10 Best Boxing Gum Shield in UK for 2022

During even the tamest of sparring sessions, all it takes is one ill-timed move or one misreading of a thrown punch to lose a tooth. The same goes for a real boxing match – without a boxing gum shield, you leave your teeth very vulnerable to the risk of being chipped, snapped, or otherwise broken. That is why you might wish to take a look at buying the best gum shield for boxing.

Easier said than done, though, right?

Just like buying anything else for boxing, you need to know what you are looking out for. This is why we have built this easy to follow along with guide. Instead of finding it hard to buy a quality boxing guard, you can minimise the challenge. If you are here solely for recommendations, then be sure to check out our section titled ‘Buying the best boxing mouth guard on the market’ for some useful insight.

A quick investment into such a product can be all that you need to start making progress in the ring. Sparring without having to worry about snapping teeth or hurting your jawbone is a very gratifying feeling. If you want to make sure you can get all of the help you need to do this, though, you just need to know where to begin.

Read on to find recommended products, and a useful little guide to what to look out for when you go to buy a boxing gum shield.

Use these details to your advantage, and you can make sure that sparring sessions aren’t always going to end in a trip to the dentist!

What does a Boxing Gum Shield do?

Put simply, a boxing gum shield plays a big role in helping to protect your teeth, gums, and sometimes jaw from physical damage. Studies over the years have shown that mouthguards can play a big role in helping to reduce the risk of injury to your teeth. Teeth can easily be damaged and broken, with the impact stemming to the gum, the jawbone, and the aligning teeth that are next door.

A boxing gum shield, then, helps to avoid needless dental damage. This can avoid things like:

  • Teeth being knocked in and out of place after an especially well-landed punch.
  • Top and bottom teeth hitting into each other during a sparring session.
  • Dental movement when teeth become dislodged from their intended place and become loose.
  • Cuts, bruises, and bumps to the gums and inner cheeks, often caused by collateral damage.

However, please note that wearing a gum shield for boxing cannot stop you from being knocked out. Many assume that this helps to offer enough protection to avoid you from being punched unconscious. That is simply not the case – no mouthguard can stop the brain being slammed into the skull itself due to strong physical contact. So, if you intended to try and use a gum shield for boxing to avoid concussion, you should probably realise that this is not going to be as useful as it might sound.

Don’t assume that wearing a gumshield is a vanity option or pointless, though. It can stop you from having to go through painful, costly dental work in the future. It can also stop you from having to undergo expensive, time-consuming treatment to help restore balance and strength to a tooth that was weakened, loosened, or otherwise dislodged during your last sparring sessions.

Should I Buy a Double Mouthguard?

Should I Buy a Double Mouthguard?

One discussion you might find yourself immersed in when trying to buy a mouth guard is the decision for a double or single guard. Although a single guard is normally the much more comfortable choice, logic would dictate that it cannot offer the same level of dental protection. It also can leave you with a bit more freedom in terms of things like talking, breathing, or taking in a drink of water. Compare that with a double guard, which can feel pretty restrictive, and you can see why a double guard might not be suitable at all times.

However, a double sided guard offers a far greater protection level. It helps to protect both upper and lower layers of tooth. It also helps you to make sure that you keep your mouth shut. Many boxers fight with a slackened jaw which easily opens up the chance for a heavy blow to the mouth. A slackened jaw can lead to anything from tooth damage to a broken jaw, so you want to get used to keeping that jaw shut.

However, you should remember that just about any mouth guard is going to be right for you in terms of improving your physical condition. It comes down to how intense your sessions are, how serious the likelihood of damage is, and how much you need to watch out during sparring sessions.

The more you feel you can take a proper punch, the less likely you are to put in a double guard. We often recommend a double guard for those at the heaviest weights of boxing, or those who are amateurs and still learning the ropes.

With a double boxing mouth guard, you help to ensure that your teeth are not going to be moving around whatsoever. It does, though, come at the cost of movement and comfort overall. Only you can decide if this is worth the investment.

Does The Fit Matter?

100%. Many people do not realise just how important it is that your mouth guard can fit onto your teeth with complete ease. Some will go for a one-size-fits-all approach and find their teeth become compressed and tightened due to the pushing down of the guard. By contrast, you want something that can actively protect your teeth without feeling like it is cramming the space or otherwise limiting comfort.

You might want to look into a custom fit option that can be easily adjusted to fit in with what you are looking for. Sure, they do cost a bit more, but it does leave you with a sense of confidence that your teeth are properly protected from any risk of physical damage.

