sole. This allows you to fight with confidence during the fight knowing that your shoes are not going to start slipping on the canvas.

On top of that, the breathable nature of the material allows for your feet to breathe comfortably. Add in a fair price for the quality of the boot, and you could wear these for years to come. They are made for boxing training, sparring, and competitive action. For the price that you would pay, you get a pretty solid deal on a pair of boxing shoes that look good, protect your feet, and have that classic hi-top finish that looks so cool.

The modern, comfortable meshing also allows your feet to breathe, which can be a real vote winner.

Stylish, endearing design.Lace-up method takes practice.
Low cut mesh for comfort. 
Breathable material. 

13. FJJLOVE Boxing Shoes 

FJJLOVE Boxing Shoes
amazon uk

If you don’t mind spending a bit on your boxing shoes, then you will find that these make a great value purchase for sure. These boxing shoes make a good investment as they have that thickness and bounce that you need, whilst still being breathable and thus allowing your feet to properly breathe. Since you are going to be up and down all the way during a fight or sparring session, you need shoes that can support your need to bounce from one direction to the next; these do so with ease.

While you are going to pay a bit more for these than you might even with some of the bigger brands, you go get a brilliant deal for your money. In terms of fit and comfort, they make an excellent solution for anyone who wants to find quality boxing shoes that really do fit the feet with ease.

These are a good choice, too, if you are looking for shoes that tend to be suited to both men and women. These are unisex shoes that fit well – a rarity in itself!

Rich, stylish design.A little bit pricey.
Thick, comfortable padding. 
Suitable for all ages and genders. 

14. Viper Unisex Boxing Boots

Viper Unisex Boxing Boots
amazon uk

If you intend to buy a brand of boxing shoes that comes with plenty of proof for comfort, then you might wish to look at these Viper boxing shoes. They are designed with comfort in mind, but they also do a pretty stellar job of giving the wearer a lot of bounce in their feet. If you are looking for a way to ensure you can hop around the canvas with total confidence, then you might wish to take a look at these particular boxing shoes.

They look good, they feel great, and they do a fine job of fitting around your feet once worn. The only negative we have is that the sizing can be quite different from other major brands. Once you find the size that fits your kid, though, they’ll have a pair of shoes which are a solid starting point for any young boxer.

Add in the fact they come in a bright and exciting red, and they make a great pick for something a bit more charismatic. Take a look today, and you can see why these boxing shoes might be worth a closer glance.

Great quality of material.Sizing can be awkward.
Bright, exciting design. 
Great for any young boxer. 

15. Adidas HVC K Boxing Shoes

Adidas HVC K Boxing Shoes
amazon uk

While you might begrudge paying as much as £45 plus for a pair of kids boxing shoes, your children will thank you for the investment. The best boxing shoes are the comfortable, durable kind that can take a whole lot of bounce and pressure without cracking, snapping, or becoming hard to wear. At the same time, they should be breathable and allow for the shoes themselves to let your feet get proper airing.

At the same time, though, you should be looking for a pair of quality boots which fit well and give the feet total protection and coverage. Well, these shoes do that and then a little bit more on top. In terms of build quality, they are sublime; you might pay a bit more than you want, but you get good value for money. Take care of these shoes properly, and the kids will have likely outgrown them before they reach a point where you would have wanted to replace them in the first place.

Excellent build quality.Can be quite expensive.
Fits like a glove. 
Great sizing, easy to find. 

Ready to Buy Some Boxing Boots?

Hopefully, now you feel pretty confident when it comes to the art of buying some proper boxing boots. We have covered what to look out for in cheap boxing boots. We have provided you with a range of things to think about regarding their long-term benefits and comfort. And, arguably most importantly, we have left you with a list of quality boxing boots!

Whether you are looking for ladies boxing boots or you are trying to find the best children’s boxing shoes, you should find what you are looking for in the above list. Now, you should find it easier than ever to buy some quality boots that you just know are going to do the job that you had in mind. Before you make a purchase, though, be sure to read into the boots further.

We have given you an introduction to each boot; now, it is up to you to look closer at each boot and determine that they are the correct choice for you. The shoe has to fit, as they say, and you want to make sure that any investment you make in boxing boots comes with the certainty that it will fit. Happy hunting!

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