Another option today is Boil & Bite, which is used to help make sure the material the mouth guard is made from can be easily moulded. These mouth guards are placed into boiling water, left to cool down a touch, and then placed over your teeth when it is easier to shape and adjust.

Do I Need to Wear a Mouth Guard?

Do I Need to Wear a Mouth Guard?

Most choose to avoid wearing a boxing mouth guard in sparring, but in any competitive fight it is usually requested by the officials. However, we do recommend you wear one regardless of whether you are sparring alone, fighting with someone else, or even taking on some kind of physical training that might put your teeth at risk.

Sure, they can become hard to eat and drink with but that should not put you off the process of using a mouth guard for boxing. It helps to add an extra layer of durability to your mouth, ensuring that your teeth, gums, and jaw shouldn’t feel the shock of being punched – at least not as badly as they would have.

Therefore, you should take the time to look closely at the pros and cons. For the purposes of training and competitive fighting, though, there are no real downsides. So long as the model you choose allows for you to properly breathe, you really have nothing to worry about at all when it comes to boxing.

Confidence is everything, which is what we suggest you will gain when you see just how much a boxing gum shield can help to reduce the risk of damage.

Buying The Best Boxing Mouth Guard on The Market

Of course, buying a boxing mouth guard means looking at various options – they can all seem so familiar. To help you speed up the process quickly and easily, you can buy a quality mouth guard today using the list of ten-plus quality guards listed below.

We’ve also included a useful little mouth guard case that you might wish to look at, too, offering great value for money and improving your ability to carry that guard around from session to session. What, then, might make the best option for you to invest in today? What is the best boxing mouth guards for sale you can look at?

1. BEAST GEAR Mouth Guard

BEAST GEAR Mouth Guard
amazon uk

If you are looking for a great place to start for a professional standard mouth guard, then you should definitely take a look at this particular model. It’s a good choice for the fact that it comes with such security around the most vulnerable parts of your teeth and gums. By securely keeping your teeth in place and in shape, this helps you to avoid the needless risk of your teeth being rocked.

It’s an easy to fit solution that can help to minimise impact, reduce discomfort, and maximise the level of protection that you get when boxing, sparring, or taking part in any other contact sport. It’s easy to fit, mouldable at home, and should easily fit in with the shape of your mouth if you follow the instructions.

The nice bonus is that it comes with a cool little carrying case that ensures you always feel like can bring this with you to and from any practice you happen to take on. A great all-around choice that feels great to wear on a daily basis. Ideal for both at-home sparring sessions and more serious bouts.

In our opinion, this is the best overall product for quality, value, versatility, and ease of use.

Comes with stylish carry case.
Powerful gum and tooth protection.
Easy to fit to your mouth specifications.

2. Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Venum Challenger Mouthguard
amazon uk

If you want a solid, well-made mouthguard that comes with high density rubber framing you should take a look here. This model comes in various colour schemes, but it is the design quality that matters as much. The next-fit gel frame helps to make sure that you can easily adjust this and find the right comfort level. Even if you happen to find the one-size-fits-all style to be a touch uncomfortable, this adjustment style makes it easy to find the perfect fit.

Overall, this works well thanks to an intelligent design, a comfortable high-density rubber frame that absorbs shock, and the smart little case that is included for easy carrying. For he price you pay and what you get back in return, this would make a pretty wise investment for most buyers.

Available in various colour schemes.Only comes in one size.
Intelligent design improves breathing. 
High density rubber framing. 

3. Oral Mart Sport Gum Shield

Oral Mart Sport Gum Shield
amazon uk

Though the lack of sizing definition can be a minor issue, this sports gumshield from Oral Mart Sports is worth considering. It is designed with a range of colours to choose from, but its main draw is the various designs. From vampire fangs to national flags, this is great for any boxer looking to represent their own style as much as anything else.

It’s designed to give you a good quality layer of protection, with the design ensuring that your teeth are properly protected once the layer goes on. Testing has ensured that this comes with an inner gel layer that easily fits around the mouth, ensuring that it should fit into place for the majority of users.

The easy to mould style also helps to make sure that it fits into place and never wobbles around or moves more thani t should. Ln top of that, the design is made from a latex, BPA, and Phthalate free design that is complete with 100% medical grade technology. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for a mouthguard to use professionally or for sparring.

Useful for all combat sports.Only comes in one size.
Comes with smart design styles. 
Suitable for both children and adults. 

4. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthuguard

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthuguard
amazon uk

Give yourself that added layer of protection around the mouth area when sparring with this mouthguard. It has been designed with a shock-absorbing frame that can take a huge amount of punishment. The variety of sizes is a nice touch, too, making sure you can easily find something that fits in with the exact mouth size you have.

The universal fit is a good choice, while the Boil & Bite technology helps to make sure that this is easy for you to get into the perfect shape for your own mouth fit. The shock absorption is a nice touch, too, helping you to avoid feeling like your mouth has been rocked. Helps to protect the key parts of the mouth, minimising the risk of physical damage for a prolonged period of time.

If you want to try keep your mouth in good shape, something like this helps to help. Since you need to literally fit it around your exact mouth shape, this helps to protect teeth, mouth, and jawbone areas from serious physical impact. A great choice for a reliable, all-purpose design that fits you well.

Comes in kid/adult sizes.A little more expensive.
Uses triple-layer protection. 
Gel-fit liner for easier fitting. 

5. SAFEJAWZ Mouth Guard

SAFEJAWZ Mouth Guard
amazon uk

If you intend to buy a quality mouth guard that can be re-shaped more than once, start here. This allows for you to go through the fitting process numerous times, as the ReModel technology allows for repeated fitting on a regular basis. This gives you the ideal fit, helping you to quickly and easily fit this without any of the confusion that other models can come with.

The added jaw protection is a nice touch, too, with the pre-formed base helping to add a bit of extra durability to the jawbone. Many mouth guards protect the teeth and gums, but this can help to add extra support to the jaw ensuring that impact is minimised.

The smart design comes with plenty of colour options, too, so you can easily pick out something that fits the look you are going for. While you might be paying a touch more for this guard, it does look and feel pretty good – and the ease of reshaping is a great benefit. It might be more expensive than you wanted, but it does offer great value for money.

Available in a host of colours.More expensive than alternatives.
Re-fitting made nice and easy. 
Offers added jaw protection, too. 

6. RDX Gum Shield

RDX Gum Shield
amazon uk

If you intend to buy a gum shield, then you should look into this poly gel solution. The latex-free solution gives you something a bit healthier to work with than you might be used to. Meanwhile, the poly gel provides you with a strong, sturdy, and secure option that can take a lot of physical impact. Unlike other materials, this is specifically designed to take a lot of hits so it shouldn’t bend, snap, or get weaker thanks to being hit.

It is also designed using a Bite & Boil technology, which means that it will adapt to your mouth nice and easily. Instead of having a guard that somewhat fits into place, this should fit in place more or less perfectly. The use of tri-flow perforations also help to make sure you can still breathe, helping to remove any discomfort and/or loss of function as you go through the routine.

The quality is great, but the sizing can be a bit awkward. Get the right size, though, and you are more or less guaranteed to pick up a top quality guard.

Available in numerous colour tones.Sizing can be awkward.
Latex-free, secure poly gel. 
Ideal for all combat sports. 

7. King Grit Gum Protector

King Grit Gum Protector
amazon uk

If you want what we believe is the best all-around deal, then this option from King Grit makes a lot of sense. This comes with a set of denture tablets for cleaning, while the shadow boxing eBook is great for improving your form and your technique. On top of that, though, this comes with a gumshield that is designed specifically for taking impact – this won’t bend, snap, or fold with a strong punch to the mouth!

It’s a great option that fits easily, provides dual-layer protection, and can be easily cleaned to keep it in good condition. Given the price you pay, there is a reason why this is easily among the most popular options on the market today.

A solid all-around option that should provide you with a suitable return on your investment. With nine breathing channels, too, you can always take in enough air whilst you fight. Some guards become weaker due to air channels, but this retains a notable durability without leaving you short.

Best of all? You get a 100% money back guarantee offered by the vendor. In terms of the value for money, the quality, and the deal? This is a winner.

Comes with denture tablets.
Great condition and shape.
Includes excellent boxing eBook.

8. Spartan Mouldable Mouth Guard

Spartan Mouldable Mouth Guard
amazon uk

If you don’t mind a bit of back and forth trying to find the right size, this mouldable mouth guard by Spartan is a great investment. Though costly, it does offer a good deal that can massively reduce injury risks. The sales pitch suggests that you can reduce your risk of injury to the mouth from around 2.26% to under 0.25% – a pretty significant reduction in general.

The self-mould tech is a big boon, as well, offering you an easy way to get these to fit into the mouth with ease. Though the sizing itself can be tough, when you do find the right size it should fit onto your teeth with a minimum of fuss. The fit can be continuously remoulded so you can find the perfect fit, helping to give you a bit more value back in return.

However, the main thing to note about this is that it is designed for long-term protection from teeth and oral injuries. If you suffer from these injuries regularly, this is well-worth the cost.

Helps to avoid oral trauma.Sizing can be challenging.
Reduces injury risk significantly.Price can be quite high.
Ideal for all contact sports. 

9. UK Warrior Vampire Gum Shield

UK Warrior Vampire Gum Shield
amazon uk

If your main worry when it comes to engaging with a gum shield is having something that has one size, then fear not. This boxing mouth guard can be remoulded to help ensure that it can fit into the space that you have left in your mouth with total ease. On top of that, the inclusion of this design ensures you get back something pretty comfortable.

Travelling with this is quite easy, too, as it comes with a sterilised case that allows for you to know that your mouth guard can lie in there without leaving bacterial build-up. Keep your guard safe and ensure that it fits you well with the shock-absorbent gel technology design that has been used in the creation. This allows for improved breathing ability, but it can also allow for you to take a flush hit in the mouth without your teeth being rocked or harmed.

For that reason, you might find this offers a good overall purchase. It can be fitted easily, the gel offers ideal protection, and once fitted it can stay in shape for a long time to come. Well worth considering.

Well-loved by UK combatants.Can take multiple attempts to fit.
100% sterilised case included. 
Gel tech design lasts long-term. 

10. UK Warrior Mouth Guard

UK Warrior Mouth Guard
amazon uk

Though primarily aimed at those playing sports like soccer, this can easily work as a boxing mouth guard for kids. It’s designed to be able to take a lot of punishment and physical hits, and it can also last long-term. The use of a durable, high quality material helps to ensure that this is not going to bend, snap, or needlessly mould itself into the wrong shape as you wear it.

The quality of the design is highly impressive, and the fact that it can remove the risk of tooth damage is a big benefit. It can help to give you something that is going to help you avoid chipped teeth, bleeding gums, and other issues that might leave you apprehensive about sparring sessions.

However, this is also free from any products you want to avoid such as BPA, latex, and phthalates – these are the kind of substances you do not wish to place into your mouth. As such, you should make sure that you invest in a high quality product, like this, that is free from potential side-effects down the line.

Designed using durable silicone material.Mostly aimed at soccer players.
Provides durable, meaningful protection. 
Tested for longevity. 

11. Mapley Mouth Guard

Mapley Mouth Guard
amazon uk

If you intend to buy this mouth guard from Mapley as one for a junior, make sure they are aged 12 and above. This is a mouth guard that is aimed at anyone taking part in combat sports in adulthood or their emergent teens. As such, you want to make sure that you use something that is very safe and secure. This comes with a carrying case that is a nice addition, and the mouldable material ensures you can easily fit this around your mouth without any issue.

The use of a non-toxic, BPA-free plastic means you don’t need to worry about stuffing latex into your mouth in the first place. also, it provides you with a good choice that can offer you a mouth guard that is sizeable, easy to shape, and provides easy breathability so you never feel suffocating during sparring.

The removal of any latex and BPA products helps you to know this is something you can safely put into your mouth without having to worry about the consequence of doing so. A good overall choice that should feel very good to wear.

Made from durable EVA material.Only suitable for kids aged 12+.
Easy to fit into place. 
Comes in numerous colour schemes. 

12. BEAR GRIP Mouth Guard

BEAR GRIP Mouth Guard
amazon uk

So long as you buy the right size of this BEAR GRIP mouth guard, you can get all of the support you need in this package. Arriving in a suave little carrying case, this can be used by anyone who wants a boxing mouth guard. It offers excellent self-moulding so you can easily make sure that it fits your teeth like a glove. At the same time, it provides you with an option to use for any major combat sport that might see you risk your face being hurt!

It’s protection for teeth, gums, and jaw can be a big boost and give you something that really helps to protect your physical health long-term. The latex-free, anti-allergenic material helps to give you even more value back in return for the price you would pay. The shock absorbent rubber on the outer layer pairs with the integrated air channels and custom fit to help offer the best mix between comfort and protection.

Overall, this offers a good deal that avoids gagging, snagging, or snapping and thus improving your sparring experience.

Durable, long-lasting mouth protection.Sizing can be hard to master.
Designed for all contact sports. 
Triple layer of protection provided. 

13. BIND Junior Gum Shield

BIND Junior Gum Shield
amazon uk

If you intend to buy a junior boxing mouth guard, then you want something that is easy to work with and fit. This is designed for all boys and girls who want to take part in combat sports. However, this is also very useful for bringing an end to costly and damaging teeth grinding, avoiding your child(ren) from having dental issued caused by gritting their teeth during sparring and fights.

The custom mouldable gel is a huge boon and offers something that is easy for you to work with and use on a regular basis. This even comes with a simple step-by-step solution to show you how to properly fit and mould this for the best comfort and protection.

It even comes with a cute little carry case, too, that means you can easily pack up and store the guard for easy travel. It’s great for avoiding expensive trips to the dentist when a sparring session gets too serious. And though the cost can be surprisingly high, this does offer a solid solution that minimises the risk of oral damage during sessions and competitions.

Designed for long-term usage.Costs more than the average.
Ideal for almost any combat sport. 
Helps to avoid grinding teeth. 

14. Opro Gold Level Mouthguard

Opro Gold Level Mouthguard
amazon uk

If you want to get a youngster involved in boxing at a younger age, then you might want to look away from this product. Suitable for children aged 7 and above, this is not one for the toddlers who want to become boxers. This makes up for that limitation, though, by using an intelligent design to help spread the stress and the pain across the entirety of the gum and mouth area.

This helps to avoid pinpoint pain and recurring injury on the same areas. It can absorb the impact with ease and can be remoulded to fit teeth as time goes on. This allows you to have something that can be easily adjusted as you go through the motions and development phases, ensuring that one mouth guard could last for a long time to come.

Indeed, this has even been used by the likes of the UFC, the English Rugby national side, and also the Great British Taekwondo team to help you know that this isn’t just a boxing mouth guard for hobbyists, but anyone aged 7 and above dreaming of making it as a pro.

Designed to last for the long-term.Suited for ages 7 and up.
Comes in numerous colour schemes. 
Suitable for professional usage. 

15. FIGHTR Premium Gum Shield

FIGHTR Premium Gum Shield
amazon uk

Again, if you want a premium standard option without a premium price tag then you might want to look closely at this model. It ranks highly among the best on the market today and should offer you the best choice for a premium gum shield that can last for the long-term. It is an easily adjustable solution that comes with great sizing, accurate remoulding, and improved breathing compared to other boxing mouth guards.

Really, there is no real negative to this product we found. It is strong, secure, sturdy, fits in place well, and can be easily adjusted. It even comes with a cool hygienic carry case so that you can easily bring it with you no matter where you happen to be going. Add in a very fair price and you can make sure that you get all of the support you would be looking for when it comes to buying a top quality gum shield.

Consistency is everything, and this premium gum shield makes sure you can get all of the consistency that you want and require without any issue.

Top quality design and structure.
Stays in condition for the long-term.
Improves breathability during usage.

Caring for a mouthguard

Before you go ahead and buy any of the above mouthguards, though, might we recommend you investigate the cleaning process. For the vast majority of mouth guards, the cleaning process involves:

  • Taking the mouth guard out, and then rinsing it with warm water (not boiling).
  • Brushing down the mouth guard with a spare toothbrush, free from toothpaste etc.
  • Leaving the mouth guard out to dry for a set period of time, often recommended when buying.

If you do this, you are far more likely to get a mouth guard back in return that looks good, feels good, and is free from dirt, debris, and build-up. You should never use any kind of cleaning material, though, such as toothpaste or baking soda. Most of the time, this can create a warping effect on the mouth guard and thus leave it more or less unusable.

Just about any mouth guard for boxing you buy from the above list should come with clear instructions to help you manage the cleaning process easier than before. Keep that in mind, as it can help you to get many more years out of that mouth guard that might get wasted without proper care.

Making The Right Decision

Of course, with the above options, you should now have a greater idea about what to look out for when buying a boxing mouth guard. If you want to help speed up the buying process, then all of the above products should offer a useful starting place for your shopping. Of course, there are many other options on the market, too, so keep searching on your own as well!

Using the above list, though, you can quickly buy a quality boxing mouth guard that can offer protection when needed. Staying safe when boxing is very important and avoiding needless injuries that could result in expensive dental treatment etc. should be avoided as much as is possible.

With that in mind, you might wish to make the right call by looking closely at the options listed above. With the recommendations suggested, you can quickly evaluate what might be the ideal mouth guard choice for you today.

Shop around, search closely for the details, and make sure you understand what you are buying. Do that, and you can buy this must-have boxing accessory and make training and sparring sessions even safer.

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